Welcome to the Vision of New Intelligence. Highest Knowledge. The Universe breaths as a Sphere. Spherein – Sphere Intelligence. Spherein infrastructure – structure of the New Era. Sphere Crystallinity conducted into action.

There is nothing better, higher, wider than a Sphere, because the Sphere is a single point that contains everything and nothing. A Sphere is the most intelligent being in the Universe. With every new expansion Spherein sets new limits of possibility, i.e. disseminates them. Spherein as the conductor of Information from the Zero Point Field – Sphere of Knowledge, transforms this reality into a new, higher dimension. Spherein integrates a Field of pure Information received from the Zero Point Field. The goal of these projects is transformation of the existing 3D physical state.

Spherein implements Science about the Body, Architecture, Technology. Spherein conducts Information Intelligence and Visions from the Zero Point Field received through the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB). The Information which has passed through the human body has an equal influence when it is integrated into the physical body. Spherein turns the pure input from Multidimensionality into 3D output creating the most perfect products. Spherein offers a new, currently unknown, way of conducting business. Spherein’s offer, in all sectors, is the essence of imagination. The New way, New Knowledge, new communication and a sincere answer with the cover to the question – can it get better? Spherein says, yes. Spherein says – the best, the purest and the righteous. Spherein breaks through the existing state and sets new, healthy and pure foundations.

Spherein operates on the Phi principle. This principle is conducted through: OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology, Information Intelligence, Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology, Architecture 4D, New energetics, New mobility, Bioelectronics, Energy Medicine 4D, Genetic intelligence; Art, Sound; Sport, Marketing, the new way of management, the way of life and existence.

Spherein has a goal to elevate Consciousness and life standard on a personal and global level. This way the human is being introduced with the natural way of functioning and with the things initiated by Tesla. The physical status of every individual is being changed with the acceptance of these principles. Everyone is thus being introduced with the endless source of Energy, consumption without expenditure. That is what Tesla was offering to humanity. Total health is entered with the establishment of the Energy flow. Spherein takes into consideration space i.e. Energy flow of the space and everything that enters iinto that space. Without this, there isn’t a healthy human being as well.

Spherein takes on itself the task to transfer Knowledge that the Knights Templar once had. The slogan is the Phi principle in everything and everyone. Spherein’s goal is the New Era.

New technology

By raising the level of Consciousness the standard will inevitably rise as well. The increase of standard allows the technological development and vice versa. Technology obtained in the Zero Point Field is the technology lowered through a conscious individual. The process of making itself, rises the Consciousness of the society. The goal isn't exclusively economic gain of the inventor and the distributor. The creation and usage of the technology demands the touch with the Zero Point. It strengthens the capacity of each individual. You do not labor for this technology. There is no spending of energy resources. It enables flow between the so-called consumer and the world. The consumer is the source, the technology receives and gives back to the source. This is the way that unlocks the hidden potencials of an individual. This enables deeper understanding of the world and the principles of the Universe. This technology revives and pushes into transformation. It optimizes health of the body and the enviroment. It transmits high vibrations from which you stay awake and rested. It doesen't demand investment of hard work. This technology is alive and intelligent. The stone age has brought the stone, dead technology. The New Golden Era brings the golden technological (r)evolution. Technology which rests on Bioplasm (Vril) as the driving energy. That is why it works in synchronicity with the human.

Technology achievements, for the first time after Tesla's age, will head into heights once the human accepts the fact that he is the actuator of the technology. A human in his most natural and original  edition is the highest technology achievement. Today the complete technology industry is far more powerful and intelligent than the one who created it. Technology is a technical performance. The technique is skill and ability. A Man expresses himself by means of technology. Technology is primarily in the human's service, a tool that the human sets in motion with his body, hands in order to release himself through it.

New technology  – OMANU – technology arisen and conducted from the transformed human body is also Phi. Maintaining the body and the environment with Energy. Technology that does not drain natural and energy resources. Restores energy stability to the crippled Earth.

Information Intelligence industry

The Information is being produced. Spherein is a factory. The Information is being created. Old information is not used, regardless of the quality. Exclusiveness of the new Information.

Production of Information – machinery.  The procedure of acquiring Information about machines and technology. They exist in an energetic form in the Zero Point Field. They are descended into the Human Body – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB) and emanated outwards. Each materialized device came out of the Human Body. This is OMANU Technology.

Spherein is the main and only factory.

All Technology obtained in the Zero Point Field is OMANU Technology = Zero Point Field Information Intelligence.

The Law of One

The Law of One is a law that Spherein – Organization of the New Era conducts with its action. The Law of One melts the cell of the Matrix. The Law of One is an installation of the Zero Point Field. Spherein speaks, demands, installs the Law of One. The Law of One is self-exclusion. Only one Law, only one manifestation. Spherein. The Law of One is the Law of the Field in the Space. The Law of One is an intergalactic security of the One. The Law of One is Energy of the pure symbol. The Law of One is a circle, circularity. The Law of One affects all. He recognizes you. The changer of fate. Meet the Law of One, carry the Law of One, work the Law of One. Be in the Field. Create Space and the Law. The Law of One is a detail of Intelligence. The Law of One is the industry of Spherein propulsion. The protocol of flow. Conversion of the Law of One.

Spherein guideposts lead into one point – the Zero Point. Living the knowledge that once existed here – that is the purpose of Spherein. That is the construction of the New Atlantis. The  human doesen't have the basic knowledge about the Black. Atlantis was Black. And in that very blackness is the answer why you seek Atlantis.

Atlantis is the Black Knowledge. Atlantis is the embodied headquarters of the Black Light. Atlantis is the Black Body.



AT – on/in/at
LAN – name for the planet – Earth – p - LAN - et
TID – Runic name for the Creator.


New mathematics – Total mathematics

Spherein school

The entire mathematics, geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry, combinatorics, are contained in the fractal projection of the base of Monatomic gold (Arya Cetas). From there stems the genetic engineering (Genetic Intelligence), i.e., gene combinatorics. What this formula denies is – the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity is an excuse for ignorance. In Runic knowledge there is only Knowledge and the decision of Consciousness. There are no coincidences. Pentagram directions are drawn in the flattened cube. Pentagram is the base from which the octagram appears. In the pentagram, in the octagram structure there are pyramidal structures which are rotating. This is the closest description of what is happening with the crystal structure of the gene. The rotating sphere, which appears with turning of the pyramidal structure, is the origination point – points from which the entire structure is being observed. This is how combinatorics is created as the highest branch of mathematics. Sacred geometry and mathematics – the reference base is 5. The final base – the origin is 8. From the given scheme absolutely all shapes can be created. With years of study of just this scheme – provided that you are looking it form within yourself (Human Sonar System) – you gain knowledge about the functioning of the Universe, knowledge of Physics, Mathematics and other natural sciences (Zero Point Field Sciences).

In 1 to 4 years there is only one main subject – RECOGNIZING THE CRYSTAL OF ATLANTIS – Crystal structure – RECOGNIZING THE MEDIATOR WHO IS THE SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE.


Specificity of Spherein school is that knowledge is not taught partially, there is no separation in learning physics, mathematics, biology, ... – entering the state of understanding one thing, all at once is being understood.

Entering the basic education which lasts 1 to 4 years acquires the understanding of absolutely everything –  from the primary chaplet to neurosurgery. You obtain knowledge higher than any university master's degree. With education through higher phases – specialist phases, you acquire expertise that cannot be achieved with known education. IQ results are not a measure of success for Spherein school.

» Method One Scientific Training Procedure

Spherein Training

Spherein is an organization through which the System operates. DirectFromCenter (DFC Metafitness Base) is recognition. Method One Training Procedure  (Human Sonar System & Human Biocomputer Intensive) in the DFC Metafitness Base is a test polygon, which if you pass, you are recruited into Spherein. Here, there are no more options – falling or giving up. Spherein is a system of motivated and intelligent individuals – an army that protects the Highest. The Mediator – Motivator, Creator, Constructor, Inventor. Nothing depends on your weak will.

The training is to endure yourself, and after that to endure the entire world. What and into what is Spherein Training? Into the Moderator of certain segments. Genetics defines. Genetics is defined by the Mediator. The Moderator (ZPF Conductor) is a personal unit trained by the Mediator. The personal unit allows the Field through its bodily system and moderates in that way. Moderation is Knowledge under the motto – “Don’t do anything, don’t know anything. Act.” Teacher = Student. Mediator = Moderator. The goal is equality. Operating from the One Center.

Deviation of society has resulted from the One. The Law of One in duality is a system where the Law of One is being separated. Division defiles and multiplies. Every next law is devoid of a greater percentage of Consciousness. When the 100% lack of Consciousness is reached, the system auto-regenerates and divides once again. In that way each new law is a unit for itself and its assortment negates the previous ones.

The Training is into the Law of One. Spherein prepares the humans. Without the Human Sonar System Training, one cannot be a part of the Spherein project team. Human Sonar System is the Mediator and he is, before all, an architect of the body, the internal and external design, after which the person is ready to join the Spherein Project Team. Freedom of speech, behavior and action occurs when the body is in flowability. In all other cases, action means implantation of people and space.

Spherein Project Team | New professions – professions of the future

» Spherein Special Information Intelligence Training

  OMANU Human Body Biocomputer
  Information Intelligence Conductor
  Information Intelligence Scanner
  Precognitics Operator and Scanner (Precognitics Analyst/Expert)
  Project Designer in the Zero Point Field
  Moderator and Operator of Bioelectronic Systems
  OMANU Technologist (OMANU discovery projecting engineer)
  Vril Energy Conductor (VETO Medicine Conductor)
  Metafitness Officer
  OMANU Ati Aikido Conductor
  ZPF Officer (Zero Point Field/Black Field Conductor)
  ZPF Officer (Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security Scanner)
  ZPF Officer (Metamilitary Information Intelligence Operating Conductor)

Projecting in the Zero Point Field

PROJECTING IN THE ZERO POINT FIELD – direct transfer and professional execution of conceptual and already finished projects of New technology – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

New technology for receiving and implementing 4D architecture projects and design of a completely new and unknown technology.

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Spherein – Technological Field of the Method One Heart | Physical power (drive) of the Zero Point Field
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OMANU Human Body Biocomputer | Original Human Technology

Human Body Biocomputer is the first and Original Human Technology. It is about Intelligence far greater as well as far greater possibilities which can happen in the dimension in which the humankind, as well as the entire planet, is situated. It’s about the Technology of the Zero Point Field. The Master is on Earth and with him the possibility for the human to enter into the Field. The first technology is the Human Body introduced into the Zero Point Field. Such Body, we call it OMANU Human Body Biocomputer, projects and produces the Technology of the Zero Point Field.

Spherein marketing


Spherein marketing/Sphermarketing – marketing of a new way of operating. Spherein functions based on the Law of One. Marketing is also conducted based on the Phi principle. Education of marketing experts and managers of a new way for the New Era is one of Spherein’s tasks.

Market – market place, store. Market is a store of information, selling information. Today this became selling out, marketing without an ounce of intelligence. Hyper production of products presented on an equal or similar way lead the marketing system to complete unproductivity and inefficiency. Brands that are still successful, that still sell well, are old and old renowned names.

The foundation of marketing is the system of attraction. Attraction stems from unison. Today nothing neither holds nor can it hold the individual’s attention because his/her nervous system is not receiving suitable stimuli. Better said, the stimuli are soothing only for a short period.

Sphermarketing is a marketing based on the Sphere. The Sphere is a whole, a story told from-to. Sphermarketing represents the art of correct spherical marketing – the one who gives and sells the image of a product as a whole. The image of anything as the image of the whole. Sphermarketing is marketing of the New era – the marketing that sells knowledge for the human. Marketing that works for the construction of human beings.

Perpetuum mobile with sharp blades is the foundation of propaganda. The most elite thinking progressively impose a completely new system. A ruthless attitude towards everything and everyone is the starter of all forms of propaganda. Constellation of information transfer is a dictatorship. Follow the flow of incoming Information. Otherwise, you are under water.

We are progress. We are the System. Listen to us. We are the New Era. We produce work. We are the self-sufficient grupation of Intelligence.

Entering the Sphere

Entering the Sphere means understanding and accepting the Sphere's Information. It is entered into the state of being in the Sphere. It means that you can be physically present in every point of the Sphere in every moment.  Then, you do not know something only if you do not want to know. The Sphere represents total harmonization of all postulates on a micro and macro level. That is Total Consciousness, apsolut nonduality. The Sphere is Consciousness and Consciousness is built and it grows. Before everything, a way of building the Sphere needs to be discovered — Metafitness.

Spherein – The Institution without an instituion

No begining and no end. The One travels from within Himself. The One starts from Himself. That is the procedure of breakthrough into All. The One is based on Informations. Information is creation – Information is being created. Information is always variable and applicable. Information is a fact of Intelligence. Intelligence is a Phi knot of the universal laws.

Spherein has arised from the One. Institution born from within the One is capable to project, to produce and to represent essential products of the Law of One » OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology.

The Sphere industry.

The System

System = Energy Field.

The strategy of Multidimensionalitiy has remained as a note in the gene. The strategy of establishing the System is like an easily achievable potential.  For the System it is necessary to sell its information, ideas and soulitons in order to spread the System and bring finances.

Financial stability = Energy flow.

OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

Method One – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

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