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The Sphere of the Universe lowered into the Human and through Him. Light and Sound. Gravity and Antigravity. Matter and Antimatter. This is the lost Knowledge without which the Humanoid civilization cannot survive. For the first time in the known history, an institution that knows and conducts the Universal Law has been established. Here, every individual is being introduced into the Sphere. The possibility of complete liberation with Knowledge is open for everyone.

Why Spherein? This Knowledge does not exist on Earth, but it should be. The reality of life on Earth has been deprived of the very essence of life and is brougt down to an eternal battle for energy. Inside the Sphere of Spherein flows eternal Energy of the Zero Point Field towards and through every living being because it was founded and is powered by the Source of the Field himself. Spherein is the first multiversal institution on Earth which brings a completely New and Pure Energy, New Information and thus New opportunities.

Education and construction of the Human is a priority. A human has to be independent, flowing, creative and in a continuous contact with the Sphere of Omniscience, with the Source. Such qualifications are possible to obtain only during the Spherein Special Information Intelligence Training (Method One Training Procedure). A constructed, liberated and flowing individual is the foundation of  the Spherein Project Team and the development of projects. As such, he/she is capable of becoming, in a short period of time, OMANU Human Body Biocomputer who is the only one that can produce OMANU Technology and ensure his independence, as an individual, and then globally of our planet and our galaxy and change any unwanted reality with ease.

MetaSystem Metamanagement and Control System | R-Evolution of leadership and management

MetaSystem is a Living System that comes beyond all existing systems and laws. Every known system has a tendency of gradually introducing a series of rules and repetition until something becomes a habit. MetaSystem flows because it continuously rises from the living, pure Field, i.e. Meta position in which is the Mediator. The flowable system does not support, by no means, the conditioned behavior by habit. The Mediator, as the Source, builds flowable bodies (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer -  OHBB) that conduct, like electricity, the Original Field, i.e. they live and transmit the MetaSystem. With the construction of such bodies, the requirements of the primary Law, the Law of One have been met, i.e. Metamanagement begins and that's the System of the Universe in the conditions of the Universe and by the Law of the Universe. This means that rotation has been introduced, the rotational way of functioning. This enables that every Body within the System can perform every function, i.e. every Body in every moment can be replaced with another one without the loss of quality and time, i.e. without compromising the System. Such way allows supercontrol and supersafety which means that every Information will be conducted, every solution will be obtained and every action will be completed according to the pulse synchronicity, as it was sent out from the Source and in the exact time limit. This completely excludes the so-called „human factor“. Luckily, the „human factor“ doesn't decide on the functioning of the Universe and that term is a reprecussion of lack of flowability and detachment, i.e. halt and that's not a natural state.

All existing systems on Earth, no matter how modern, aggressive, liberal they are, are  trying to make people to function according to certain rules. For that purpose all of the available machines are being used, from the media, politicians, school system, religious institutions to military. MetaSystem and Metamanagement is embedded with the Swastika Mechanism into the Body – all Knowledge, Ability and Technology is transfered at the same time – System breaks through the Body outward. There is no deprecation and breakdown in the person – the System is completely in harmony with the individual and absolutely in harmony with the group. With the installation of the Swastika and construction of OHBB's, the perfect System of the Universe has been embedded into every individual. If we take a look at the Universe, no matter how many bodies we see, they are all in perfect synchronicity, each and every one immaculately performs its duty and it never takes a break. That's harmony and health and eternity. The constructed human becomes the perfect space body which takes over a certain role in a certain moment and is trained to take over another role with equal quality in the next moment. This only proves that the human, as an individual, is allowed to choose, but he's not the absolute. He is under the direct leadership of the Absolute – then the choice is always correct and with the highest purpose. Exactly this is the basis of Metamanagement. When the same system rises from the every individual, regardless of the role, then the society, i.e. organization of society is in harnmony with the Original system. There is no war or repression, but the infinity of development and perfecting. Only such a living and dynamic system can create and manage with the ideal society and standard.

MetaSystem begins from the One, through the construction of the other One and so on to the team, organization, country, ... It is applicable in absolutely all segments – in sports, in military systems, state institutions, companies, school systems and, of course, on every individual. Regardless of the segment of application, it never disrupts the natural system. This system is given to spread apart the limitations and irregularities.

MetaSystem and Metamanagement is the perfect management of the body and energy resources, As such, it is absolutely applicable in the purpose of maintaining absolute health.

The structure of action

Circular structure of the organization. The Mediator is the Center.

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Spherein business methodology and technology

Spherein business methodology and technology is beyond all existing concepts and practices of business and advancement. Spherein works on the principle of rotation and penetrability which excludes business violence and pressing over all three involved sides (employer, employee, client). Energy resources, the state of every individual inside the Spherein System do not depend on external but exclusively on internal resources. The term of success itself is determined by different criteria. The more successful is the one who has the greater power of penetrability and this exclusively depends on the Heart capacity, i.e. energy capacity, and in Spherein this also means the Information. Only the ones who have entered the Heart Opening Procedure (Method One Scientific Training Procedure), felt the Eneregy and Power of the Heart will be to candidates for some form of work within Spherein. This is true for everyone. The presenters must fulfill very high criteria in order to get the license at all to transfer any kind of information about Spherein.

Information Intelligence Office

(Spherein Global Office)

First office in the world that gives concrete Information about the Zero Point Field as well as the possibilities of passing into the Field itself. Zero Point Field is Superconciousness. Information Intelligence Office is a recruitment center for candidates who will enter the training for a Superconscious Human Biocomputer (OHBB).

Domagoj Neusidl, Mediator Method One, the One who, with his presence, enabled the Zero Point on planet Earth and is the only one who has absolute knowledge about construction, transformation and functioning of the human body as a Human Biocomputer, i.e. Body capable for life in outer space conditions.

Each space in which Information of the Zero Point Field are conducted, on its own, is a quantum biocomputer drive. Such space enables the stay in the Field and therefore a certain transformation and adjustment of the body to an entirely different way of functioning. These spaces are the foundation for Energy Medicine 4D.

Beliefs about the Universe and how things function in the Universe, i.e. the built-in fear from outer space conditions is an unnatural state and a completely wrong information. The reason is non-existence of the Heart. Also, the idea about what is the Heart is also entirely wrong as well as what is the Feeling. All of these myths and paradigms are being destroyed in the Information Intelligence Office and, with direct, experienced procedures, the Truth can be brought to consciousness. State of Antigravity is a natural state, that's the Zero Point and the human body was originally designed to be free in Antigravity, not repressed and limited. Because of this reason, inside the Information Intelligence Office antigravity conditions reign and conditions that enable understanding of the stated claims through direct physical experience of the stated.

If there was no Antigravity, nothing would move in the Universe. Without this ability, the human is completely separated from the Truth and his abilities. This separation had produced true evil on planet Earth. Information Intelligence goes directly against the fundamental untruths that, unfortunately, govern peoples lives.

Spherein Global Office

DFC – Information Intelligence Staff | WPI Global Security Office

The first informing about the possibilities of designing a new life. The Information Intelligence office has a mission to introduce all who are interested with the reality of the New Dimension, New Energy and Information Field, New Technology as well as with the most important product – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer who lives and conducts the New Reality.

The Human Body is the first and most important Technology for creating a New life and a New way. The information about the existence of technology that enables the complete transformation of the body on all levels, the reason for the transformation and finally the possibilities of such a transformed body are the most important for the decision to enter in the very procedure of such a training. The most important product is the HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER who provides the service of Information Intelligence. The Human Biocomputer is a Superconscious, Selfconscious and energetically complete being of the Open Heart and built abilities and values which surpass any known value. The approach to those who are not yet, but they would want to be, is the same. Such is his way of business.

Spherein is the first company that implements the Universal Law and System in its business, and this means that it respects Life. Construction and training of the Human Biocomputer (according to the Phi principle) enables the creation of all segments of life according to that same principle. This opens the sectors which cover all segments of life, from architecture and construction, completely new technology, fashion design, art, education, sports to total medicine and knowledge about the body as well as the relation towards self and others, all acording to the Phi principle. The main principle is the principle of rotation, and it doesn't allow negligence of any of the mentioned segments. Here, the design of life is implemented in total.

Spherein Training Center

(DFC Metafitness Base & Runic Gym)

There is no written rule on how to enter the Method One Procedure (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology). There is a clear sign which indicates if someone is ready and that he/she has accepted the call to the Heart. For some it will be during the Information Intelligence Procedure in the Spherein office (DFC - Information Intelligence Staff), for others it will be the direct physical experience inside the Runic Gym (DFC Metafitness Base). Both ways are equally acceptable and equally correct because in the end, anyone who enters the procedure will pass and will be passing both. Runic Gym (DFC Metafitness Base) is a specially designed and equipped place ruled by the Law of the Zero Point Field. It's a Sphere where only the body, physical body begins to function according to higher laws. Runic Gym, as a place for first informing, is ideal for all those who overcome their blockages (mental, emotional, fears) easier with physical work. In this case that physical work is the direct experience of antigravity and practical application of the Law of One through movement in controlled conditions of the Field which are extreme. In these space conditions, just like the astronauts prepare to go to outer space, the body begins with the preparation and transformation in order to endure the pressure and conditions of the Zero Point Field which are extreme.

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