WOTAN D-SEIN | A call into the Time Machine

In the center of centers of Wotan D-Sein is a provocation, a challenge. The challenge into the entrance for the exit out.

I challenge all artists approved and chosen by the Body (Law of the Body) to enter into the Technology for the exit out from this spherical plate and become subjectively objective, to become the Force of the Universe of the artistic, scientific and technological aspect in the transformation of this linear and parallel dimension imminent and antecedent to meaning.

The clarity of goal is the clarity of life is clarity in work and Work which is progressiveness, constancy of the Universe (All) here in Now.

I propose to all who are interested to respond and to enter into the Time Machine, into the image of their reality and before all, but also during and after, I proclaim that this is the Technology of Atlantis through the creative, but the painter's original artistic ability of manifesting the Body as a living object of Space and Time on canvas, in an image/painting.

The illusion of reality stopped through the image of the Truth.

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Najjednostavnije poimanje i iskreno i istinsko shvaćanje Svega, od svih načina, je izražaj Života kroz živu sliku, kroz Umjetnost.
Istovremeno je najteži zadatak napraviti/stvoriti Umjetnika Života čija je svrha ponovo pokrenuti Umjetnost.
Duša je Umjetnost. Izražaj Duše je svevremensko i bezvremensko Tijelo. Kako zapravo i može biti drugačije kada se radi o izražavanju Kreatora?
Ako je postojeća umjetnost umjetna, jasno je da su takva i tijela i životi njihovih originala, tj. njihovih “stvoritelja”. Sve je preslika sebe.

Govorim o Izražaju, a on/ona/ono je Osjećaj.

Sve što je ikad bilo ili će biti zapamćeno kroz slikarstvo, arhitekturu, kiparstvo, film i sve ostalo je dodir Kratora, dodir Svijesti i to je ono što ostaje. To je trajno. To je Duša. To je Svrha i Razlog. To je i nepogrešivo.

Upravo radi te Zlatne niti Svekreacije su se kroz povijest umjetnici, pjesnici, kipari opijali i propijali, drogirali, a naposljetku i ubijali. Nestala je Esencija, sam Izvor, a nerealnost ove realnosti, tj. njena umjetnost nije bila ni u najmanju ruku dovoljna i mjerljiva s Osjećajem svrhe i razloga sebe kako bi nastavili stvarati. Izvor nije presušio, ali nešto svakako jest.
Njihova ostavština je izvan domene puka i jedino što preostaje puku je divljenje i čuđenje, a u određenim slučajevima i uništenje stvorenog i sprovedenog da se zaboravi i izbriše iz globalne svijesti.

To što je izvan je Jedan, je Kreator.
Izvor izvire izvorno, a taj koji sprovede esenciju Izvora postaje besmrtan.

Nije li ovo svrha života?

The Artist

Here, art has been touched and the ones creating it. An artist creates something new, different from everything so far. So, at least, it should be. With something new he activates you energetically, shocks you, forces you to think and feel, revives you, so, at least, it should be. He transfers, through his work, his state. It is mentioned that it is the state beyond narrow 3D concepts. The presence of such a state is ennobling. An artist seduced with 3D concepts falls out from such a state. Although officially an artist, he isn’t one anymore. The search for inspiration draws all sorts of things into art that legitimately does not belong and so, and that you do not even know, with consummation of some art, on you will effect every low vibrational state of the artist because his work has such energy.

A work of art is a transmitter of energy. The only task of the artist is to awaken you, the way is not important, and not to put you to sleep, to awaken you and opens you and purifies which means healthens. All the opposite is not art.

Do you see how everything is connected? Do you see how everything is energy? The difference is only in her vibration and then it is always something else. In that is the truth and follow it consciously. Any other interpretation is a secular indoctrination of nature and life in a form that is unknown to us or known from the beginning. The principle that a human can act on another long distance is the most important discovery of all, so called, primitive religions and nations. This is what has been known the beginning and applied.

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1 painting is worth more than 1000 words. If the painitng is true, if the human interacts with what he/she sees, if he/she feels and watches with his/her entire being then the painting is another living being. It breaths, it is a living creation. The painting of the Sphere industry look with your Heart and you will see that it is more alive than all the living around you. Art is an artistry of the Mind of the Universe (Cratian Umjetnost (Art) – Umijeće (Skill) – Um (Mind) – Univerzum (Universe) = UUUU). Art is a stream, flow of the Universe. The artistry of creating. The peak of creation is a done piece. In this dimension it can be felt, seen and heard.

The Artist is a pure Mind, golden hands and a Crystal heart. Crystal that builds the Pyramid – this is a Human, this is an Artist. A pure human is the greatest artist, because when you are a HUMAN then you belong to the One, you belong to a single creation and you know how to be an artist. You watch and shape, change and create with your Mind. The artist is watered and he waters the world around him with crystal cold juices that timelessly flow from the Source, from the Point  of Essence, from the Point from which all exits and into which all enters.

Art is in the Golden cut, Universal order, Phi. The one who understands the Universe, Phi, is the greatest artist.

Modulation from light into darkness and vice versa. Compression of every state is the core of art.

Art is the Swastika.

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Theater of transformation

Theater of transformation begins from the theater of the absurd. Absurd is any condition which is not a Stance (Stav). Pure, transformed Stance from the Crystal. Runic Stav (stance). Malignant disease of 3D is 3D. Lack of density. Malignant transforms into benign. Benign into sharp. Theater of alignment. People in a condition are not people. They are conditions. The condition is being aligned. The greatest theater of all – Theater of Transformation, living theater. The role of life is to perform and participate in the Theater of Transformation. Complete identification with the role, and the role is changeable because it is a role which Phi imposes, brings and takes away.

Symmetry – geometry

What is beauty? Is beauty symmetry, i.e. symmetry of the body which is also geometry?

Symmetry – Geometry. Interconnection. One goes with the other because one cannot go without the other.
Architecture and especially sculptures of Ancient Greece are the only examples left, with Egypt, which display and apply regularity, i.e. symmetry, proportionality of everything in the construction of the work which are today known as art. They represent a completely different life and view, i.e. a completely different vision of life – the way it is and the way it should be. Harmonized, correct, in symmetry with all because all is in harmony with all and all lives under the same law and the same principle and that is the Law and the Principle of the Universe. There is no exception, there is no deviation because it is no longer art, it is no longer life but life outside of Life. Art is Life, the living structure which is the Universe. The Universe is correct, symmetrical, balanced, proportional, harmonized. Symmetry – Geometry is the Rule and regularity, the Law and legality – One.

Geometry – Geology – Geography – Geodesy.

Paintings of Atlantis – Technology of Atlantis in paintings – Prohumanism

What all is Technology of Atlantis? The answer is OMANU – OMANU is All: Body, aircraft, Sound, architecture, nature (Crystal – crystal nature). Crystal children cannot grow in a non-crystal nature. OMANU are seacrafts, machines that power vehichles. There is a universal machine that functions in all aggregate circumstances. It is the Swastika. This also includes the quantum biocomputer as well as the entire computer system. Astronomy, geodesy that display the understanding of relations and ratio. Mathematics, meta/physics and biophysics that give answers to the nature of their relations. Language and new cultural expressions – writing, speech, theater, new faces. Mutual connection and indivisibility of knowledge. All this, in a compressed form, should display paintings – the Runic wheel, Time machine, Black Crystal, ... – compactness, movement, power of information, penetration, absorption, disclosure. All this terms are the Mediator's mission – to introduce you into a New world.

Multidimensionality of images

Achieved rotation creates a physical reaction of the space and body (causes). Images and symbols achieve rotation through stratification of images/symbols. Images/symbols produce sound. Everything is made in Phi proportions.

Masterpiece of human culture and art – Method One    (soon)

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