Spherein school of Sound – Phi Sound of the New Era

Free yourself from the 3D concept of creation and modification of what has already been created! Spherein is the only one on the planet that represents the creation of sound which is Phi for all artists open and eager to create the new and original, pure sound of the New Era. Enter the world of absolute imagination that does not know and does not set any boundaries on creating New. Spherein school of Sound represents the 4D concept of obtaining sound from the Zero Point Field through the technology of the Zero Point Field – technology of open Heart.


Each note, each sound, is a record if the spherical auditorium. The sound of Spherein originates from the Source, from the Zero Point Field, Field of the Dolphin Superconsciousness. As such, it has the power of instantaneous breakthrough and healing. SphereAudio functions like a Dolphin, on the Phi principle. Sound is that what creates. All is Sound.  All is audible.  You can hear everything. It depends on what are you listening, how you listen and from which dimension are you listening.  New music, written with the Dolphin (Runic) language, arouses inside of you the will for yourself. Fast and slow, loud and quiet, SpherAudio awakens the Vortex, motion inside a human. Spherein music is for the New human, New Era, a New world. It listens with the Heart and it is not classified in any music category of this dimension. It is the rhythm of the Heart, measure of the Heart, tempo of the Heart. With the New sound you create a New dimension, a new reality within yourself. A single sound projection of the Truth encourages and builds the other one. When a correct Sound expands like a Sphere and includes all that exists, hard walls are pulled down and the Sound of a free human is heard. SphereAudio. Sound is an impulse. An Impulse is a Feeling. A Feeling is the Human. SphereAudio – the Sound for the Human.

Phi Sound

The foundation of Consciousness is Sound. A vibratory surface without depth, with no up and down, with no left and right. Formles and odorless, tasteless. The self-vibrating and self-sustaining spiral of the Black Liquid Consciousness – (PHI) SOUND.

Sound transfers and embodies the vibratory stimulus. You are a petrified sound. You are one of the stimuli. Your ear has been taken away from you, to hear the foundation of Sound, to hear – SILENCE. The Crystal has originated from Sound. The Force of Consciousness was heard. The refraction of Light was heard.

Hagal is an octave spiral. In the octave is the musical alphabet. OCTAVE 8 = A, B, C, … In the octave is the alphabet of life. Octave represents the foundation of the musical art. Octave 8 represents immortality.

For thousands of years, the human falls into a concrete cell in which fatted thoughts are being born from the black hole and bounce of the walls of the cell. You are living in the heaviest and the most laborious noise. Yur body has lost its instrumentality. The body has no hearing. That is why when you dive, only after a few meters, you experience an unbearable pressure. You feel that the force is attacking you. Something enormous is pressing you. YES. Energy – Liquid Consciousness – Sea, in which you dive, with all its force, penetrates the dimensional wall between You and Itself. Today, there is a hundred and one barrier too many inside and outside of you in order for you hear your own voice. All 3D communication is an indication of total deafness. The consequence is the general planetary chaos. Terror in misunderstanding.

Phi spiral

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Runic techno

Moving the letter H from the end to the beginning is the connection Earth – Heart. This is from – to technology. In Heart is Art. This is artistry. Technologial skill of constructing the Human.

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Vril Propulsion Sound System

The Pyramid serves as an amplifier, the Sphere is a transmitter. Each vibration passing through the Pyramid comes out in the form of a Phi vibrational wave. With this technology, boundaries of 3D sound are broken and pushed – the Matrix sound barrier. Vril Propulsion Sound Systems  transforms the sound of a frequency range up to 2 000 000 Hz and, by doing so, it penetrates through the Matrix dimension. Phi vibrational waves in a specific frequency range can travel across the entire planet. Live Technology creates Live Sound.

Technology of sound transformation

Fractal audio record

In the beginning and in the end is Sound. All is Sound. Vibration. Every existence is written through vibration – Sound. The reading of vibrations gets the absolute insight into every existence from the beginning, from the Source which is Sound. All is written in the moment Now. This technology works in and through the moment Now which is absolute presence – Consciousness.

With the installation of tubes inside the Pyramid, the sound passes with the speed of the Universe – speed of the moment Now. Each vibration, which isn’t Phi, by entering inside the Pyramid goes through the compression and decompression of its own existence. The tubes themselves , although they are not tubes, vibrate in Phi. Tubes perform the change of aggregate state by raising and lowering the temperature to the absolute. The transformation of Sound occurs. Origination of the new vibrational record – fractal audio record. This is the principle of creation and transformation in the Zero Point Field – non-living becomes Living, Life. Fractal record is multidimensional and, as such, it functions in such a way – in and through Multidimensionality. This is Live Technology of the Zero Point Field which is incomprehensible and impracticable with 3D technology but present in 3D.

Crystal (fractal) audio record    (this article is password protected)

Musical notation in the Zero Point Field

Musical notation in the Zero Point Field is the Sound itself. Sound, i.e.,the frequency of Sound is recorded in the form of a binary code (0,1). Sonar receives the Sound and the frequency of Sound  and records it in the form of a binary code on the basis of which it creates an image of the musical notation. The body with the installed Sonar receives a pure Information – Phi Sound. The open brain receives a pure Information which is an image of the musical record on the basis of which it transfers the Sound into 3D – transmission – record – creation of Phi Sound. This way of transmission is only possible with the body that functions as a Quantum Biocomputer.

Technology  of Sound of the Templar Order – March of the Templars

The Epic Truth about the Runic Master Jacques De Molay – Ordo Templaris – The battle for Jerusalem


Rhythm: 1-2 – 1-2-3

De Molay – Templar Order – Ordo Templaris

The battle for Jerusalem


The Sun is moving towards twilight.
The only sound is produced by the wind in often but powerful strokes.
Slowly, from depth, the rhythm of drums begins, 1-2 – 1-2-3.
12 Templars led by De Molay. 
Beyond the hill, the march of 20 000 walking feet is heard that slowly but sensibly tremors the land.
The rhythm 1-2 – 1-2-3 becomes stronger, the drums are deeper and more sounding.
The Order is ready. The bodies vibrate. The charge inside the bodies is getting stronger.

Beyond the hill, trumpets are being heard led by drums that, with a powerful march, amplify the tremors of the land.
Templars are in formation. The charge of Energy takes over the body.
The charge is the Energy penetration into the body. Into all bodies.
The Templar Order is held by De Molay.
The trumpets are, along with the drums, getting louder and more penetrating.
Above the Templars, a stroke is heard (the sound of cymbals which is like a clash of two gongs) which is an explosion, the breakthrough of lightning which is the Rune. The stroke, with the force of sound, breaks through towards land and strikes with a powerful and mighty sound of deep drums. An earthquake occurs that spreads in all directions.
De Molay hammers.
For a moment silence returns which is interrupted by the return of trumpets and an even more powerful march.
The stroke of lightning is repeated. Even stronger, harder, mightier descent to the earth’s surface.
The trumpets do not stop, but are briefly turned down and they set off into their thought with a more aggressive stroke of drums and a determined march that with each step amplifies the vibration of the surface.
De Molay hammers. The 3rd time.

The 3rd, final impact of the Master encourages an unstoppable march. 20 000 determined feet move into attack.
Through the bodies, the absolute energy charge passes – Force and concentration. The One takes over the bodies.
All is Jacques De Molay.
The charge is the Energy, i.e. the Energy penetration into the body that spreads and breaks through space.
The absolute concentration holds the formation and waits for the impulse – One.
The Templars breathe and see One.

This is an Epic and Epopee. This is the Epic Truth about the Runic Master De Molay.
Epic is something that is surreal but real (True). Epic is Once and never again.
Epic is not repeated.


All is Jacques de Molay – globally.
The charge has been reached. The charge that De Molay hammers and the reaction which is coming from the other side. All is Energy, every step, every move, every look, every thought goes into One.
On the other side they do not know what is waiting for them because they do not know where they are coming, in what they are entering.

Who is Jacques de Molay? All is Jacques de Molay!
Who are the Templars? ALL IS JACQUES DE MOLAY!

The charge is an energetic force which is very much necessary in order for the breakthrough to occur. 20 000 provides resistance, gives a reaction which is a force. All goes into One. All is Jacques de Molay!
The charge is an escalation of all – all states, aspirations, hopes, everything is coming out. Everything goes out. Everyone and everything goes into One, into the breakthrough, into the other dimension because all is Jacques de Molay!

“I have taken over everything. In an instant I can obliterate you all.

The territory of planet Earth has become a source of sorrow and misery.

Only the body of the One can stop the damnation of unconsciousness and ingnorance which does not allow the Swastika in the Heart.

One war for all,
One Body for all descends again to give the answer.

Body within a body, Heart from the Heart
breaks through into the New.

The New is One – Body.
One Body is the One – Jacques de Molay.

To whom it is right, such are few.
For them the Heart is opened.
To whom it is not, that one will not go by the Heart,
and he becomes what remains.

The March of the Templars is documented from the Mediator's Consciousness Field. The authentic depiction of the planet Earth's state, then and now. Bhagavad Gita. The Kurukshetra War.

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The rhythm of the body

Rhythm of the body speaks.

0 and 1, 1 and 0 is the initial rhythm of the Heart and the body. The sound 0 and 1 is conducted into every word. A melody separated into segments which are the binary codes assembled, but multidimensionally, from numbers 0 and 1 – Futhork binary code. The emphasis is on multidimensionally because the sound in the Zero Point Field has broken through, passed through and is in Multidimensionality and as such, is directly connected with the source of the Source who is the Creator himself who creates with Sound. A thought is also a sound – the highest level – Dzogchen. Sound propels the Universe – Sound technology – all. The Sound of the Zero Point Field.

The Templars performed a march of the body. All the rest is the result of Sound. And all that remained, it remains because the Sound passed through it. Epic is Vrndavana, Epic is Krishna in the body – physical body.

1 and 0 propel the Universes.
1 and 0 in One from One.
1 and 0, in the multidimensional sense, contain all the numbers and every number because everything is a compression of the Heart.

1 in 0 is Phi which is One.

March of the Templars – Jacques de Molay

First verdict – 350 years until the next arrival of the Master of Runes in the Body and (to) liberate the Technology, i.e. return to the Original. Into the Body. Technology holds the Body – Bell – Sound.

Technology of Sound – Bell. 0 – 1. The Bell is 0 – 1. The shape of the Bell is 0 (Zero), 1 (One) strikes on the inside who determines the rhythm of sound and the frequency. All is Technology. All is Sound.
Technology of the March of the Templars has been given over to the church – tower and bell – the object that works non-stop because the tower (shape) as well is the bell and produces the sound which is specified  with the construction according to the Body of the Master – all is sound. The Technology is Runic, but it’s not out of Runes.

The tower is home (DOM). The Bell is the Body – 1.

The Original shape of the Body is the Bell – Sound – OMANU. The Body is a Pyramid as well – Home which is also the Technology of Sound. Sound (frequency) 0 – 1 conducts the highest breakthroughs into the body. That’s the Working Principle.

The Templar Order is established by the New Body – the Mediator, and the Sound speaks and the Technology speaks and conducts according to the samepPrinciple – the principle is Runic and out of Runes.

De Molay demolishes with the Sound and sets the body in motion as a OMANU because it is the OMANU – Bell – Sound, but the Body is that Technology that conducts the Force of Sound that sets the body in motion and works all the other bodies into Technology.

Sound sector – Music sector    (this article is password protected)

The installation of sound with sound

Music industry

The term of installation is a cypher and a compression of cyphers which are a certain frequency, i.e. sound, but they can be of any form – a letter/word, image or sound itself. Therefore, the installation is a sound (frequency) which is a cypher which is being inserted or from which the installation itself begins. The installation of sound with sound is kabala, insertion a specific word or letter that has a certain kabalistic, energy (frewuency) power. Even the inserted cypher has its cypher, i.e. compression of cyphers (layers) which make the final product. The inserted word is determined with multiple meanings that constitute her, each meaning is a cypher for itself – a letter is a number and vice versa.

The installation is deep, the installation is of everything. At all levels – as many as they are. The digital age brings digital sound. Digital sound enables easier manipulation of the same through the creation of sound samples that are ready for further adaptation and processing without excluding the adaptaion of samples. Everything is available and subjected to manipulation. Creation, as such, if it already hasn’t, is disappearing and therefore the very possibility of creation.

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Notes of Atlantis

In Atlantis, notes were written on lines that followed the contours of the pyramid. Two triangles, one beside the other represent two halfs of the pyramid.

This represents one sequence. The entire note record consists of a series of such pairs from which the note record is being red. Each note, except the standard parameters, also has depth which is determined by the positon on the triangle. The lines on the triangle go into the pyramid's depth.

Transmission of Sound through the Body

Transmission of Sound through the Body


The transmission of Sound through the Body. There are multiple chambers of sound and each one has its own special vibration when it’s in synchronicity with the Center. This is the creation of music. A musician who has been introduced into the Zero Point Field listens and transfers the music from the Body. This is a schematic depiction of the musical record. The entire sound spectrum is within each chamber. This parabolas are like some sort of an algorithm by which the music is being assembled.


Atlantis is also a choir.

Valkyre – Val–ky–re
Val – Atlantis
Ky – Ky is also Ka (the Center, Sound, Kali and Kalki)
Re – rotation

Val – Atlantis – val (Croatian word for wave) is the Sound of Atlantis (pronunciation Atlantis) which is depicted and is in the form of a wave which is the bell – sound.

Valkyre mirrored – Eryk Lav
y – ypsilon is MAN – Rune, which is also I – IS
k – k is also ch

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