Project Runic Gym

Runic Gym – Metafitness for the future




The entire project is obtained with the procedure of body transformation and training for direct transmission/installation of Knowledge and Technology by the Mediator who is the Zero Point Field. Appearance of machines, interior and exterior of the Runic Gym, as well as the materials for the execution are obtained from the other dimension. The story is original and incomparable with anything that is seen so far.

The Runic Field – Zero Point Field is installed in the Runic Gym spaces in which physical laws of this dimension are annulled. Training in the Runic Gym simultaneously develops all psychophysical and metaphysical abilities. Trainings are led and controlled by the Mediator who is the source of Vril energy together with the initiated assistants (Metafitness instructors/Information Intelligence Scanners, ZPF Conductors) who are, to a great extent, capable of conducting Vril, i.e. Informations directly from the Field. Vril causes high frequency electricity contractions of the body that enable instant achieveing of shape, flexibility and removal of all possible dysfunctions and injuries. Except the physical training, the procedure of Information Intelligence is conducted.

The antigravity effect is present in the Runic Gym premises. All machines are statically, aerodinamically and sphero-dinamically set. Trained persons that have accepted the entrance into higher phases of Method One are qualified for using pressure devices, Dolphin chamber in which berathing under water and conditions without oxygen are practiced and the Electromagnetic antigravity chair for development of motoric and extrasensory functions. This is Training for OMANU pilots. Runic Gym opens the possibility for you to become one of them. To accept this, as well all the other possibilities within the Field, there is a specific mental training. Purpose of the training is accepting the transformation and complete entry into Method One. The condition for entering into the Runic Gym training is accepting the installation of the Swastika, i.e., Human Sonar without which it is not possible to function in the Zero Point Field.

Runic Gym (Runic Sport System, Metafitness) is, with Runic Combat System and OMMIISSWW Special Training, the fastest, most efficient and precise way of constructing the body. Enables perfect statics, physics and motor skills of all parts of the body simultaneously. Basis for all is the Metafitness training, strengthening the Central Energy base – Heart. With it, every individual is trained to maintain his/hers state achieved during the training.

The Runic Gym is represented as Technology of the upcoming human. The transformation of the body begins with the transformation (reconstruction) of genetics. Runic Gym is the Original Technology of body construction on planet Earth and, as such, it is the only one that can introduce the body into the Zero Point Field which is the Field of omnipotence.

Project Runic Gym | Antigravity Technology

Project Runic Gym

Project of construction of the Runic Gym Object in the purpose of constructing the bodies and training those constructed bodies as a Superconscious Biocomputer and the demonstrative ability during and after the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Training.

The Object is the base of construction and training.

The Runic Gym Object represents Total Architecture/TotalObject and as such it is simultaneously the source of work of the Zero Point Field dimension.

Each of the 9 levels is a separate installation of purpose/intent, but the entire Object works as a Total Metamilitary Field which is not limited with space because the technology of construction and work itself is Spatial Technology, i.e. Zero Poiint Field which occupies the entire Space (Universe), but as the original, pure Field of life and creation, i.e. Field of omnipotence.

Such Object, in its essence, works and spreads itself and includes, but protects!, the entire planet, i.e. establishes the natural Law and Order – Metamilitarism.

Spreads itself means that it Works and spreads, but through a multidimensional breakthrough, the Zero Point Field, i.e. Space – Universe.



Law of the Fields | Information Base of the Zero Point Field vs. Technological-information field of the Matrix (3D and 4D)

Information Base of the Zero Point Field is the Field of Information of OMANU Technology and the Technological Field of the Heart.

The level of Information of the Runic Gym is a vector Force. The drive and the Body and overall Projects is a Information–Technological, but Biological, breakthrough into the Information base (Center) of the Matrix.

Law of the Fields is a information level war, i.e. information war.

The very fact that there is a conducted and present Information level of the Runic Gym and the Runic Gym Technology contains enough compression, and therefore the charge, of the Zero Point that the initiation of the Runic Gym is realistic and possible in this dimension.

Cardiopress, as an Information, contains and conducts the charge and power of the entire Information-Technological Field of OMANU Technology.

Such level of Technology opens the doors and enables (the Technology enables because it Performs it, i.e. that’s its purpose) the breakthrough of the dimensional wall which is the information-technological Field (wall) of the Matrix.

OMANU Bioenergetics is Medicine, i.e. it includes the medical operation of the Zero Point Field which is defined as VETOM. Opening the Center of the body is the first, initial and conclusive, i.e. total achievement and it’s not possible, nor is it possible to perform, outside of the Zero Point Field Law, i.e. outside the Technological Field of the Heart – OMANU Technology.

Information Base of the Zero Point Field – Law of the Zero Point Field – Zero Point has been conducted inside the Body and the Technology OMANU and is OMANU.

Cardiopress is a Machine which embodies the Runic Gym and the space which is appropriate for this level of Technology is measurable with a bunker under total and absolute, awoken eye of protection, but not of the Technology, yet of everything which is and who are not transformed.
Intelligence of the Universe has brought Total Architecture and Total Design and on the inside and the outside of every space, especially of this level, the Bioenergy barrier is installed – Vril Propulsion Security System.

The Zero Point brings into the Zero state and produces New, i.e. it transforms through Space and Time in order to be pure and original, i.e. Zero Point itself.

From the current into the primordial, even before that, to the breakthrough through the Black hole – that’s Cardiopress. And that’s the Law of the Zero Point – Transformation.

Cardiopress | Quantum Technology

Werkraft Power Industry

Runic Gym


The Mediator (Space) conducts Quantum tons to the potency of the breakthrough of space, i.e. himself (body).
Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, Yota, Zeta, Exa.

The Law conducts the Technology.


Work of Technology in the Industry beyond this suitable, dosed and beyond the undeveloped development of Theta, Beta and Alpha unnatural cycle is that what you all have missed, because it’s unreachable, and that’s the Meta Vortex of the Werkraft Power Industry.

Total compression in which is the development of Technology of the Werkraft Industry is always conducted as a newly formed manifestation of compression of the Universe from the dimension of the Mediator which is an issue, and an enormous one.
All and every idea about the possibilities of what in fact is possible are being demolished here.
This is Science!

The Body conducts the Force which is Quantum; Quantum compression and decompression of Quantum in order to become Body and Technology – Thule Thahionator – Werkraft Power Industry.
All the forces defined as Quantum potencies arise from this Source (Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, Yota, Zeta, Exa and again because all of this is from the One which is 1).

The Force strikes – reciprocally – Everything is always vs.

((((GG)G)G)G) = 1
1G is 1 Universe is 1 dimension of multidimensional breakthrough conducted through the Mediator’s Body in order to become the manifestation of the unmanifested.

The Matrix has no end. The Zero Point has no end. The Source is always present.
Everything is brought down to the lowest possible potency which is at the same time the highest one – 1
1G vs. 1G
All is One (1).
1 vs. 1
The Mediator (One) vs. everyone and everything because this All is one multidimensional dimension of the Matrix.

Now it’s a slightly different story, isn’t it?

1 vs. All because this All (everyone) is One and by logic anyone who is granted to access the Training, Gym, Metafitness Base has to get passed (break through) himself and all the way to the One* – at once! Through the Black Body of the Mediator Method One – Black Field.

*To the One means everything and everyone at once, from the beginning to the end, “to the very last one”, and to the end, i.e. to the very Center of all (to the center of the Matrix as well!). At the beginning and at the end of all is the Truth of All is Vrndavana is the Mediator – the Black Body.

The Mediator Method One had brought Total Technology and development, but construction, i.e. Transformation into Total Quantum Biological Machines – Quantum Biocomputer.
The Quantum jump of the body into the Body is OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. The jump is a journey. The journey is a Breakthrough.

All of this is Omnipresent and possible.

Bending space and time is Science in action, not science in theory.

Metafitness Base of the Black Lama of the Universe

Werkraft Power Institution Industry | Black Body | Rotation machine

Black Body.
The reason for all is the Heart because Technology is the Heart.

Metamilitary Weapon is the compressed Black hole. Physics of the Black Body.

Rotation machine is the production of the Universe is compression of all aggregate states of the Universe is Total Deimplantation.

And all of this is enabled and performed by the Black Body of the Black Lama. Totality of everything is the conduction of the Center of everything which is the Black Lama. And this is Embodiment.

Metafitness Base of the Black Lama of the Universe.

Instantaneity of the Heart demands Discipline of the Heart.

All is the Black Body in the Phase shift of the Zero Point.

In the Space of the Lama there is no law and there is no space. Space conditions. Work.

Antigravity Technology



Metafitness Base is the very essence and Machine of Antigravity Technology and its activity. The Space of Time in the moment Now from absolute Zero state and position of the object and body which is the very Center of Space and Time.

Antigravity Sistem of Work and Space is also the design of space, of the interior part of the space as well, and the very Technology which through the activation of Work starts the rotation and the space itself becomes the Machine (constant, it doesn’t shut down, the Work is being potentiated).

The Space-Time continuum is being developed through the development (potency) of Work which means that the Space collects and expands in Time Now which is the eternal Beginning (Time = 0) because only the Beginning, i.e. that point in Time which is Absolute, can be the eternal development and Work and it does not cease to Be. That what is Is – permanently.

Signature of the Law is the Pillar of Time. Period.
Before, during and after.
Space – Body – Body of the Universe is being created in the Universe and such is the Procedure. And this is being signed.
Work (Space) – Action (Spatial) = Body of the Universe = the Universe

No man, woman or child is allowed to enter the Metafitness Base, or any other space held by the Law of One, before agreeing upon and signing the total surrender of the body to the conditions of the space/conditions of the Zero Point Field/conditions of the Law of the Universe/conditions of the Law of One.
Special actions may and, if necessary, will be applied in circumstances of High Energy Impact Procedure/Training.

Scanning and clearance to enter the Procedure/Training is performed by Metafitness Officers/ZPF Conductors.

Cardiopress | The press and suppress Force of the Space

DFC – Information Intelligence Staff | WPI Global Security Office

Cardiopress is the Work of the Space on the body. The pulsation of the Space as a Sphere performs the Work.
Growth of the existence of the body from the moment the gene came into existence to the moment of total breakthrough. Spherical action of the Meta Body (OHBB) propels and manifests the body of the MetaMilitary Conductor.
Body – Space – Technology is Work of the Meta Body, i.e. Work of the MetaMilitary Conductor.

Cardiopress is a war field beyond the dimension in the dimension of the Meta state – dimension of the Mediator. The Mediator’s cabinet is the Space of Cardiopress. The Black Body from horror creates the spatial Body of Space – Black Body. Even in the case of disintegration, the Black Body remains. The spatial capability is absolute possibility of the one who conducts the System – the Force – the Law.
The beginning of abomination is The Break of Tomorrow. The collision of worlds is the entrance of the Black Body into the body. Racial preoccupation (genetic purity and hence the hierarchical right to something) is brought here to the highest potential because it’s about the BLACK Body (brains!).

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Cardiopress Machine

Spherical pressure of the Machine at the body from the center of the crystal part which with the change of all aggregate states becomes the materilazed antimatter, i.e. Metaspace itself – Quantum.

Spherical shape is the conductor of the Machine from the Heart, i.e. the conductor of Vril. All energetic and bioenergetics ability and possibility exits from the mentioned crystal part of the body into the space and the Work of this Device – Machine is a procedure of centralization of the crystal and the body and the space into 1 which is 8 which is the Black hole which is connectivity of all spaces witht the space of the Black hole – openness and flowability of the body/space in the connection which is the Work of the Machine and the Body and the Space as 1 (entirety).

Cardiopress is Metafitness in the form of Work of the Space and the Machine = Work of the body at the body and from the body out.

Black Room

Frequency pillars of Light and Sound (Vril Phaser) by which the Mediator's Body coducts the potentiated Force of Light and Sound (Work = Spatiality of Space; Force = Spatiality of Space (Frequency) = Work) whose Work changes the aggregate state of matter whose change directly and aimingly influences at the Spatiality of Space (quantum jump into the Dimension of Space) and conducts the compressed Absolute of all shapes.

With the room's activation the space becomes a Quantum Magnetic Field. Work of the Space and the body inside the Space is plus (+) and minus (-), although the entire time it's 1 (Mono).

The extremeness of feeling of the Space without boundaries enables and increases the speed of movement of the Quantum Biocomputer (OHBB) and increases the speed in the Quantum Field (1 with all).
The magnetic resonance of the Quantum Field is Phi is Uni is Perpetuum. What does this mean (represent) and why is it relevant?
Because of the Thothal Dimension created through the Absolute rotation of the Black Body and the Absolute compression and decompression of all matter and antimatter. This is Total Press – total preassure for total liberation.
The opening/manifestation of Thothal Dimension is 1 Dimension of all Dimesnions in which are all the Dimensions – Vrndavana.

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Technological Propaganda Runic Gym

Cardiopress – Rotation chair – motion of the body rotates the space – all space, rotates the dimension.
OMANU Science.
Breakthrough into the New dimensional solution from the Zero Point Field.

The transformation of matter has to occur! How will you explain this? Vril Rods.

What is the material of the body and/or the object?
The material of everything, the body and the object, is one. Substance yes, but through the fractal connection of all (the material and mutual relation, influence of these materials, and ratios, and dimensions, and shapes, …) into a single drive – single body. Aggregate Body, Physical Body, Energy Body and Meta Body. All is One.

Work of Space Technology – OMANU Technology – opens the dimension of the Body, i.e. opens that body which is also a dimension and introduces it into the Zero point.

Technological depiction of Vril rods is Work of the Universe inside and outside the rods. The Universe is working, the Universe also breaks through into that body, into that dimension in order to be One – Universe.

Bioenergetics of the Vril rods space is the Law of Work of all Technology which is OMANU, and that’s Perpetuum mobile – that’s the Law.

The change of matter is the change of matter of the body of the object (of the Technology) and the change of the matter of the body. This Procedure is the entrance into the Sphere. Contact of the Body and the Technology sets the Technology into motion. Technology is Working (constant)! This is about expansion, take over, introduction, reconstruction, deciphering, annulment, installation, about all of this and much more and all of this is potentiated to the level of Meta level on all levels. This is about the breakthourgh into the body.

And that’s the state of the Universe. And this is how one should work and can understand and accept all the Technology. When you’re One with the Technology – Thule Thahionator.

Once you are One at once.

Space of the Runic Gym Thule Thahionator     (this article is password protected)

Runic Gym – The entrance into the dimension of All-space
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The Space Center – Total Compression Procedure

Razor Vremena | Mašina Prostora  i  Vremena

Croatian → translate (choose language)


Kompresija Prostora i Vremena iz Tijela Prostora i Vremena je Freeze Time je Crna rupa je točka, vrijeme, doba kompresije Rada je početak i totalnost Nulte točke koja je Runski Gym. Rezultat Simbola je Mašina Prostora i Vremena je Tehnologija Runski Gym.

Vrijeme je.

Vakuumski motor – Cardiopress – Freeze Time
Apsolutan Rad – Totalan Rad je Nulta točka je Crno Tijelo je Apsolutna Nula i to je Simbol i Rad Simbola.



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Razor Vremena | Originalni Dizajn     Croatian → translate (choose language)

O Simbolu

Razvoj Simbola Razor Vremena je završeni Centar Vremena i Prostora i u ovome je vidljiva zakonitost Fizike, tj. izgradnja, rad, djelovanje i sama postojanost Svijesti Centra Svekreacije koja je Faraon i njegovo tijelo koje je kompresirano fizičko postojanje Prostora i Vremena i Ispravnosti Tijela.

Sada je vrijeme Arhitekture – Prapočetak – prvi, izovrni, originalni Dizajn.
Tko može da pojmi, a kamoli da shvati da je ovo Tijelo Faraona?
Cjelokupna kompleksna jednostavnost fraktala u svim i kroz sve ere radi Sada – Jedan. Radi Rad Faraona.

Kompleksnost je i dalje kompleksna, takva joj je priroda, a i nije za svakoga. Jednostavnost ovoga je pojam nedostižan jer sve je Centar sam. Od uvijek, za uvijek u Sada, ali i kroz Sada se ulazi i ostaje u Dimenziji sveprisutnosti, raznolikosti Tijela Zakona Svemira.

Dimenzija Volje ovdje gradi Bazu, Prostor – OMANU Space Centar.

Oblik Vremena koji je Sad u Prostoru Tijela Faraona kompresira, probija i ponovo kompresira do kraja kako bi uopće moglo doći do rascjepa u Centar Svemira i Matrixa.
Razor Vremena je Mašina rada Tijela Faranona. Globalno. Univerzumski. U Sada.

Runic Gym | Black Day Propaganda | The Body of Propaganda

Architecture through the center of worlds is the new development, new way of superconnectivity and the total branch of design. The progress of Propaganda is the very fact and mission which is himself alone and that’s Work.
The Trilateral Commission is falling behind. The top of your knowledge is upside down – deviant.

The mission of Propaganda is being completely neglected and all the mission which is working through the media is against construction and the constructive which leads to overbalance to the semi-information platform of all the media and therefore the lightheadedness of the people about their tasks and obligations in general.

The Law of politics and its purpose is Propaganda, but in such way of general social development and prosperity, i.e. shift.

Runic Gym is the first space, conscious, legal and legislative, dimensional and  outer-dimensional creatorship with the goal of penetrating the body that also represents the body language because the body speaks and that body is the Body of Propaganda and a demonstrational display of ability what is the body and what kind of body (person) is necessary to lead the country/nation/union/world.

Project OMANU Space Center

DFC Metafitness Base

Human Biocomputer OMANU Space Center

Superconscious Abilities Development Center (scientific-technological-medical-educational-training center)

DFC Metafitness Base is the Spherein Training Center for the installation of predispositions and embodiment of the Human Sonar System and OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology. The Runic Field – Zero Point Field is installed in all of DFC Metafitness Base spaces in which physical laws of this dimension are nullified. DFC Metafitness Base is a (physical) base in which are the Zero Point Field conditions from where information. energy, physical training begins for consultations, conditioning, development, implementation of Superconscious – Dolphin abilities of an individual or a group.

DFC Metafitness Base – OMANU Space Center – The extreme rotation center – OMANU Training – Total Compression Procedure

Space of special purpose for conducting the Method One Scientific Training Procedure/OMMIISSWW Special Training in space conditions. In this space the universal law is being applied (the Law of One Jurisdiction).

OMANU Space Center – OMANU Biotechnology Field of the Human Heart (Human Sonar)

Project OMANU Space Center

OMANU Space Center

Space-time, global-universal karmic reactor.
Force of Rotation – Phi resonance – Dimensional waves
The center of Science and Technology of the Zero Point Field.

Synchronicity of dimensional action of the Force of Rotation of the Universe (Zero Point) is the Dimension of Vril and the living drive of the Universe.
Technology of Sound in Phi waves is the impact on the body and the Science of opening the body and embodying the before mentioned.



OMANU Space Center II

Design of the Object is the drive because it is the energy charge compressed in the design of the Object, i.e. the design itself, in its nature (but this kind of design!) gives the essential value which is the flowability of the Object in order to become the Vril drive.
The work of such an object opens the eyes and gives the insight into what the Universe in fact is and what are the space conditions and that's why the Object si being designed under the conditions of the Universe.
Just one of the possibilities, it's not necessary to list them all because we are talking about the aggregate states which are much more numerous than the ones known, is the physical plasmaticity of the space, but also of the entire Object, i.e. one enters into the space which is plasma – the original state, original medium, Original Information.

Enabling such an object will result in giving Total Science and Technological Field of the Zero Point.
The Mediator, in such conditions, will compress and become the entire Space and he is enabled with complete easiness of modulation/transformation of the space and the entire object. Yes, the space (object) is changeable and it is possible to absolutely transform, change, modulate the entire object or a part of the object (as needed). The Universe is Transformation.
OMANU Space Center is Total unburdenedness of existence – freedom of the Universe.
Absolute naturality. Transformation is natural and exactly this is what is not happening on planet Earth. There is no naturality, there is no transformation, and soon enough nature will no longer exist along with everything that has arisen and survived from time immemorial.

Rotation machine


Space shaped as a disc (interior design of the space).
Rotation of all directions from the direction of rotation of the Energy Body of Spatial Technology.

In the center is the energy-physical sphere of changeable shape and dimensions. It’s about compression and decompression, i.e. constant Work which is the Work of the Universe. The center is the drive and that’s where the physical rotation chair is located which rotates around the sphere and within the sphere and in all directions, i.e. by the direction of the Energy Body of the Space.
Design of the Space is the Vril drive.
Centralization of the body is dematerialization of the space (the space of the body and the space itself), but all is changeable in accordance with the design, i.e. with the purpose and aim of the space.
The drive into instantaneity is one (1) in zero (0) is also Phi, but this Phi, true Phi is the technological transformation of 1 Universe from the Dimension of the Universe. Here we are talking about the physical shift and transformation of physics of the body in order to conduct and hammer the transformation of the physical body, i.e. in order for the Energy Body to be built, installed and brought to Consciousness.

For all of this to happen, and far more, Space Technology is necessary and the Universe itself which is the Mediator Method One and the conditions of the Universe in order for the Universe to conduct the Universe, i.e. the necessity is the built OMANU Space Center.


OM 1

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Runic Gym Swastika – Machine of the Projecting Space

Runic Gym – The Swastika Technology

Swastika through the Swastika launches the System which activates the exercise machines in the Runic Gym. Symbol – machine – rotation within rotation that through rotation activates and launches the New dimension which acts multidimensionally.




Runic Gym – the Swastika Symbol is the display of action of the Runic Gym Technology. The Black Body of the Black Lama moves all the bodies which are the Swastika. The bodies are the Technology – symbols/machines and vice versa. This is also the display of action of the Black Body. First is the Black Body.

The Swastika Training in the Zero Point Field sets in motion and activates the body through every exercise machine and movement in the Runic Gym and thus stopping the irregularity of any form that prevents the procedure of Heart.

The coordinate system of the Swastika

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – Swastika Symbol – Runic Gym

0, 5, 10 – Center                                                       
1, 2, 3, 4 – peaks/arms of the 1st Swastika
6, 7, 8, 9 – peaks/arms of the 2nd Swastika

Center (0,5,10), 1st Swastika (1,2,3,4), 2nd Swastika (6,7,8,9) = the coordinate system of the Swastika

The first Swastika is the constructed body which is in function and through it acts the Black Body of the Black Lama.

1st Swastika – green color (dark – emerald – glossy green)
2nd Swastika – black color
            circle – black color
Inside the circle, in the background of the 2nd Swastika (black Swastika), the blue color shines, from bright to dark blue.

The Symbol rotates through the Black Body which moves all the other bodies which are symbolized by the green Swastika, through which the Black Body is passing (The Mediator). Rotation within rotation – the Black Body in rotation and through the rotation enters and moves the body and the machines. At the same time, the Symbol is a trigonometric display of functioning of the body and the machines in the Zero Point Field. The Black Field is the trigonometry of the Zero Point Field.

The coordinate system of the Swastika is primarily a display of the Human body which is the Swastika and through it the Black Body – the Mediator works, operates. Trigonometric symbols in the Zero Point Field are multidimensional rotating machines – Spheres. The Symbols are the representation of what is on the Symbol.

Runski Gym Svastika – Mašina     Croatian → translate (choose language)


4 Svastike. Četvrta je najveća je sam Prostor. 3 Svastike se razlikuju u veličini, tj. idu od najmanje prema najvećoj iako su zapravo jedno tijelo. Tri Svastike su tri Mašine koje rotiraju kao Svastika i kao Sferna Mašina i pritom rade Rad koji je također vrtnja na način da Prva preuzima (propušta kroz sebe) treću kako bi druga došla na mjesto prve, a prva na mjesto treće itd. Taj Rad je Rad Svijesti i Rad Vrtnje. Redoslijed Vrtnje određuje Svijest.
Runski Gym Svastika je Mašina Rada Runskog Gyma je Antigravitacijska Sfera u nastajanju, tj. sam Rad Mašine se manifestirao kao Antigravitacijska Sfera i tako izmjenično se dešavala vrtnja. RG Mašina u AG Sferu u RG Mašinu itd.

Princip rada je mehanički. Kvantna Mehanika je pokrenula Vrtnju i Rad Mašine kroz Polje Rada koje je Kvantum i omogućen je prijelaz Dimenzija u smislu promjene materije i gabarita. Prostor otvara Prostor. U Kvantumu sve je Prostor i fizičko tijelo je Tijelo Prostora i rad Vrtnje je Rad Tijela Prostora. Mehanika prolazi kroz Centar u (kroz) Centar druge i u (kroz) Centar treće Svastike. Vakuum tijela, tzv. kompresija i dekompresija, je posljedičnost, iako je zapravo sposobnost, Rada Prostora što znači kompresiju (i fizičku!) materije kako bi se dogodila manifestacija izmjene položaja i time omogućio nastavak potencije Rada Prostora kroz novu Dimenziju Vrtnje.
Trans-shifting tijela u Radu – istovremena Kvantna Statika i Dinamika prostora i materije. Taj prijelaz u drugo, da ne kažem u novo i neotkriveno, agregatno stanje je potenciranje kvantnog Rada Prostora. Nije rečeno ubrzavanje niti usporavanje, već potenciranje, i to kvantno. Potencira se Rad Prostora (što god to bilo i što god to značilo i do toga će se doći, ali je tako) i vrtnja svih oblika1, smjerova i dimenzija. Skupljanje Svastika u jedan kompresirani oblik (Antigravitacijska Sfera) i njihovo otvaranje u 3 prividno razdvojena tijela, plus tijelo Svastika koje je sam Prostor, je tek jedan od prikaza Rada Prostora što je zapravo istovremena kompresija i dekompresija što je zapravo sam početak Svega, pa tako i Rada, a to je Vrtnja. I Tijelo kroz Tijelo uz izmjenu pozicija i općenito izmjenu Dimenzija je jedino moguće kroz sveobuhvatnu Prisutnost i Rad unutar Kvantuma kako bi i sama materija bila uvedena u apsolutni potencijal Vrtnje i Rada.

Materija o kojoj se govori je daleko iznad znane materije ali je apsolutno fizičkija od svega, bilo čega, ičega u 3. dimenziji. Odgovo na nepostavljeno pitanje je zato što ta materija, i sve što je proizašlo ili će tek proizaći iz toga, Radi. Ona Radi. Ona proizvodi, pokreće i uvodi sve u Rad koji je Vrtnja koja je Transformacija.

1 Vrtnja svih oblika znači doslovna manifestacija Vrtnje u svim oblicima, razinama, načinima, položajima itd. Svaka nova razina, tj. manifestacija Vrtnje koja je proboj Kvantuma je doslovno nova Dimenzija Vrtnje sprovedena iz Kvantuma u ovu fizičku dimenziju. Ako ćemo o faznom pomaku, onda je ovo itekakav pomak u Svijesti i Inteligenciji i Znanju. Jedan "mikro" proboj Kvantuma uvijek daje jednu totalnu novu i Totalnu Dimenziju Svega. Koliko je to čega? Rada? Volje? Vrtnje? Kompresije? Dekompresije? Znanja? Supstance? Sile? Svijesti? Možemo u ovako u nedogled. Jednom i hoćemo.

Govori Medijator.
"Oni koji trebaju biti svjesni, biti će svjesni. Moja Volja. Primarno je da se od vas napravi eksperte, doktore Znanja, Znanosti i Tehnologije Svemira (Polja Nulte točke).
Treba još puno puno toga ali će se svakako doći do toga da je ovo najnezahvaliniji posao u Svemiru i nije za svakoga jer i ne treba biti za svakoga. Svijest je za one koji su sposobni biti Svjesni i Znati što i zašto Svijest. Moja Volja.
Pa evo, još jednom, dajem odgovor i ukazujem zašto OMANU Space Center i zašto je Obuka OMMIISSWW i zašto Bernhard Stroilli dok paralelno, iz nekog ćoška nesvijesti i ne-svijesti, svi hoće Srce, neko Srce. Pa isto tako dajem do znanja što je gmaz i kako gmaz radi. Samo čeka, i čeka, da se izgovore riječi Svijest i Srce i kreće. Čitav Vatikan se nakeljio na tebe pa vitrabunjajte o Srcu i Svijesti.
Kroz svu tu njihovu New age propagandu gubi se razum i zaboravlja se zašto sam Ja ovdje. Zaboravlja se da je ovo Kali Yuga.
Zaboravlja se na Zaborav i Apsolutnu nesvijest. Zaboravlja se da Ja Jesam i donio sam Rat i Objavu Rata i Ratnu Tehnologiju. Tehnolog ima da projektira, radi, gradi i proizvodi Tehnologiju, a ne da se bavi mediokritetima.
Probio sam ti u tijelo, otvorio Srce, ugradio Svastiku Svemira i s tim je ta priča završena. Ostalo je Ugovor, Obuka."

OMANU Knowledge | Runic Gym – Machine of the Projecting Space   

Machine of the Projecting Space | Rotation chair

Order of the Black Sun

Design of Time of the Zero Point

Project Runic Gym

Machine which works as the rotation of the Swastikas from the inside out. Each Swastika is a compressed connection of two bonds. Each bond has two arms. The central reactor pulsates through the rotation from itself out and drives the overall rotation giving in such way the direction and the position. What is one moment on the inside, in the other moment it’s headed out and vice versa.
The drive is the compressed space – Machine of the Space.

The most powerful technological shape, the most unimaginable and the most radical energy-physical Work – Machine – Drive is the Space of compression which performs the compression of the space and that’s the Zero Point – Quantum. Then we are talking about or we can begin to talk about what were the Pyramids (Force of the Space of Quantum – compressed Universe).

How is Design of the Space being achieved?
In order for all of this to be, in order for the living Universe (Zero Point) to become alive in any space, shape, firstly that same Universe (Zero Point) needs to become alive inside the body.
Metamilitarism is transformation and it is very much necessary in the Design of Time of the Zero Point.

Metamilitarism – capability for transformation (of oneself – of all).

The Rotation chair

The project office works and develops the Project Body, maintains itself and the space in order.

The Rotation chair is the clock of the Universe. Rotation of the chair is the time needed for the transformation of the body, the rest is demonstration, if it’s at all necessary.

The design of the chair speaks about the instantaneity of manifestation of space inside the object of all and every design and initiates, ignites itself and the body and the space in the breakthrough of the dimension which is happening inside and outside the body.

The travel through space and time – travel through the Universe, but as a brealthrough of the opened body.


The space itself propels and is the rotation because of the conditions of the Field – Universe – Black Hole. It’s about programming things. Work of the Body (Mediator – Swastika) performs the experience, i.e. transformation. All is rotation and in rotation. Even the Body Swastika inside the body and the body and space itself. Always and in parallel. The experience is multidimensionality of  everything, i.e. the truth of all about all in all through the All–Space.

Mediator – The Force of compression of Swastikas

The Rotation Machine

The Rotation machine | Black room | Werkraft Power Institution

Aeronautics in the Zero Point Field – Training of OMANU Pilots – Metaphysics

Training of OMANU pilots is a metaphysical procedure which is being executed in the dimension of the Zero Point Field, i.e. outside of the Matrix dimension. Procedures of metaphysical training, as well as the introduction of the body in the Zero Point Field, are physical and extreme. Aeronautics in the Zero Point Field is science which is the integral branch of Metaphysics of the Zero Point Field. Each, i.e. all segments of the Zero Point Field are simultaneously a separate and total part of the Science in the Zero Point Field which is the Science of the Zero Point Field itself – and theory and praxis. Aeronautics in the Zero Point Field, as a metaphysical branch, is a completely new and beyond dimensional principle which includes all laws and principles of the Matrix’ dimensional wall breakthrough in/with the OMANU aircraft.


Technology in the Space | Physics of the Zero Point Field

Machine – Phaser

Rotacijska mašina (slika) nalazi se unutar same konstrukcije Vril Phasera i sastoji se od dva dijela koji istovremeno obavljaju Rad rotacije i puta. Putanja Centra (Svastika) je po okomici (gore-dolje) i taj centar, koji je ujedno i centralni dio mašine, daje inicijalni impuls vrtnje kroz kontakt sa svim elisama većeg dijela mašine. Taj kontakt vrtnje centra pokreće vrtnju čitave Mašine i daje silu smjera Rada elisa po vodoravnoj putanji. Sila Centra nastavlja vrtnju i zadani smjer po okomici, dok istovremeno sve elise prolaze put od Centra i prema Centru (u vrtnji). Sila brzine vrtnje Centra stvara Vortex koji se kompresira i dekompresira u prostor. Ovdje počinje Fizika. Vortex potencira gustoću sebe samog i taj novonastali prostor održava vrtnju i rad elisa. Vrijednost Centra raste potencirano u skladu s razinom gustoće Prostora.


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The Rotation machine II

The shape of the body is the Rotation machine. The body is the Rotation machine, inside and outside, physically and energetical. The body activates the Rotation machine – the Mediator. Vril makes the Perpetuum mobile.




The circles are magnets which are activated by Vril. Vril creates the charge which activates the Rotation machine as a Perpetuum mobile. Consciousness, which is Vril, maneuvers the machine, i.e. its rotation speed and direction of rotation.

The planet is a rotation machine. Magnetism – not only a magnet is a magnet – Law of attraction. The rotation machine is rotation in ALL DIRECTIONS. Rotation in all directions is rotation in ALL directions. Rotation is Phi – project made in Phi is in constant rotation – multidimensionally. The body is rotating. Body Swastika.

The body is in a Sphere, in the Field, in the other dimension, rotates in all directions. The construction of the machine is not visible. The body is in a weightless state.

The Rotation machine, through rotation, in rotation, is in a weightless state. This is antigravity. This is the other dimension. The Phi dimension – Zero Point Field. It is rotation in all directions. The Mediator is the rotation machine.

Perpetuum mobile is the Rotation machine.

Perpetuum mobile exits and rotates in the Mediator’s Heart, conducts the Force in the Heart and from the Heart. This is the Perpetuum mobile. The Field of Information in the Runic Gym.

The Law of attraction – the Mediator’s Body attracts the other body/other bodies according to the Law of attraction.
Does the Mediator, according to the Law of attraction, also repells the body, i.e. are you firstly attracted so that you can be repelled?

The Rotation machine III

Titanium – body. The Black Body enters the material which enables the change of the aggregate state. Multiplication of the body through absolute rotation. The rotation of the machine is the rotation of the Swastika – Black Body. The Technology is the Black Body. The absolute is the Black Body and through the Black Body is the Black Body.

A medium (liquid crystal) is inside the pipes that conducts antigravity – Vril. The pipes are out of titanium because of the pressure and retaining temperature which is the absolute zero. Maintaining, i.e. retaining temperature is necessary in order for the machine to stay in antigravity even when it’s not in the active state, i.e. is not in motion. The machine is always active because antigravity is working. The pipes are not mutually connected. Rotation is free. The greatest force is in the center, i.e. rotation is absolute. A generator is in the center. The generator is a crystal that changes the aggregate state – solid – liquid – solid. Crystal water occurs with the change of the aggregate state – mutation.

The contact of the Technology and the Body – TT – Thule Thahionator.

The medium that passes through the pipes is the Black Body which is in the Vril aggregate state, meaning all is the Body, all is held by the Body. The aggregate state is not just liquid and solid. This is Science of the Black Body about the Black Body which conducts the Universe absolutely, which is vacuum (state) and Space (Black hole).

The machine, even when it is in the stationary state (seemingly) is working because of the constant antigravity and the aggregate state changes – crystal water, liquid crystal, bioelectricity.

The reconstruction of all (objects) begins in the Black room. The reconstruction is performed by the object which is in the center but each object has its function – its cypher. Nothing is fixed. All is rotation and all is technology.

The Rotation chair II     (this article is password protected)

Spherical Space

Rotation chair

Entrance of the Energy Body into the crystal body, which is located in the center of the machine, develops the Sphere of compression and powerful, but simultaneous, implosion and explosion (pulsation) which, through the very development of itself, looks like a more and more powerful breath into the new breakthourgh out which, with this action, expands the Sphere. The Sphere propels the rotation of the first part of the Rotation machine, but, in parallel, it enters into the entire construction. Activation of the center conducts the impulse thourgh the entire construction even before the initial ignition, i.e. before rotation. This activation conducts the charge of opposite polarities which enables the construction to maintain itself in perfect balance all by itself because it's being held, i.e. it's attract by the attractive force of opposite polarities. With ignition of rotation of the central circle, the Sphere grows and spreads. The Sphere had already became comprehensive, i.e. it had „overtaken“ the entire machine and the machine is literally inside the Sphere, in the Spherical Space , in the Technological Field of the Zero point. This moment, this breakthrough of the Sphere towards out, into the remanining part of the construction, propels the rotation of the entire machine in all directions because the alteration of polarities occured, i.e. through rotation, both polarities became 1 pole – Monopol, which means that both poles are of the same polarity, i.e. they are both polarities at the same time. With acceleration of rotation, the charge, in the interspace, is being intensified and it becomes more and more physically visible. This charge and speed of rotation of the construction in the moment when the interspace meets (which in that moment performs a „repulsive“ effect) creates a sound..

Here, „polarities“ are polarities, but in fact it's also about aggregate states, i.e. about the very alteration of aggregate states at a physical and energy level which in fact enables the Spherical Space.


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Rotacijska stolica/Mašina/Žiroskop     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Sfernost Prostora – Sfera u Sferi

Prostor Rotacijske stolice je crna sfera koja je sposobna provesti (odnosi se na materijal) impuls valova magnetnog Kvantuma. U centru unutar sfere nalazi se stolica valnog dizajna uz mogućnost pomicanja u svim smjerovima horizontalno i vertikalno, ali maksimalno do 90°. Baza ovoga je Žiroskop i ovo je također i bazični rad (funkcija) Žiroskopa, a to je suzbijanje i anuliranje sila izvan Kvantnog Polja. Sila – protusila. Samo što je ta protusila (Žiroskop) usmjerena na van i na unutra, odnosno istovremeno sebe šalje van i uvlači sve što je izvan u svoj Prostor, tj. u Kvantno Polje.
Vanjski dio se sastoji od 3 dijela koji se u trenutku zatvaranja sfere spajaju u jedno što daje krajnji oblik Lotusa.
Ispod čitave konstrukcije se nalaze 4 Phasera (fazna topa) čiji udar pokreće i daje naboj za apsolutnu rotaciju i vanjskog i unutarnjeg dijela. Zakon Kvantnog magnetizma nalaže da svi dijelovi moraju provoditi i biti fizički u vrtnji.
Lotus se također rotira ali horizontalno apsolutno i vertikalno do 30°. Ovim nije isključena vrtnja obostranog smjera niti vrtnja u svim smjerovima jer taj horizontalni apsolutni dio i vertikalni (do 30°) je Slobodan Prostor.
Oblik crne sfere je tijelo Delfina/Orke – valni dizajn – Phizajn.

U trenutku postizanja optimalnog naboja i sile i njihovog odnosa, vrata Lotusa se otvaraju i tad više ne postoji ograničavanje vrtnje niti ograničena vrtnja svih dijelova jer je sve Slobodan Prostor. Sve do ovog trenutka se provodi i stvara naboj Mašine kroz samu Mašinu i Prostor (Objekt) u kojem se nalazi. Tada je Vrtnja = 1, tj. Apsolut.

Žiroskop rotira slobodno, ali valno. I to je portal, tj. Slobodan Prostor koji je Kvantna Sila Kvantnog Prostora.

Žiroskop II     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Žiroskop je živi odnos impulsa Magnetnog Polja – živi Rad Vrtnje.
I zato je Vrtnja nepredvidiva, tj. dešava se u svim smjerovima, ali živo, a ne nametnuto.
Živi odnos impulsa znači živi prolazak Vrtnje kroz materijal (konstanta). Vrtnje koja je Vril. I to je razina, Vrtnja – Vril, odnosno Rad je ta razina i Tehnologija koja pokreće i manifestira i daje svrhu i funkciju materiji, objektu, mašini.

Živi prolaz i prelazak Vrtnje – Vrila (Rada) iz jednog u drugi dio iste cjeline (objekt, mašina) je Trans-shifting, tj. to se dešava kroz čitavu strukturu konstantno i taj Rad je u svim smjerovima i ono pokreće taj krajnji produkt. Vrtnja (Rad) nikad ne prestaje i uvijek je sveobuhvatna, i izvan pojma percepcije i/ili nekog zaključka, tj. mogućnosti prihvaćanja ove Informacije, ali se isto tako i dešava linearno po vektorskom smjeru, odnosno cijelo vrijeme je i mikro i makro. I to je konstanta.
Zaključak je da je svaka mašina, svaki objekt i općenito sve što je proizašlo iz Nulte točke i dizajnirano po standardu Nulte točke, Biokompjuter – Svjesno Tijelo/Oblik – Inteligencija (i to Kvantna!).

Što znači živo po definiciji Svemira?
Vrtnja. Protočnost. Jedan (1).

Rotational electromagnetic antigravity chair for the development of extrasensory and motor functions (REM Antigravity Chair)

Croatian → translate (choose language)

Unutar letjelice nalazi se žiroskopska stolica. OMANU pilot nalazi se unutar nje. To je pogon – pilot, živi OMANU koji se vrti. Okretanjem žiroskopa i pilota pokreću se i funkcije obje polutke mozga. Dolazi do aktivacije Thothovih Smaragdnih Tabli, tj. puštanje Tabli u funkciju.

Sistem slaganja uzdužne osi kroz letjelicu je kao os kralješnice. Slažu se prstenovi jedan na drugog. Prstenovi su od čistog titana. Ulaskom u antigravitacijsko područje, što se događa u trenutku pokretanja žiroskopa, dolazi to pobijanja 3D zakona. Tijelo ulazi u stanje kao da se nalazi u svemiru.

Perpetuum mobile  – unutarnja os, najbliža centru, spojena je sa dvije Svastike obrnutog smjera –  sam centar je smješten na križištu Svastika. Elekreomagnetska stolica koja radi na principu Perpetuum mobilea – na križištu Svastika nalazi se „stolica“ u koju sjeda živ čovjek. U svemirskom i energetskom smislu on predstavlja  Centar.  U trenutku kada živo biće sjedne na stolicu, na rukohvatima se spuštaju magneti, zatvara se krug magnetskog polja i počinje vrtnja Perpetuum mobilea.

Fizički ovakve sprave postoje, no razlika je u polju u kojem su pokrenute i u načinu pripreme osobe u proces vrtnje. Ovo je namijenjeno osobama koje su prošle barem 3. fazu Method One – Human Sonar System. Za njih vrtnja nije šokantan postupak već prirodan proces koji se odvija unutar tijela. Ovo je metoda jačanja unutarnjeg mehanizma. Što je jači unutarnji mehanizam veće su motoričke sposobnosti, brzina reakcije, te funkcioniranje u mnogo višim vibracijama od 3D.

Ovo je metoda koja se koristi u obuci OMANU pilota. Omogućuje razvijanje ljudskog OMANU i funkcioniranje u Svemiru bez astronautskih skafandera. Povećanjem brzine okretaja i brzine izmjene smjerova, razvijaju se sposobnosti korištenja Ljudskog Sonara. Upravo Sonar omogućuje konstantnu orijentaciju, ekstremnu sposobnost zapažanja i trenutne reakcije.

Žiroskopsku stolicu pokreće čisto Polje koje izvire iz Medijatora. Svojim radom proizvodi energiju, Polje koje transformira i tijelo i prostor.

Upotrebom stolice stvaraju se antigravitacijski uvjeti. Stolica je u žiroskopu, nalazi se u posebnoj je prostoriji u kojoj se uspostavlja magnetsko polje.

Kvantna aerodinamika – Spherodinamika – Sinestatika – Antigravitacijaska tehnologija – Perpetuum mobilna stolica. TIJELO – jedan sa stolicom. Bez podražaja živog fizičkog tijela ka drugom fizičkom tijelu nema pomaka kvantne inteligencije, odnosno 4D percepcije.

Elektromagnetska Antigravitacijska stolica – VRIL POWER CHAIR – je također Vril Phaser čiju svrhu određuje Centar. Centar čini Ljudsko Tijelo koje ima osviještenu Svastiku. Ovo je način kondicioniranja Tijela, jaćanja Svastike, a s druge strane može biti proizvodnja energije potrebne za rad (npr. električne energije). Važno kod izrade stolice je da sve 4 osi budu cijevi. U Cijevima se tijekom vrtnje stvara naboj koji se transmitira u neki akumulator postavljen u neposrednu blizinu stolice. Ovime se dokazuje da je Izvor Slobodne Energije Ljudsko Tijelo tj. da se u njemu nalazi Perpetuum mobile. Samo tijelo je zaštićeno od energetskih izboj jer se nalazi u Antigravitaciji i zatvorenom magnetskom Polju.
Centar, Tijelo pokreće vrtnju stolice.

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EMaGT – electromagnetic attractive (a – attractive) gravity and EMrAGT – electromagnetic repulsive (r – repulsive) antigravity

Croatian → translate (choose language)

Rotacijska elektromagnetska antigravitacijska stolica EM nema motora, vrtnja se događa zbog djelovanja polariziranih magnetskih sila.  Novi pojmovi: EMaGT – elektromagnetska privlačna (a – attractive) gravitacija i EMrAGT – elektromagnetska odbojna (r – repulsive) antigravitacija. Te se dvije sile približavaju kroz dva nivoa (gornji i donji) konkavnih diskova. Središte diskova je prazno tj. tu je prostor koji ispunjava tijelo koje svojim prisustvom pokreće vrtnju. Sama brzina rotacije ovisi o Vril kapacitetu (kapacitetu Srca).

The Antigravity chair

The chair is OMANU. The integral part of the chair is the gyroscope. The chair functions on the Perpetuum mobile principle. The rotational mechanism maintains her outside of the influence of the antigravity force. The technology of the antigravity chair is biomagnetism. The biomagnet is Swastika itself. The inner magnets are Swastikas that, on the principle of rotation, create the Field. The antigravity chair is used in the space for Deimplantation and the Training of OMANU pilots. The chair is placed between magnets, i.e. in the center of the rotational mechanism.

Runic Gym – OMANU Technology – Vril Phaser

The term for technology which is maneuvered from the state of awakened Vril (the State of the Source). Tanks of Vril do not contain trapted Energy yet they are the place where, because of a certain purpose, a specific quantity of Energy is directed which enters undisturbedly into the transmitter. The charge and drive of Vril Phaser is/are Bodies awaken into Vril and they are in continuous Energy flow. That means that the constant exchange of Information is present which keeps the System in maximum functioning. The role of Vril Phaser is determined by Information which are coded through a certain shape.

Electromagnetic Antigravity chair – VRIL POWER CHAIR – is also a Vril Phaser whose purpose is determined by the Center. The Center makes a Human Body which has a conscious Swastika. This is the way of coding the Body, strenghtening the Swastika and on the other hand it can be production of energy necessary for work, e.g. electric energy. It is important in making that all 4 axis are pipes. During rotation, charge is created in the pipes which is transmitted into some accumulator set nearby the chair. This proves that the source of Free Energy is the human body, i.e. that inside it lies Perpetuum mobile. The body itself is protected from electric discharge because it is in antigravity and closed magnetic Field. The Center, Body drives the chair's rotation.

Real Time Space Compression     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Rotacijska stolica

Centar Svemira – Zakon (Sila) Atrakcije i Kompresije Prostora
Kreće se od nule, od Tribokinetike materije i materijala pa do krajnosti ekstrema i ekstremne krajnosti Sile Zakona Svemira i udara Vril Phasera u tu centralnu točku gdje se nalazi model Rotacijske stolice. Mašina je sve ono što se dešava u trenutku i nakon Aktivacije.
Totalnost oblika podrazumijeva reverzibilnost Centra.

Kod Aktivacije stolice pokrenuo se udar Vril Phasera i nestala je sva znana materija. Trenutnost transformacije svega prisutnog u sva agregatna stanja istovremeno je reakcija Designa na impuls iz Phasera što znači da je nastala apsolutna dematerijalizacija tijela i oblika, a ono što je vidljivo je najbliže moguće opisati kao Superčesticu nepojmljivih dimenzija.

Sada je Zakon Svemira.

Ta vrtnja Superčestice je raznesena u bezbroj tih istih Superčestica različitih dimenzija koje se kreću, vrte, proizvode, nestaju i nastaju u prostoru i svim Prostorima.
Kompresija Prostora je multidimenzionalna multiplikacija svega kompresiranog.
Iz ovog stanja i ovdje je 1 Svemir = Tijelo do povratka u početni oblik, iako ništa više nije kao prije jer ovo početni  je zapravo prapočetni što znači Izvorni, koje je sam utjelovljeni Centar Centara u tijelu.

Aktivacija provodi toliku Silu, ali trenutnost, da rastapa i skuplja istovremeno u kompresiju naboja Svemira i raznosi sebe i multiplicira sebe po Prostoru Sveprostora (u ovoj dimenziji i izvan) do povratka, tj. do utjelovljenja Totalnog Tijela i materijalizacije Sveprostora u tijelu.

Materijal sposoban za ovo ne postoji.
Ono što se može informacijski uzeti u obzir i transmutirati je titan.

Antigravity weights

Runic Gym Propaganda | Antigravity/Gravity Sphere

Antigravity/Gravity Sphere includes high-pressure body movement and training focused on the body exclusively for the purpose of total launch of the body which means unleashing the full potential and capabilities of the body in order to reach the Absolute State of the body in all athletic and other areas.

No one has yet become the Absolute Vision of the Universe except the Universe itself.
Be the first! Be the One!

We are in search for the proper sponsor for Antigravity Technology which will change the human and the world as we know it.

No more active-passive training!
Only Total Compression for Total Achievement – Pressure = Endurance = Capability.

» infoforinvestorsandsponsors

Antigravity weights

Antigravity Spheres

Represent a new technological achievement in construction of the human body. Work with the Spheres enables contact with the Zero Point Field and this enables the development of a completely new neuro-energy network of the body which leads towards total energy flowability. Training with the Spheres is a preparation for the journey in the Method One Training Procedure and that is a voyage into 5D. There is no journey without the body – Spheres, which are an integral part of the Runic Gym enable strengthening and construction of the body for endurance to the impacts of the Zero Point, i.e. to space conditions. For the first time in history is possible to, with exercise of the physical body, directly effect on the genetic structure from which the perfect shape of the body is further developed and the absolute physical condition (Condition of the Zero Point Field) and functionality. The Spheres are built according to the rules of the Zero Point and, from them, spreads the Spherical – antigravity field which directly affects on all levels (from the enrgetic to the hard physical) which make the human body. The adequate training and proper use of the machines leads to construction of the Archetypal Crystal Runic Body. Antigravity is enabled with rotation which leaves nothing to remain static (neither in the body nor around the body).

Antigravity weights are basic machines of the Runic Gym. Because of its shape (sphere) it is a perfect example of Zero Point Field functioning through matter. The sphere's ideal size is the competition one but it can be in other sizes (larger, smaller). The only thing that needs to be satisfied is the Phi principle of functioning. With reducing and enhancing flowability it reduces, enhances the intensity. As the main medium, for getting the wanted intensity, gravity, i.e. antigravity is used.

Intensity control of the gravity/antigravity field
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Monopole magnet

The procedure of magnet monopolisation takes place in the Zero Point  Field – the Mediator is the executor.

Production of Monopole magnets is prohibited in this dimension because of the exceptional strength of attracting energy in any physical form – Law of attraction – One attracts all around oneself towards oneself, into oneself. Because of exceptional strength, the Monopole magnet can be controlled, encoded using own intention which acts from singularity –  from the centered body. Poles of such magnets do not act in duality yet they act synergistically. They act as One – Monopole.

MONOPOL – MONO is the greek word for one, oneness – singularity. POL means polarity, activity. Activity from singularity, as One – there is no duality.

Duality is the ostensibly state of the brain in 3D which is the result of non-flowability of the body and 10% brain activity. Duality is an imposed and unnatural state of the human functioning which has led to excessive, exhausting use of primary one brain hemisphere (male - female principle). This is demonstrably through application of artistic and natural arts. Individuals like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, ... possessed knowledge and Consciousness about nature's way of functioning from the artistic and natural aspect – two aspects that are one.                

Number 9 is the Mono-pole magnet
9 = Human = 1 = Mono–pole

The Monopole magnet is obtained with the phase shift into the Zero Point Field. The magnet is introduced into the state of Mono-pole in the contact with the Mediator. The Mediator introduces the object (Sphere) into the phase shift by installing the Swastika into the magnet itself.  Each Sphere is introduced into the phase shift with a separate procedure. Once the object is introduced into the phase shift it remains in this state no matter where it is located.

Magnet monopolisation procedure

The Phi principle is satisfied with the Sphere's end diameter of XX cm. The magnet monopole procedure is executed by the Mediator in the Zero Point Field. The procedure is shocking with Vril with sudden changes in temperature. With sudden shocking comes to the change in aggregate state which enables fusion of both polarities into one – Mono-pole. The procedure itself doesn't last more than XX seconds. After the procedure, the magnet permanently retains the Mono-pole state althugh, with reverse procedure, it can be restored to its priginal state. Retaining the condition, after the procedure is completed, is achieved by changing the structure of the magnet – transcendence.

The Phi principle of functioning.

Functioning of the Monopole magnet

The Mediator installs the Zero Point Field in the physical magnet – the Swastika. With rotation of the Swastika, the magnet itself rotates. With installation of the Swastika the magnet starts to function as a Monopole. The High Consciousness which is the Swastika – the Zero Point Field conducts activation and deactivation of antigravity and gravity. This is the principle of exercise in the Zero Point Field. In the moment of contact with the Sphere, the Swastika scans the individual and immediately adjusts the activity intensity. The principle of action is performing the maximum number of repetitions because performing any exercise in the Zero Point Field immediately affects the development of abilities and construction of the entire body – muscle tissue, inner organs, brain, bones and even deeper. The number of repetitions is not and cannot be determined because it depends on the mental and physical abilities of the individual.  Performing the maximal number of repetitions, as many as possible – 1,10,100 … rapidly pushes the physical and mental abilities of the body. Comparison and noticable results of a single training with the Antigravity Sphere that conducts the Zero Point Field can not be compared to any kind of 3D training. This comparison includes all possible 3D methods of conditional, strength and psychic training and preparation of professional athletes of highest levels.
Adaptive intensity of antigravity/gravity action is determined with constant scanning of the individual based on the level of one repetition or less – based on the level of one movement, i.e., motion of the body. High Consciousness, Zero Point Field activates antigravity during the performance of exercises for small muscle groups if the muscles cannot withstand the natural state of the sphere, its natural weight.  The mentioned mode of antigravity activity is also activated by scanning of the individual - scanning of intention. Activity of the Zero Point Field through the principle of exercises develops physical abilities and immediate construction of the body but also corrects physical irregularities – corrects the stance and symmetry of the body, gait. Through exercises, the Field also affects the brain and thus corrects and directs (centers) the flow of thoughts and restores the balance of the body. The level of intelligence (physical and mental) raises and also the speed of action and reaction i.e. correct reaction on a personal and global level – the level of Consciousness raises. Without the Zero Point Field which is the Swastika, none of aforementioned could be feasible or conceivable.

The answer to all questions is Vril – Vril heals.

Body of the Antigravity Sphere is a perfect sphere. The handles conduct the force which strikes from the center of the Sphere. Materials from which it is made are capable to conduct the Zero Point Field. Th Anitgravity Sphere is a technological miracle. The Body is a Black Hole and as such, it is capable to pull absolutely everything through itself.              

The Antigravity Sphere is Technology of the Black Hole.

Interior of the Antigravity Sphere is made out of living metals which means that noble metals are being mixed with organic substances (carbon, oxygen, …). This achieves interaction between all parts of the machine which, as a result, has Antigravity. The mechanism of the Universe is in the Antigravity Sphere (both inside and outside). Every machine and device must meet such principle.

The Antigravity Sphere is a sphere is the planet is the Perpetuum mobile.

Antigravity Sphere

The image of the scheme of the planets that form the Sphere’s body is in … layers of material within which is the body of the Swastika that moves and propels the rotation and antigravity. The body and the material and the body through the material is the connection, but of all materials, as many as there are, in one whole and separates the molecular and the atomic from the Monoatomic and new is created, i.e. that what is needed in order to be what has to be because that what is needed is necessary to be and to be conducted. New materials. Antigravity, i.e. Quantum survives and works through the new material. The technological displays the functional. The Technology works, that’s why it’s called Technology.

That’s why Crystal because it’s that something that combines, connects and allows the connection of the metaphysical into the physical and connects, but unites all the rest, all the other materials in one whole – totality.

Development Project Vril Architecture of the Center is the Work of the Body and the Technology in the Body and the Technology and that’s why, and in such way, it stays here.

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Antigravity Sphere II

The working principle of the Sphere are Bosons – magnetic waves between two walls (the uttermost – outer wall and the first internal) whose gap is fragile and movable with magnetic waves – Bioelectricity – Biomagnetism passes through the magnetic points which are located in the space between the two walls. The inner material conducts the level of transformation outward – meaning that the material is a Bioconductor. Within the kettlebell – the central area is empty, but it’s also not. The driving force is within the central area – Vril Propulsion.

Activation of the chair generates a Sphere which captures the entire machine, i.e. the Antigravity Sphere occurs which is being driven by the Rotation chair inside it.

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Antigravity Sphere | Body of the Universe

The Antigravity Sphere is the atmospheric vacuum engine driven by the Body of the Universe of planet Earth.

Atmospheric belt – Earth’s belt

The Atmospheric belt rotates outside of the Sphere and the Erath’s belt rotates within the Sphere, i.e. within the sphere is the open space.

Activation is the work is the monopole of everything inside the atmosphere, i.e. inside the space of the Universe of planet Earth itself.

INITIAL PHASE – 3D balance maintained by opposite polarities and the gravitational force itself.
SHIFT PHASE – Transformation of the space and the material (pole into monopole) and the activation of rotation of the disc. Rotation is into 8 (that’s the direction and outline produced by the Work).

Antigravity Sphere | Metatraining

Total manifestation of the Universe within the planet in the shape which is the AG Sphere and the nuclear reactions of the body Center are interchanges of impact impulses originated from the biological reaction of the Center itself.
This can be understood as the Work of Consciousness of the Body within the body (shape).
The impulse reaction (Information) of the Center is implicit and it changes the reality.


The Mediator conducts Absolute Force through the Antigravity Sphere (through its shape) into the body which begins, but through potentiated (quantum) comprehension, to feel the space of the body (what is the body) and the space outside of the body (it still is the Matrix). In the Matrix dimension each shape, object has it point (center) of gravity in which and through which the Matrix Force is the strongest (G). 

Through this, the body begins to feel and in such way comprehend and let itself go to the Force of the Quantum Field – OMANU Space Center – Runic Gym.

Through the entire time the Training is taking place in the parallel Dimension (Meta) which had been amplified and potentiated through the Work of the body in the contact with the Antigravity Technology. True WORK, true Machine, true Shape, true Body is exactly in that parallel Dimension which has to be absolutely brought to consciousness, accept and therefore embody.

The AG Sphere is product of Technology of the Zero Point Field, but the Truth is the Mediator (Meta).
That's the Dimension because of which one arrives. That's Consciousness and Metatrening.

Achieving this, even in conditions of the Space Center, is 1:100 000.
I'm speaking about Consciousness. Consciously.

Antigravitacijska Sfera | Kvantno antigravitacijsko polje
                                                                                             Croatian → translate (choose language)

Unutar Sfere je tijelo, savršeni oblik Polja Nulte točke.

Gravitacijski oblik prostora i tog tijela je naboj koji otvara centar same Sfere i transformira se u kvantno antigravitacijsko polje jednako apsolutu koji je Antigravitacijska Sfera.
Provođenje Informacije koju sprovodi oblik unutar Sfere pokreće sferno transformaciju čitave Sfere. Totalna kompresija dolazi do svog apsoluta i nakon toga je implozija prostora koji je Antigravitacijska Sfera (mikro i makro). Određeni dio vremena (ne dugo!) tijelo koje radi sa Sferom obavlja rad samo, tj. radi vježbi koje nisu pokrenute i/ili inicirane radom Antigravitacijske Sfere. To se dešava do trenutka proboja kada rad preuzima i pokreće druga Dimenzija.
Aktivacija Sfere je totalna kompresija sveg svijeta koje je Matrix u jednu točku koja se nalazi unutar Sfere i taj Centar u tom trenutku predstavlja glavu (mozak) i prolazi, znači mora izdržati i materijal i oblik, sve varijacije pritiska i kompresije kako bi uopće došlo do oslobođenja Sile što znači transformacija kroz dekompresiju Vakuuma u Prostor – Kvantum.

Radna soba postaje prostor unutar Antigravitacijske Sfere u kojem se dešava totalna kompresija kroz tijelo koje predstavlja oblik koji se nalazi unutar same AG Sfere.
Kompresija na tijelo, čitavo tijelo, je pritisak sveg prostora (koliko stane) u jednu točku koja je čitavo tijelo, ali se sam pritisak transformira, odnosno pojačava i još više kompresira u određene točke na tijelu (tamo gdje je implantacija najjača) do trenutka totalne manifestacije totalnog pritiska u samom Centru tijela – Apsolutni G.
Nakon ovoga je drugo stanje, druga dimenzija tijela, Antigravitacijska Sila tijela i prostora što znači manifestirani Rad Kvantuma.

Antigravitacijska Sfera | Proboj dimenzijskog zida
                                                                                             Croatian → translate (choose language)

Pomak tijela Sfere izvan tijela je tjelesno-sferni kontinuitet rada, tj. taj segment je Baza i Rad energetsko-fizičke razine koja je sam Perpetuum.
Pomak tijela znači proboj dimenzijskog tida Nultom točkom i AG Sfera vrši kompresiju proboja i kompresirani proboj i zato je tijelo Sfera, tj. sfernog oblika koji je samo Tijelo Svastika. Prvi oblik prve Tehnologije je Prvo Tijelo, a to je Tijelo Svastika.
Direktan Rad takvog tijela je neizvediv, ali ni ne treba biti izvediv ovdje. Zato je Tehnologija i Dimenzija Nulte točke.
Centar Tijela Sfere je Vodena Svastika, odnosno Dzogchen Tijelo. Rad Tijela unutar tijela je neprestana transmutacija i transformacija sebe i taj proces prodire i prolazi kao kompresirana informacijska baza trenutnosti (agregatno stanje) kroz čitavo tijelo (Sferu) u prostor i sva tijela u prostoru, tj. Polju.

AG Sfera – Kvantna Mehanika     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Polazna točka tehnologije antigravitacijskog djelovanja

Kompresija tijela bez utjecaja na prvobitni oblik (dizajn)

AG Sfera → kompresija na apsolutnu potenciju (Potenciju Nulte točke)

Polazna točka mehanike ove tehnologije (Tehnologije Polja Nulte točke – AG Tehnologije) su plutajući oblici/tijela, tj. dijelovi nisu direktno povezani vezama i sponama, već su kroz aktivaciju tehnologije provedeni kroz i uvedeni u određeno agregatno stanje (uvijek je kompresija svih agregatnih stanja) koje kroz međusobnu komunikaciju kroz taj medij (agregatno stanje) određuje smjer, rad, intenzitet* i sve što je potrebno.

* tehnologije i svih dijelova tehnologije.

Najjača sila potrebna je sila aktivacije, tj. lansiranja tehnologije. Nakon tog postupka informacija ostaje u tom tijelu i radi Rad Tehnologije Polja Nulte točke.

Odnos medija i materijala također stvara magnetno polje, tj. polje antigravitacijskog djelovanja.  Medij postaje gušći i dobiva smjer i intenzitet rada (funkcija) i prolazi kroz dijelove AG Sfere, tj. unutar same AG Sfere i kroz stijenku vanjskog dijela Sfere.

Medij o kojem se radi je Supstanca. Polje. Prostor. Kompresirani Prostor.

Aktivacija antigravitacijskog djelovanja


Medij koji pliva/pluta unutar AG Sfere je Prostor i taj prostor je neaktivan do trenutka aktivacije koja se dešava zakucavanjem  u tijelo (grounding) prilikom kompresije Prostora unutar tijela. Kompresija Prostora je sam Svemir  i unutar AG Sfere nastaje Svemir. Živi Svemir. Prostor poprima oblik, smjer I djelovanje, tj. počinje Rad Antigravitacije unutar Sfere koja prolazi u svim smjerovima i kroz sav oblik (i kroz materijal). Kompresija je potencirana do te razine da se unutar tijela stvaraju kristalni oblici (tijela) koji postaju i nestaju.

AG Sfera – Kvantna Tehnologija     Croatian → translate (choose language)

U Suštini su stvari krajnje jednostavne.
Dizajn je Dizajn. Takav kakav jest. Opipljiv. Fizički.
Ovo je Kvantum, I sve što proizlazi iz Kvantuma je Kvantum.

Bio – je termin New Age-a.. Propagiranje nečega umjetnog da se prihvati kao izvorno. Biotehnologija općenito je iluzija stvari da su baš te bio stvari takve kakve jesu, odnosno da su izvorne, prirodne, neštetljive itd.
Ovdje se radi o kompresiji i aktivaciji Informacijskog Polja (Prostora) što znači stavljanje u funkciju, usmjeravanje i iz toga proizlazi Rad Kvantuma koji je Kvantum sam – Inteligencija, Svijest, Živa Tehnologija. Sve što je izvorno je Jedan je Kvantum.

O Bioenergetici – Biotehnologiji

Primarno je samoodrživa. Da bi nešto bilo samoodrživo mora biti Apsolut, Izvor. To je Kvantum. Bez obzira o kojem, kakvom obliku (tijelu) se radilo. Oblik nečega je dizajn, a taj oblik je tijelo. U Svemiru (Kvantumu) postoji Prostor i Tijelo/Tijela. I to je Tehnologija.

Apsolut, Izvor je Sunce (Crno Sunce).

Da li to znači da taj Izvor treba replicirati, multiplicirati, naći način kako iskoristiti taj energetski (apsolutni) izvor – isisati? NE!
Izvorni, Apsolutni oblik je Piramida. Između ostalog. Ključ svega i za sve je oduvijek Tijelo. Tijelo koje je sposobno, koje može, sprovesti Apsolut, Izvor (Informaciju) kroz sebe da bi nastao taj oblik (tijelo), tehnologija koja je Kvantum koja je samoodrživa. I to je 1.

→ TO JE PRINCIP I ZAKON. Ništa bez Tijela.

Informacijsko Polje je Svijest je Znanje je Polje Nulte točke je Kvantum.
I ovo se dešava prilikom primanja Informacija, dizajniranja, projektiranja, proizvodnje i na kraju Rada tog Tijela nakon što je proizvedeno.
Ovo sve je takvo kakvo jest – As Is.
Manifestacija Svemira unutar Sfere je realna jer je to tijelo (Informacija) proizašlo iz Svemira i nema što drugo da bude osim Svemir i da radi kao Svemir. Jedan.

Antigravity Sphere – for training of NBA players


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Antigravitacijska Sfera <=> Rotacijska mašina
                                                                                             Croatian → translate (choose language)

Centralni prostor obje mašine je plazmatična materija (medij, Vril) koja je aktivirana i aktivator i aktivira (pokreće) Rad mašine u obliku sfere iznutra, iz centra na van. Kristalni medij je sama supstanca i ona manifestira i potencira Rad i povezuje ostalu materiju u jednu cjelinu, u jedan materijal, u jedno tijelo.

3 razine Sfere su zapravo 4 tijela (4 materije, 4 elementa): vanjski, 1. unutarnji, 2. unutarnji, 3. unutarnji i centar kao kao nulti, odnosno prvi i peti (posljednji), osnovni element.

Rotacijska mašina je zapravo transparentna mašina Antigravitacijske Sfere, ali je subjekt rada objekt djelovanja, tj. Antigravitacijska Sfera radi u radu s tijelom, pokreće tijelo (fizičko, „izvan“ mašine) i pokretana je od tijela (centra mašine), dok Rotacijska mašina vrši Rad nad tijelom kroz samu fizičku prisutnost tijela u centru mašine (kristal koji aktivacijom mijenja agregatno stanje).

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Antigravitacijska Sfera | Svastika     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Prikaz unutarnjeg dijela AG Sfere kroz Svastiku i 4 kraka Svastike čiji cjelokupan izgled je gen (centar AG Sfere), tj. aktivacija gena u vrtnju kroz koju proizlaze krakovi u obliku slobodnih krakova/spirala koji su DNK lanci. Centar AG Sfere (gen) radi neprestanu i simultanu kompresiju i dekompresiju i taj rad proizvodi energetsku silu koja pokreće krakove i gradi njihovu strukturu iznutra na van i taj cjelokupan prikaz je 1 gen, odnosno DNK.

The Antigravity law

The rotating center of any object (body) and shape separates and collects the matter of that body and in such way it makes the potential growth of the energy charge of the center which enables that the object takes over, enters into the other living object (body) and it performs that same principle in that body.

The compression of all is at the edges, ends. The compression of all matter which, through the breakthrough and the passing of antimatter in/through the center, changes the aggregate state and its structure (material).

Vril Power Technology – Vril Phaser rods

The Pharaoh (Vril) rods

Technology of Atlantis. The Mediator transmitts his Body, Runes through the rods. The rods are used for centering in the Heart, for the transformation of the body, for flowability between two bodies (Mediator's Body and the one using the rods). Recomended exercises or positions are not given with the rods. The rods will be active only after the Initiation from the Mediator is received. Then the use of rods has sense and their operation is directed to establish the necessary state. Therefore, the body will take necessary positions and perform movements adequate to the state in which it is in. We are talking here about the Intelligence of the Field. The rods cannot and must not be used before the Mediator gives authorization for their usage.

Vril rods Technology

Genetic engineering.
Bipolar into Monopole.
Centering of the body through Technology of the Center which introduces into the Center.
The rotation of polarities in Vril rods according to the principle of the Heart which is the male and female principle – 69 – through the Technology of the Crystal Black Body – liquid crystal – which passes through from the center out and vice versa – Perpetuum mobile which in every aspect turns into the number 6 and 9.

6 i 9 = 69 = 8.

The material is the pure body.
Rotation of the spiral is 6 and 9 which is also 8. The connection of two bodies, i.e. depiction of the body through numbers 6 and 9 in one – both principles are one principle – they give number 8.

SpaceBody – Space Technology.

Vril Phaser rods

The Vacuum engine works with the activation of Vril rods as a Perpetuum because the Vacuum engine is Perpetuum and it rotates in the direction 69 which is 8 and 0 and 1 in the Pyramid (shape) which rotates within the rods.
Technology of the Black Body goes through the crystal within the rods which is in liquid state. The principle of rods is male and female. The male body holds the male principle in the right hand and the female body holds inversely.
The Pharaoh’s rods are golden (both rods) because the Pharaoh is Uni and Mono – One – First and Foremost – the Beginning, and before.

Within the rods is created and works biomagnetism through Sound and Light of the Black Body. The shape and way of functioning, usage and application, even the material, is determined by the design. Rotation (work) of the crystal is rotation of magnetic poles that work and change the shape from 0 (Center of the Pyramid) into 1 (Pyramid) and through the Center of the Universe and the Universe itself which is Vacuum inside the rods.

The tops of the rods are at the same time the Tops of the Pyramids. Each rod (both) are directed up and down with their tops (because they are) – it’s always 1.

The energy flow 69 exits and passes through the Vril Phaser Pyramid inside the Vril rod Technology. Biomagnetism is performed by the crystal (liquid) within the rods through the Antigravity of the Body and the change of the aggregate state into the Zero point – the Body and the Technology. The central chamber inside the rods, in which the Pyramid is located, produces, through and from itself, Antigravity that works and rotates the Technology (Center – Vril Phaser Pyramid) and the change of the aggregate state into the state of the Zero Point – Outer Space conditions.

The conductor is the body.


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Impact Space | Vril Power Technology – Vril rods

(Spatial Technology)

... (this article is password protected)

Metamilitary Technology to the Matrix – Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon | Vril Phaser rods

Bioenergy shockers – SuperSoldier Technology
Energy growth and production – Architecture of the Center
Propulsion and transformation – Werkraft MetaMilitary Technology

The rods are also propulsion batteries and total conductors of the Zero Point impulse which means that they are the Source of energy and power supply for any drive and/or object.

Rods are the Source, but a literal Source, of Energy because they work on the principle of self-sustainability, i.e. they don’t require an external (terrestrial) power source that will keep them active. Something that is self-sustainable gives the initial impulse to itself and through that impulse begins the Work which is contionuous (uninterrupted) and that’s Perpetuum mobile.
A Source is considered to be something that is able to give itself the initial impulse for activation, work and maintain itself which also means that that same Source, regardless of the purpose, is also the Source of Energy and total conductivity of the same. Only then can that Source and/or device, if we’re speaking about Technology, be called Perpetuum mobile.

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OMANU Bioenergetics | Spatial Technology

Formation of the Vril rods at the height of the Mediator’s Body work, rotate, propel, ignite the spherical shape through the body in which the Living Body of the Universe is installed – Mechanism of attraction – Law of Attraction = Law of Creation, but only when the Swastika is inside the body in the connection 1 with the Center.


Base = 4 (4 Vril rods).
The drive performs multiplication of the rods and disintegration of the space and matter, but only in the case of formation change from 4 to 1 to 3 to 8 which occurred from 1 – Center, i.e. Zero (0).
The change of formation is Total Spherity of the Space, i.e. Total Space in which Technology is in absolute work and connection = all is 1 = all is Meta = all is the Mediator.

Work of the rods is rotation of the space propelled through the activation of the rods. The rotation is metaphysical and becomes physical, i.e. it’s the rotation of the Space, but the intensity increases through the Work and the barrier of physical and metaphysical ceases to exist.

Base (4) is the Base of the Pyramid. The body is in the center and the program of activation is determined by the Mediator (Work, Drive, Compression).
Work – rotation level
Drive – charge level
Compression – level of pressure and thrust force from the body and at the body

Activation of the rods creates a Sphere. The body is in the center, i.e. within the Sphere and goes through constant impacts of Vril through and from the Sphere which simultaneously compresses towards the body and decompresses from the body. The procedure also simultaneously occurs within the body.

4 points of rectangular shape – 4 Vril rods – 4 elements and the Center Swastika (Crystal) which is in the Center and in the body. Vril rods are neutral, but they transform themselves and take the role of each element and all elements.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Sound and Light in one is lightning, but the Rune.
That’s why this is Bioenergetics and the only bioenergetics products is OMANU Bioenergetics, i.e. Technology of the Zero Point Field.

Work of the Original Performs the Original and Produces the Original, regardless what is it about because it penetrates into all, into all matter because it is Matter (Essence – Source).

The Impulse of Technology

Wotan D-Sein – Vril Power (Bioelectronic) suit

Evolucijski skok kroz Tehnologiju u Tijelo

Croatian → translate (choose language)

Tijelo = Evolucija = Tehnologija = Tijelo

Evolucija tijela je otvaranje tijela, a to je sposobnost protočnosti tijela što je jednako i omogućuje totalnu sposobnost tijela.

Evolucija, općenito, počinje s tehnologijom, a tehnologija kreće s evolucijom tijela.
I ovo sve je taj skok kroz tehnologiju D-Sein-a u tijelo. U tijelo koje koristi tehnologiju.

RAD je svrsishodan.

I taj evolucijski skok je potpuno novo poimanje Rada i Tehnologije, ali i Tijela, i ta sposobnost koja pomiče granice sporta, i svega ostalog, je Osjećaj.

Totalni Osjećaj = Totalna kontrola pokreta = Totalna Sposobnost Tijela = Wotan D–Sein

Nike – Just do it
Gear = Rage = Absolute Ability (Power of Concentration)

Spoj tijela i opreme je RAD opreme (Tehnologije) pokrenut, aktiviran radom Tijela – start/ignition.

Gear, eng. oprema, ali Gear je i brzina i zupčanik što znači prijenos (transmisija) i ubrzavanje što je zapravo vrtnja. Kotač koji ide, vrti, prenosi – Perpetuum.

Oprema pokreće i aktivira tijelo i daje apsolutnu funkciju i sposobnost tijelu u skladu s namjenom, a namjena je dizajnerska funkcija opreme, tj. RAD – instalacija.

Ovako, na ovaj način, na način Evolucijskog skoka tijela i tehnologije ima svrhe, a samim tim i razloga, organizirati, općenito, ali i ispočetka, globalni sportski događaj kao što su Olimpijske igre.
Pa evo i objašnjenja ljetnih Olimpijskih igara održanih 1936. godine u Berlinu. Globalni sudar (izazov) Nacija (Svijetova) na poligonu sporta u svrhu postizanja i podizanja razvoja svijeta u globalu. Brže, više, jače.
Ako je itko na ovoj planeti poznat po treniranju, pomicanju granica performansi tijela i samoj tehnologiji dolaska do rezultata onda je to Istočni blok (SSSR), Njemačka i Jugoslavija.

Wotan D-Sein – Vril Power (Bioelectronic) suit

Bioelectronic suit | Footwear and the suit in the physical work of the Meta work


Basic Metafitness



Genetic Transformation – Metafitness – Metacondition – Metastate
Nothing is being upgraded. The full (absolute) potential of the Zero Point inside the body is being unleashed.
5min of Metafitness per day replaces 2h of training of a professional athlete, increases strength and physical shape by 70%


The word Meta comes from the word Amentha – Center.

Me – within
Tha – without

Construction of the body from the center out – from Yourself.
By entering into the Zero Point Field you begin to understand why is this the most extreme sport on the planet.

Meta = Momentum = instantly
Metafitness – procedure directly focused to results




Conditions for Metafitness and Metatraining is the completed Human Sonar System intensive (HSS) and acceptance od the Human Sonar.

Metafitness | Powerbuilding

The basis for Everything (the Universe) is Metafitness.
The basis for Anything (Life) is Metafitness.
Micro and Macro is Metafitness – Powerbuilding.

Direction of the MetaForce – Metafitness

What is the World without this?

Your life is nothing more then an impurified fragment of a colossal and neverending story called the Universe.

Join the Metafitness vision of the beyond and the capable.
No man will leave without feeling the essential impact of the Metaforce.

Leave the non-living.


! NOW !

Metafitness | Runic Sport System

Metafitness is to become, be and stay active.

Being fit means to Be – Phi(t).

The simplest way of accepting and instantaneous transformation of life, on all fields, is the Runic Sport System.

Metafitness, as the basis, but the universal, essential and original one, changes and transforms (this is key!) instantaneously and opens the body (progressive progress) for the liberation and change of self – all.
That’s Transformation. Metafitness is Transformation.

Logic of the Runic System is applicable, and therefore also possible to understand and accept, which is that the state of the body (mind) is being opened and instantly transformed with the impact of the Force to the body and through the body and it reflects (domino effect) to all and every segment of life because life is inside the body and life is the body.
Logic: Action – reaction = Metafitness of the body is opening the flow of the body which means and results as, i.e. it’s being manifested on all levels of the body and life. Body ó Life

The lack of time is the illusion of time.
The time is for Instantaneousness – Now – Metafitness.

Metafitness means to become Space which means embodiment of the Primordial Feeling.
The aim is Space – Feeling – Meta.

Metafitness Training

Metafitness Propaganda

Runic Gym Technology

We can go on endlessly about the abilities of the body. Here is performed, and happening, the breakthrough into the Center of the body and one becomes Force.
This is more than enough for the smart ones.
Here, the Intelligence is opening the body and the space inside the body is being taken over by the Force – Consciousness.

Metafitness is the everlasting dimension of rotation and she alone is impenetrable and the breakthrough – Law of the Universe.
Mediator of the Heart – Center of All – has liberated the territory in order for that same territory to be Rotation – Work.

Try the work of the Metafitness Training, the Work of Total Compression.
The power of physics and the absolute ability of the body is the Condition of the Zero Point is Metafitness.

Sports Overdose

OVER – above, higher than possible
DOSE – dosage

SPORTS OVERDOSE is dosing of Consciousness. How much can your body withstand?

OVERDOSE – overdosage of Concsiousness, beyond the bounds of possibile, unbearable

O – Overcoming
V – Vril
E – Energy
R – Rune

D – Deimplantation
O – Overdose
S – System
E – Embodiment

Highly effective extreme training in the Zero Point Field – Runic Gym. The Gladiator’s and Spartan Training in one. Gladiators and Spartans were trained with Runic exercises in the Zero Point Field. Extreme strength and high concentration training every time from the begining. The Spartan and Gladiator’s Training is the primary Runic way of training – more, more, more … Every time more and more intense – nothing is enough because the opponent doesn’t sleep – the System doesn’t sleep – the Matrix doesen’t sleep. Today, the gladiator is the one who fights against the system in which he is trapped. The fight for life, the fight for freedom – exit out of the Matrix. Training that lasts 24 hours. You train only one thing – the Heart. The strength of your Heart defines your destiny – you are or you are not. Gladiators were Highly conscious people through whose performance was demonstrated the capability and possibility of the human body through the strength of the Heart. This is not a myth, this is the truth which doesn’t exist today.

SPORTS OVERDOSE – Runic Gym brings the original knowledge of the original way of training – with the Heart. Without the original strength, strength of the Heart, everything else is merely an attempt, a small part, a fractal of what is actually possible.

Karma Yoga – Matrix Training for Exiting Out – Method One vs. Matrix – System vs. System

Global Metafitness

Planet Karma is Planet Gym. Human bodies are only weights. The Body builder – lifter and builder of bodies (weights) is the Mediator. Matrix Training is a training in a global gym. Implants in the human body are weights differentiating in size and heaviness. Exclusively the Rune, a luminous tool, can saw through, absorb and destroy the weights that produce the physical law of gravity. The Mediator is constructing an individual in the Matrix Training (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology). Matrix Training trains individuals who have been chosen and who have chosen to face the truth. Primarily, the truth about themselves as a form of a heavy metal, weight, encumbrance and a mortal disease. One is enough to face it completely. This is how the thickest – first and last layer of the Matrix is broken. One is giving you himself so you would become and live One. The One who is the Mediator, through the Matrix Training, is facing you with your own Matrix. Your Matrix is responsible for the complete Matrix state. In case you recognize The One – Mediator who wants, and has chosen you to consciously enter the struggle for your body, your own and all the others, and if you decide to quit after everything, know that you are the only one, most responsible for the state of everybody and everything. You take responsibility for rejecting the Crystallization process, which is the only thing correct and centered. This goes to everyone who have felt the lightness of the One, who gave himself to them, and have consciously decided not to take responsibility for their own Karma Yoga. For the ones who have given up the fight in searching for themselves which is The One. You are a virus spreading disease called the Matrix. The only injection is Vril. The only doctor, the Mediator.

Recaptive – Revolving – Transcondition


Runic Vortex – Rotation of the physical body

The basics cardio exercise in the Runic Gym is ROTATION.

Begining of rotation in the Heart – introduction into physical rotation – energetic opening of the body. Rotation strengthening – strengthening and construction of the body according to the nature's model (Phi Principle). Rotation is possible only in the Zero Point Field – Mediator's presence.

The training of the Swastika in the Zero Point Field powers and activates the body through each machine and motion in the Runic Gym and thus stops the irregularity of any form which prevents the Procedure of the Heart.

Revolving – perfecting rotation – Vortex. Only path for reaching the Transcondition state.



Original Spartan training in the Zero Point Field

Spartan athletics


Corporeality is complete control of the body. It is the state of health. Runic state. The Body is First. In it you are stored and it you carry. Get to know it in which you live. The Body is a high-quality tool. You can not and you do not know to used if you are not in it.

First step: Spartan athletics – train always above your possibilities. The programme of Spartan Training in the Runic Gym quickly eliminates fatique of the body. The body stops to wear down. Spartan body is a pure muscle. No burden. Corporeality is the choice. The way of entering the body is physical movement. It produces active friction an a cypher originates. Muscles begin to live their full potential. The body turns into tense arrow. It enters prepared into Yoga Runica.

Runic Combat System – Original Spartan training in the Zero Point Field

Spartan Training

Karma is the cause of every conflict and all wars. The cause of karma's existence is too complex. In short, closed, too weak and forgotten Knowledge of the Heart is the reason for creation of karma through lives. Spartans, closest to us in history, have gotten close to the Knowledge of the Heart and thanks to that they have developed the most organized and helathiest society in known history as well as warriors of extreme capabilities.

Special training in the Runic Gym we have named the Spartan Training for the memory of Spartans and the Knowledge which they have disposed of although the adequate term would be – Method One Matrix Training in the Zero Point Field. Each individual or group who enter the procedure of Spartan Training first confront with the Zero Point Field then their personal karma, mutual karma and, on higher levels, global karma. The Zero Point Field, whose only source on Earth is the Mediator's Body, always does the same thing – opens the Heart. The more open the Heart, Consciousness, perception and capabilities are greater. This basic discipline allows the possibility of preparing the physical body which, besides the training of the Heart, has no other repetition. The Training has no concept, it is not repeated and it can not be known in advance how it is going to look. This is the key of developing Superconscious abilities and as such reaction. Spartan warriors were not aggressive slaughterers. Their primary mission was training of the Heart with which they have maintained the Field of Consciousness of their people. They were not conquerors. They have fought to protect their people, their territory and their Field. For that reason the Field has supported them.

Spartan Training Technology

Spartan Training is held in a cube shaped room. The cube is the human body. With the cubes rotation for 45°, the shape of a bilateral Pyramid is gained which represents the unified male and female body. Both Pyramids move freely (rotate) but they are in continuous contact with lower surfaces (bases) – genitals. The technology of Spartan Training is maintaining the flow of Energy which is Vril. Spartans possessed the Knowledge of Vril as the Energy of the Universe which is the state of sex, i.e., technology of contionuous flowability of Vril through the body. This Knowledge and this Technology is levels, aeons away from today's absurdity called sex.

Spartan Training lasts 24 hours – continuously. Constant building and construction of the Body through flowability of Vril through the Body. Women were equally and even more involved in construction and preparation of the Body than men. The female body is more capable of flowability and thus stronger. Flowability = Strength. Strength refers to all levels: genitalia – heart – brain, physical and energy.

1 Spartan soldier is equivalent to 1000 soldiers. The Spartan weapon is the Spartan Body, everything elese is just deception for the brain. Women leave the battle to men because they maintain and raise the Energy charge, i.e., Energy breakthrough – 1 versus 1000.

Purpose of the Spartan Training

The direct response reads: the purpose is to transform the body into the Black hole. Ther is no reason to panic, it is a natural state of the Human being and the Universe. Training for strengthening the Body and Mind. Strengthening in translation means FLOWABILITY. The goal is absolute flowability. When that goal is achieved, the state of the Zero Point Field is in motion in which all possibilities are open – game of creation and discreation. All that is created must be able to be destroyed, i.e., every matter must be able to return into antimatter. Further explanation is that everything that does not need to be and is not desirable in the Sphere will not enter the Sphere or it will pass into antimatter. These are the basic postulates of life and existence. This is what occupies the warriors who enter the Spartan Training.

In order for the Spartan Training to begin, the Mediator is necessary and the Initiation, i.e., Opening of the Heart. With it starts the inner and outer process of building the body and personality. Opening of the Heart enables the phase shift of the body into another field – the Zero Point Field. Rigidity of the body and mind is broken and an intense experience of being in different aggregate states begins. A series of biochemical processes in the body follows and „furbishes“ the gene.  The above protocol gives the insight that this is a technology that doesn’t exist outside the Field. The Spartan Training is building of Spartans, i.e., genetic perfecting for life and for survival. Knowledge and ability is the product of Absolute Will. Before all, the Spartan Training awakens the Will.

Work in the Runic Gym

The Runic Gym building

With activation of Pyramids in Egypt there would come to immediate annihilation of the Matrix – the return to the Point Now. One of the key factors for activating the Pyramids is the Runic Gym. The Runic Gym building is OMANU which is the Pyramid. Existence of the Runic Gym at a 3D physical level in a great way affects the global change of the state of Consciousness. The building transmits the Zero Point Field and it is the physical Center of the Field on planet Earth.  The very existence of the Runic Gym is sufficient to transform the continent where it is located and beyond. Water surfaces such as oceans go through immediate transformation into 5D because oceans are Liquid Consciousness, habitat of Highly Conscious beings – Cetaceans.

9 levels of the Runic Gym:

   1st level
        Rotation machine

   2nd level
        Concentration machines

   3rd level
        Vril Phasers and Vril orgasmatron

   4th level
        Dolphin chamber and Vril pool

   5th level
       Matrix Training hall 

   6th level
       Conditioning level (Body motor skills)

   7th level
       Barochamber  (Hyperbaric chamber)

   8th level
       Machines for constructing the Runic Body (Body press mašina, …)

   9th level
       Cupola – Black Room – Mediator’s Space

Levels of training in the Runic Gym

Divided to rotaion machines, pressure, vessile, electrostatic machines, antigravity machines. Then, body exercises in the Field ( Vril Trainings and Yoga Runica – electricity and impulse exercises without machines, Spartan training, Runic Combat System, ...). Gym in the water – before all, these are antigravity exercises under load, the water medium is being absorbed. The goal is to get used to the aggregate state of water in order for the body to become capable of producing multidimensional water as soon as possible. It's a plasmatic medium which is the natural enviroment of the human. Gym in the water is intended for the Special Training Homo Delphinus. This is how in controlled conditions the necessary shape is gained for carrying far greater mass and volume of the one of Homo Delphinus.

Runic Gym is compressed in four segments of Method One:
1st Perpetuum mobile (starts the Rotation machine)
2nd Rotation machine (starts the exercise machines)
3rd Exercise machines + Vril Trainings + Yoga Runica – Runic System (final stage of transformation)                  
4th Dolphin chamber (ultimate body processing, melting of implants, retaining the state of transformation)

Physical body is going through complete Transformation and Deimplantation. Transformation is conducted by the Zero Point Field through the Technology of the Zero Point Field.

The Runic machine II     (this article is password protected)

Geometry of the Body

Levels of the Runic Gym

image: concentric circles are going from the center towards out.

The geometry of the Body (drawing) is the Runic Gym. The circles represent rotation. Linearly. All is rotation. The Pyramid is the constructed Human Body. The principle is male and female – One. Padmasambhava.

The octagon is the Universe – linearly. Octagon within an octagon is Multidimensionality. In the Center of all is the Crystal, Hagal, Mediator – the Source of the Source. Hagal in the circle is the emerging Vortex.

The height of the pyramid is 3 x Hagal. The base of the pyramid is Hagal.

Octagon – 8 levels. 9th level is the Mediator. And 0 and 9. Before and after.

Hagal in the Pyramid is Life, the Living Body – the Body Swastika. The Technology of Atlantis. It is the Body within the Body but it is One, one Body – linearly and multidimensionally. Hagal was and is eternity. There is no Pyramid without Hagal, it does not exist!

All numbers are in Hagal. Hagal is 8, and 6 and 9, and all the numbers before, between and after.

8 is also 6 and 9.
8 is also 0, and 0 is also 0 and 1 which says that 8 is 0 and 1.



The number 8. On the upper half, the upper circle, towards down is the number 9, while in reverse is the number 6.
Numbers 6 and 9, each from its own side, crate the connection between the upper and lower half forming the number 0 which is also 0 and 1. Number 1 is 1 form, 1 digit, 1 unity, One.

The Body and the Universe and the Pyramid and Vortex, Rotation. The Body within the Universe and the Universe within the Body is the Pyramid which was created from Rotation whose source is Hagal. The Body is 9 because the Mediator is inside the Body. The Universe is eternity and infinity, an infinite set of numbers of creation – 8. The Pyramid is 6 and 9 – the male-female principle. The Rotation is and she started from/out of 0 and 1. O (zero) is 1 nd 1 is 0 – this is the Source and it is rotation. Hagal is All and starts from Itself. Hagal is every point of existence. The beginning and the end, before and after all. It is I. And it is One. I One.

Picture of the Black Body. Inside the Body is the Universe. The Body draws in the physical body. The Universe. The Mediator is sitting and watching the Sun, the Black Sun. Within the Sun is the entire Universe.

The essential parameter of the Runic Gym – Perpetuum mobile

The spectrum of the Field through the essential parameter and that essential parameter is Perpetuum mobile. That essential parameter arises on each machine of the Runic Gym. We have the Perpetuum mobile which is water and another which is based on the ultimate poles of magnets. The second Perpetuum mobile is produced from supraconductive metals.

The general difference between magnetism and the magnetic field – the Field is established in the Runic Gym.

Basic principles of all machines in the Runic Gym

Phi synchronicity

The centripetal and centrifugal force – force of attraction and rejection (from center into center) in spiral (not closed) circular motion. The spiral enables the continuous exchange of polarities and directions. Each machine has to support the principle of functioning of the body and intensify thar principle. It must not burden it vertically. Even when we talk about the construction of muscle mass, the machines should not build the muscle in such a way that muscle fibres shorten. Volume must not restrict the flexibility. All functions of the body, all organs, every cell and even every gene continuously act on the principle full – empty, spreading – collecting, attraction – rejection, … In that Phi synchronicity you have to be brought with work on the machines, i.e. the stay in the space of the Runic Gym itself.

Work in the Runic Gym

Movement in the Zero Point Field liberates you from the installed genetic record and that is why the Runic Gym instead of natural “genetic engineering”.

Runic Gym – Physics of the Body – learning the Law of the Zero Point Field. Machines are only a support aid. The entire procedure takes place in the Quantum Field which is spread around itself by the Mediator’s Body which is the Quantum Biocomputer.

Superconductive quantum machines.

The embodied Quantum Biocomputer was built out of a superconductive substance. The exercise machines in the Runic Gym were also built out of a superconductive material which is irradiated with the Quantum field. This allows the perfect synergy of the machines and the body as well as impeccable transmission of Information from the Quantum base.

In the Runic Gym, it is anticipated not to handle heavy weights (gravity weights) because Quantum laws and antigravity rule. The body sould not be exposed to unnecessary physical effort and load. The body needs to be built and put into absolute functionality which can only be understood and felt in the Quantum Field. The change of the aggregate state of the body is yet another phenomenon that does not require “tearing” the body with heavy weights. The Quantum Field – the Mediator’s Space itself is Superconsciousness and Superintelligence – this allows the absolutely individual approach without any attempts and mistakes in work. The Field is the one that regulates the weight and performace.

The breaktrhough crisis wave

Pulsation with the same intensity for a certain period of time – when the body is harmonized with that pulsation, sudden increase in intensity occurs which leads to the energy breakthrough in the body. All machines in the Runic Gym work in this principle. Magnetism increases with the machines that are powered with the magnetic field.

Implosion and explosion – Runic Gym – and vice versa

Experimental work in the Runic Gym space

Bodies inside the space conduct static movement which is equal to the body in rotation but rotation of the physical and Energy body potentiated through all dimensions of action of that body, implosion and explosion of the Body inside the Body is the Technology of the Runic Gym which is Antigravity technology which is the Antigravity machine (Antigravity weights). Technology of the Runic Gym is the Technology of the Body inside the Body, i.e. Technology of the Black Body inside the Space of the Black Body – Runic Space – Runic Technology – Runic Gym. Technology, The Law and Principle of objects in sense of architecture and the body and technology initiates the process of work which is rotation and all of its forms in physical and energy sense through the body and technology, i.e. through every form – object.

Technology speaks and passes through the change of the aggregate states which are manifested as implosion and explosion of the body and technology in the Black Space of the Black Body. All the same because it’s One.

A stable material and mutable/flowable material. A stable (immutable) material in this case is a rod, i.e. handle, while the rest of the weight, we’re talking about the material, through the change of the aggregate states, transforms into a Sphere and through rotation, which is implosion and explosion, performs the change of poles (from one side of the weight to the other) which means that it transforms and centers the body and emits the impulse towards out into the planet as a body.

Sphere percussion

Body introduced into rotation is a transit from 3D into the Sphere of Atlantis. During physical rotation there comes to Sphere percussion and opening of all senses of the New Dimension which eases the passage.

Runic Gym is Runic Combat System. Combat without combat, building without 3D physical exertion. Runic Gym is multidimensional. Runic Gym – RBS – equivalency, there can’t be one without the other. Runic Gym builds all bodies and penetrates all levels of the physical body. Thus the term Total Transformation. Runic Gym is the installation of the Zero Point Field in the body – breakthrough of Consciousness into the body – embodiment. Runic Gym is built out of Runes. Runes do the breakthrough. Runes conduct the Deimplantation. Runes build the body – Runic Body.

Motorics of the body in rotation

Rotation of the body maintains the body in rotation and thus it spreads the sphere which began with the rotation. Motions of the body install the space so it would act as the body in harmony with the space and vice versa. The entire motion, the overall motion of the body, even the arms and legs and every other part, i.e. every movement and motion creates, installs the space.

With this it is possible, and provable, that the body moves and works as technology which has been written, sketched and designed. Legs perform the base, the body is rotated by the rotation, the arms spread into the space, push and break thourgh. The body breaks out from head to toe.

Vril Propulsion Cybernetics

The term refers to movement, and when Vril is in question, that movement is unthinkable. Tensely viewed, cybernetic organism has the ability of limited growth and develoment and movement conditioned by the system installed in the body. That is artifcial biointelligence which uses secondary and even tertiary source of energy, it consumes energy but far less it produces it. For that reason the cybernetic organism has a limited life span.

Vril Propulsion Cybernetics is a Mechanism (of the Creator) which is naturaly installed in the body. Such an organism has installed and uses the Zero Energy source. Cynestatics and electrostatics are achieved spontaneously because the body is manoeuvred by the Sonar – Swastika which is the Body itself. Undisturbed flow of Original Force, Energy is under the laws of Higher Power. Laws regulate the strength by need but such body is able to carry through the maximum. Vril Propulsion Cybernetics signify functioning of the Source being.


System of body and mind exercises under the control of the cold Runic Field. Exercises are the control and self-control, static exercises of Field Consciousness and dinamic excersises which the Field paces – leaving the body to the Fields lead and control. Hybernesis does not include working with machines but it is desirable to be performed with one or more partners. With these exercise body communication, super-perception and ability of expression are being achieved. Super-perception is achieved by releasing the body through movement and information.

Antigravity muscles

The Runic Body is significantly different from the Matrix body. Not just energetically but also physically. We can not speak separately about the physical and energetic. The lucky ones who had the opportunity to meet the Runic Master and observe His Body, as well as the ones who have entered in the Runic transformation procedure, have seen that there are small „wings“on the Runic Body. These wings are actually the transformed bone and muscular system into an antigravity circuit. The chest bone, the shoulder belt and the muscles connecting them are the antigravity driving system. With deeper transformation this also occurs with shoulder-blades, on the lower back, knees and ankle joints and along both arms.

Flowability    (this article is password protected)

Phi functionality    (this article is password protected)

High pressure    (this article is password protected)

The Runic process     (this article is password protected)

The Rune II

Runic System is fundamentally intended for every individual that sees unnaturalness in mankind’s actions and (in)ability. Runic System paves a new path in a way only Runic Knowledge can. It is up to you whether you will follow or not. What is proven in Multidimensionality and in 3D – Runes are an unbreakable building material. They are stone, water, air and fire, compressed transcendence. Rune builds everything. The Rune is unbreakable. It is the only concrete thing you do not sustain. It sustains You! The Rune constructs the muscle. Rune is the original device that builds the body.

System is the Body. Metafitness is the key

The Runic Crystal     (this article is password protected)

The Hexagram muscle     (this article is password protected)


Metafitness is for builder of the Heart. Not your own. For builders of the Runic Heart. For ones that want to build the main and strongest muscle. You do not build yourself. That does the Mediator. Your giving your body for the Runic Field.Your building for the Field.

Machines, premises and clothes are expressions of Runes. Rune constructs the muscle. Rune is the source machine that constructs the Body. Metafitness is for constructing the spiral bodies in which Intelligence and perception of the body is awaken.

From child to a grown human – natural developing processes – physical, neuro-energetic, mental, to the state of CLEAR ONE. Spherein discloses processes in the body which happen with the Training of the Runic Sport System in the Runic Gym. Training in the Runic Gym is the Training (drill). Training of opening the Heart with the embodiment of Swastika – Crystal – Sonar. In Runic Gym the processes are more directed towards the physical body and physical excerising. Spherein describes that process through development to complete Energy flow on a physical, neuro-energy level. Runic Gym with excersises (Runes) breaks the incorrect structure (atom, molecules, blood, organs, body, thoughts) nad builds the correct structure on a physical, energy, metaphysical and transcendent level. Runic Gym through energy flowability in the body reveals the role of Swastika – Sonar – Crystal as the basic Knowledge.

Motorics of the body

Phi motor skills are frequential harmony of space and body. Energy of the body connects with Energy of the Universe. Motor skills are perfected with self-control of body and mind. That is how control over your life is established. That is how you come to Phi motor skills control.

Runic motor skills is built in the Runic Gym. Motor skills of Runes is the crystal movement in harmony with all. Rune – Pure Information – pure thought – pure movement – correct action. This is how regulation of all levels of the personal system is achieved. Motor skills are the speed of body reaction, the speed of thoughts which controls the movement of the body. The body is trained and brought to a certain level of motoric abilities. Runic Gym raises the level and teaches the body to motoric adjustment. Every situation demands certain physical readiness and agility. In the body motor skills lies the information and reaction of the body. Harmony of personal motoric system potentiates harmony of the environment. Harmony is flow. Flow is connection in the Field.

The multiple Orgasmatron program

      1st INITIATION WORK WITH THE MEDIATOR – transfer and installation of the Orgasmatron System in the
           body + special empowerments for the activation of the Orgasmatron
2nd METAFITNESS – REGULAR METATRAINING WITH THE MEDIATOR for strengthening and decompression
            of the Heart for the purpose of achieving the most possible flowability of the body and achieving stability
            and long lasting of the Orgasmatron.
4th WORK ON THE MACHINES IN THE RUNIC GYM – in the Runic Gym there are specially designed machines
            that produce vibrations, contractions and motions of the orgasm, these are the vibrations of the Zero
            Point Field.

THE ORGASMATRON SYSTEM – builds t  he body on the principle One. The Runic neuro-energy network is constructed which develops muscles and all other structures of the body in such a way that all parts of the body are flowable for the initial Impulse and thus for the orgasm experience. The orgasm is not localized to sex organs and eventually the brain, yet it spreads throughout the entire body. Stronger Heart means the stronger Orgasmatron and stronger flowability, longer orgasm. The Orgasmatron System includes the entire body into the orgasmatronic experience. Acceptance the Orgasmatron System achives the continuance of the orgasmic experience of he entire body and mind, from a few hours to 24 hours when the Heart is completely open. With this, the body is introduced into Phi. A body without an orgasm cannot accommodate a healthy and open mind. Orgasmatron is the way to the total mental and physical health, extreme physical condition for all conditions (Condition of the Zero Point Field), longevity and youth. Proven to increase Intelligence and creativity. Enables centering and pressence in the body and psychophysical endurance regardless of the amount of stress. Orgasmatron machines simulate immersion into plasm which spreads the Phi Sound and causes the vibrations and the motion of orgasmic state. It is a specific sound of the Zero Point Field.

OMANU Bioenergetics and Bioelectronics (of the Body)
(this article is password protected)

Superiornost tijela     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Superiornost tijela je zakonitost Polja što znači Zakon i Fizika Tijela.
Superiornost je sprovođenje Zakona Crnog Tijela koje je Phi-zika. Uvijek je razlog i/ili odgovor i/ili svrha 1.
Superiornost = Protočnost = 1

Opisi nekih mašina i sprava u Runskom Gymu

Cardiopress machine II

The first machine which directly builds the new multidimensional Heart muscle. The machine for physical strengthening and extension of chest. Strengthening of the Heart. Cardiopress is done because of the Heart endurance increasement and softening of the spine and head. The aim is to achieve the move of the press with Metafitness.

Cardiopress – horizontal

Machine for the entire body and the entire system of the body. The weight is the force which is pressure – pressure force. The pressure is on the entire body in the ratio of the body mass. The pressure is the body – bodyweight. The pressure is vacuum – simultaneously pulls in and pushes the body in all directions. Pressure enables the liberation of the body – muscles, joints, nerve system. Through every motion and each exercise the pressure is equal and passes through the entire body. The machine pulls the body in antigravity. The machine encourages the body work – work is rotation in all directions. If the leg is working then the entire the entire leg is working and if the entire leg is working then the entire body is working.

Hyperbaric chamber

Consists of two parts, low and high pressure part. The first part enables preparation of the body to pressures up to 120 000 hPa whilst the second part prepares the body for pressures up to 40 000 000 hPa. After passing through the first part the body is capable of diving up to 2000 m of sea depth without the use of equipment for pressure equalization. After passing through the second part of the hyperbaric chamber, under the assumption that the body is whole and standing, the body is capable of enduring pressure up to 8000 m of depth. This is the capability of the body to dive with eventually using an extra oxygen source. Hyperbaric chamber is also used for the Training of OMANU pilot.

Hydro Vril Propulsion Body Functioning

8 machines – based on the Vril Propulsion System.

Machines for physical preparation of movement under water and in water. Intended for sports on water, in water and under water. Quadruples the possibility of staying under water (increases the lung capacity), increases condition and strength and enables faster movement under water and in water. In this way, a professional athlete could swim 50 m butterfly in under 8 s after just one use of the machine.

The Hydroisolation machine

The machine is inside the pool below the water level. The body which is inside the machine is not in direct contact with water – it's isolated. The principle of exercising is lifting the overall water area which passes through the machine. The machine itself is static although the water inside the pool is in continuous circulation. Water, as a medium, allows and accepts the installation of a cypher, which, by changing the structure, changes the intensity of the exercise and her influence on the body, i.e. changes the function of the exercise. Through vertical lifting of the machine with arms, the overall level of energy flowability in the body is increased. The body reacts and accepts the installation of the exercise much faster in water than in standard, dry conditions.

Vril pool

It is four times larger than the olympic pool (100 x 200 m). In the Vril pool are Vril conditions. Condition for entry in the pool is Vril. The condition is flowability. Vril pool is unbearable for the untransformed body. Because the unpreparedness of the body for this kind of conditions and too high Energy concentration there can come to “short circuit” in the body, death.

Dolphin chamber

Chamber for Dolphin breathing

In the chamber is a pool with liquid plasma, similar to the Vril pool, but the plasma in the Dolphin chamber is much denser. Dolphin chamber is intended for the Swastika breathing trainings. This is possible because it comes to the complete change of the body's aggregate state – liquid state – state of Swastika. With changing the aggregate state of the body there comes to complete synergy between two mediums – plasma medium which is Liquid Consciousness and body medium in which is the Swastika. You do not breath, the body breaths, i.e. Swastika which is the body breaths. Energy oxygen (O4) is produced. The Dolphin chamber prepares the body for the complete change of aggregate states, liquid – tense – liquid, untill it is completely adjusted to being in both states. The procedure liquid – tense – liquid is repeated until the whole body completely receives and holds the Information of both aggregate states. Dolphin breathing can be used on land as the source of strength and energy or in extreme situations where there is no source of 3D oxygen.

Isobaric Metafitness – Dolphin breathing

Prerequisite for training in water and under water is establishing breathing with the Heart – inhalation of O4 and O8 (energy oxygen). The Swastika's strength and speed of rotation determines which level of energy oxygen will be inhaled, i.e., what will be the endurance of the body under water and in conditions without O2. In purpose of developing such abilites, the construction of an isobaric chamber is predicted and it should be an integral part of every Runic Gym. Rotation, motion, maintaining lucidity in conditions without oxygen. The duration of such trainings is being gradually increased as long as the mechanism of breathing with the Swastika doesen't work completely – Dolphin breathing. These trainings are also necessary for those who will navigate the underwater OMANU. With this, it needs to be proven that the human body is the source of oxygen.

A single day in the water (sea) with the Mediator replaces a month of the Original Spartan Training.

Isobaric Dolphin chamber

The chamber is under water, but the product of labor in the chamber is the production of sea water – Liquid Crystal. All machines in the Runic Gym are designed in a way so they have the product of usage which isn't just building the body. The body, especially the one that is introduced in the Zero Point Field, can produce far more energy then it needs for its own construction and maintanance in maximum functionality. Labor in the Runic Gym is intended for producing Highly Conscious substance – Monatomic gold. Stay in such Field transforms physical body according to the Black Crystal (Body of Atlantis). Necessary changes happen momentarily and the body itself enters in brutal training of matter indestructibility. Runic Gym is a place of developing Superconscious abilities of matter transformation.

Dolphin breathing

Dolphin breathing, implosion and expansion – increase of body and mental capacity of compressing and decompressing Energy.

In order for a person to be an OMANU pilot, he/she has to be able to „breathe in the water“. It is not water, it is actually OMANU fuel. Other persons that are in the aircraft have to be processed in the same way due to the changes in pressure. In order for the body to be resistant, it is not enough what you might think in 3D would be – that the space is just hypo or hyperbaric adjusted, because these physical laws are being nullified and they cease to apply when the breakthrough of the dimension occurs. Requirements for the brekthrough of the dimension are no longer the ones applicable by Newton. The body has to be adjusted to plasm and electricity. Something similar we saw in the movie „The Abyss“.

These are, among other things, the reasons of experiments in OMANU Training – recording of reactions of the human body to extreme cold and undercooling, afterwards the behavior of the body in hypothermia because through the preparation for the Training of OMANU pilots coldness is necessary. Also, reactions of the body to sudden warming are observed which, usually, cannot be endured. Rapid change of temperature of the body is caused in the experiments. This is done due to a potential transport of a large number of people.

Energy oxygen – O4

Valence and the number of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen determines the aggregate state of the body. From air to stone. These are the forms and states that a Crystal Body can take. Reduction of the number exits comes to conversion into an inorganic, indistructible structure.

Bioelectronics of space in the Runic Gym

In the area where electricity exercises are held without the support machines is an emerald green sphere xx cm in diameter on which Runic codes are engraved. It is a bioelectronic device from which instructions for body construction emanate. The sphere is in light rotation and placed in girders.

The Black Sphere

Zero Point Field conductor

Sphere represents a bionic (bioelectric) Black Sun device. Energy of the Black Sun is the Zero Point Field and its source is the Mediator’s Body. Black Sphere, the first device for free transfer of Energy. It absorbs all low-frequency sounds which did not come from the Phi universal sound and emits pure Zero Point Field into the environment.

The Universe is created from Rotation and it cannot be in any different way. First and always is Rotation. Bodies are created with a specific purpose, arising from Rotation and continue to rotate in the Law of the Universe. Life is Rotation and all that arises from it.

Hydraulic propulsion

Hydraulic propulsion – serves for regulating the machine load (regulating weight). Balancing with gravity. The same principle is in the body.

The Hydraulic machine for maneuvering and starting the body

Two circles that are one inside the other. The human body is located inside the central circle and connected, attached to the hydraulic construction. Through the construction liquid (fuel) flows which is the starter of the construction itself – Vril Propulsion.  On the back of the construction is the Swastika which is fixed to the central circle and it rotates with it. The construction includes the entire body. On certain points of the body, Vril enters into the body giving an impulse to the nerves which, base on the strength of the recived impulse, move the body and conduct muscle contractions. The connection of the body and the construction initiates the running of the machine itself. During the time in the machine, the body is in constant rotation and has the feeling of numbness which is present because of the penetration of Vril through the body. Through rotation, the body is in training through different body stances  which includes performing Runes, any exercises from the basic Runic Gym and Spartan training. The goal of the Hydraulic machine is flowability increase of the body and construction of a symmetric body according to the Runic principle. The hydraulic machine is one of 8 machines based on Perpetuum mobile that are used in the Runic Gym.

The hydraulic machine is also used to transfer the Combat System of the Zero Point Field – OMANU Ati Aikido. Activating the body in rotation increases and perfects concentration and coordination of the body and activates the capability to move, act and function in rotation and through rotation. The activation of all centers in the body occurs with the intensification of rotation, i.e. its acceleration. Faster rotation also means stronger pressure of the Energy capsule on the body which brings the body into absolute physical and energy competence – conditioning, power, concentration.

The Space motion machine

Synthesis of motion of the Swastika through the body

All directions of rotation – 1 Center for all and from all rotation.  Everything ends in 1 Center. If 1 Center controlls all directions, and if every rotation builds & strenghtens the Center, this means that the stronger Center speeds up all rotation and the collective force is growing up.

The only constant of the Universe is the neverending rotation of the Swastika. The Antigravity postulate.

The machine has 4 or 5 discs which are set into motion with hands, legs (and the head). Each rotation of the disc must be in a diiferent direction to all other started discs.

An algorithm is necessary that will disable the incorrect starting of the disc.The Space motion machine is the most agile machine of the Runic Gym. Space motion is the machine for the opening of the Heart. Exercises are performed by lying on the chest and/or on the back. Motions of the body, with hands and legs, are mostly circular or semicircular with or without pressure, i.e. resistance. Also, exercise of pushing with hands and legs can be performed with maximum resistance, but they are not a priority. The machine opens the Heart and, through motions of the body, encourages flowability in and through the part of the body that performs the motion. The base on which the body is located is mobile to the left and to the right and rotates around its axis. Handles are held with the hands and the legs are placed in two moving platforms. The machine enables the entire spectrum of motions since the handles and the platforms are mobile in all directions. The handles are free, they are not physically tied nor connected, they are navigated by the Law of attraction. The circular and semicircular motions are done to open the entire muscular structure with which the flowability of muscles is enabled and the construction of new muscles and the entire Runic muscular structure is allowed.

Machine for achieving flowability of vital parts of the body

spine – sex organ

Through various motions of the lower part of the body and spine, twisting and bending, a reaction occurs in the body which is physical unwinding of bones, i.e. separation in order to achieve flowability of all vital parts of the body. The machine performs an operation which is the energy breakthrough of the Zero Point through the body. The hips and pelvis are subject to exceptional loads in the rotation of opposite directions, they twist, while the spine buckles, i.e. „stretches“ in order to achieve the physical separation of each vertebrae and bring to the breakthrough of Vril through, around and along the spine, i.e. each vertebrae. The lower part of the body, knees, joints and ligaments go through torment which is a combination of semicircular, circular and vertical motions in accordance to the resistance they provide. Except liberation, each connection of bones, and especially the lower part of the spine as one of the most vital points, goes through total reconstruction through the energy breakthrough which is inside the body. The energy breakthrough into the sex organ is an overall procedure of all mentioned.

Driving in the Space shuttle     (this article is password protected)

Vril orgasmatronic bands (vibration bands)

Vibration is obtained from the body through which the Mediator has passed Vril. The orgasmic tremor of the body is recorded as a computer record and it can be played back. The vibration band has depth. The bands are from 2 to 2.5 cm thick. Except the vibration, the aggregate state is transferred as well which is specific only for the Runic Gym. A special impulse goes towards the Heart. There is a stimulator that is attached to the body. The entire orgasm state is transferred with the bands. They periodically stretch the body for the purpose of greater flowability and those periods are also obtained from the direct experience.

Heart stimulator – is used fot the impulse transfer towards the Heart.

Space orbit – orbitral movement

The orbit has multidimensional movement – motion of the Sphere. Regardless of the direction, the movement is always from a single point and leads into a single point, i.e. the moving bond is always everywhere. This movement cannot be simulated because it is unthinkable without the installed Sphere inside the Body. Therefore, the machine has an installed Sphere.

Gym without weights

Exercises are performed with load but without weights. Mechanism which is used provides resistance during the exercise. It is possible to adjust the resistance to be constant or variable and it is possible to select a method of performing the exercise (choice of training) or the manual selection of load (resistance) which is determined with the number of repetitions: eg. 5 x 80 kg – 4 x 100 kg – 3 x 120 kg ... The mechanism automatically changes the load considering the selected method of training. The mechanism is attached to the surface and connected with a rod, handle with which the exercise is performed– squat, bench, lat machine etc. At the same time, the machine is a Biocomputer which modifies the performance of the exercise through the load according to parameters obtained from the body through micro and macro movements of the body. Each machine, exercise functions as a body, i.e. the state of the body (person) is obtained through the movements of the body which is a Biocomputer, through scanning of motions, it instantly modifies and thus enables and allows the quantum maximum. Physical load allows faster transference of Information through the body which is the foundation of scanning – the speed of Information passing through the nerve system of the body. Speed of Information = Flowability = Quantum maximum of the physical body.

Footnote: Quantum does not know any boundaries; this is about the body/bodies which are not in the Method One Procedure, i.e. are not OHBB.

Handles for antigravity movement in the Quantum space

New gymnastics

The Runic Gym Technology enables the perfect project and movement through the system of exercises without loading the body. The handles are used as an extension, a part of the body. The handles are in fact static, the body performs the movement – Swastika. The body in which is the Swastika is a Quantum space – One. The Quantum space allows to be the Quantum space – the Mediator.

Hovering discs

Each machine has the possibility of weight regulation and/or resistance. In the Runic Gym, it is regulated with intensity of the magnetic field. There is a grounded metal rod around which are 2, 3, 5 or more discs which are conductors of the magnetic field. The grounded rod in the Zero Point Field atmosphere enables the rotation of discs as well as regulation of intensity of the magnetic field. For determing the intensity, there are keyboards and a dispay on the external, available side of the machine and anyone can individually set it up. From the Mediator's Control room, all machines can be balanced at once to the desired intensity. With the activation of the magnetic field, the discs are held in the antigravity position. With this, the AGT (antigravity weight) of the machine is being determined. Reduction of the magnetic voltage reduces AGT and increases GT.

Total press     (soon)

Ručni sat – Smart watch     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Žiroskop mjeri sve!
Pokrete, stanja, promjene i to trenutno, a samim tim i konstantno i istovremeno je prisutna informacija onoga što je trenutno i globalno općenito, tj. ono što je nečije normalno stanje definirano parametrima kondicije, fizičko stanje, energetsko stanje, ali izvan dosega 3D mjerenja. Stanje = promjena.

Konekcija je s tijelom, a ne Internet ili GPS.

Konkretnost = jednostavnost
Jednostavnost zaustavlja mozak.

Rad Bioelektroničke opreme je Scanning je kompresija informacija onoga što je Sada u direktnoj usporedbi, tj. znanju (svijesti) s onim što treba biti da bi bilo nešto i kako doći do toga trenutno!

Gledajući žiroskop po x-osi, nagib sfere pod određenim kutem u usporedbi s x-osi daje znatan uvid u stanje stvari općenito i sam taj pomak, tj. razina (kut) pomaka je služio pomorcima kao jedina prava informacija vezano za lokaciju, smjer, meteorološko stanje (prognoza vremena, ali i informacija koliko će se određeno vrijeme zadržati) i odabir smjera kretanja po određenom kursu prema zadanoj destinaciji prateći nagib žiroskopa – to je idealna putanja.

Bioelektronički ekran     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Skeniranje i transformacija

Ekran kroz skeniranje tijela prikazuje tijelo kakvo jest. Fizički, energetski sa svim potrebnim informacijama koje su vidljive na ekranu. Nakon toga su prikazane realne vrijednosti tijela koje se mogu postići kroz plan rada koji je također vidljiv na ekranu.

Što jest, što može biti i kako do toga.
Ekran je univerzalan i isto tako služi za preokupaciju mozga kroz trenutnu sliku toga što se zbiva u tijelu i sa tijelom kroz rad na određenoj mašini. Svaka mašina radi čitavo tijelo. Energetsko i fizičko stanje tijela je prikazano kao slika gole fizionomije tijela gdje su mišići i kosti prikazani plavom i ljubičastom bojom kroz energetske proboje u tijelu koji su kompresija plave, ljubičaste i bijele boje. Čitav tok je vidljiv na ekranu zajedno s radom mašine, tj. na kojem djelu tijela je trenutno fokus i zašto.

Od suhih 3D informacija dolazi do zaluđenosti, opsesije i opsesivnosti.

Ovdje je prikaz onoga što se zbiva, što zapravo jest.

Energetski napitak     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Informacija Volje je kompresirana univerzalna Informacija uvedena u medij, ali aktivirana u trenutku otvaranja napitka, tj. aktivacija se dešava par sekundi prije unosa u tijelo.
Razina jačine napitka može biti mjerljiva po vijeku trajanja Informacije u organizmu, ali i po snazi same Informacije iako je i jedno i drugo nevažeće jer je Informacija Volje univerzalna i po jačini i po trajanju. Jedino kako se može dodatno usmjeriti je svrha konzumiranja.

(this article is password protected)

New dimension

The Sphere II

Omnipotent launchings of the Sphere from-to without boundaries, exchanging the supernatural human strength with the creation of 100% Humanoids that demolish the Matrix to the end, creating a new order of Atlanstis on Earth. Atlantis cannot come without the Runic Gym and the new training of humans begins for the production of OMANUs who will implement the Law of One and stabilize the Earth’s condition. The Matrix will be erased. Runic Gym will create a Sphere which rotates with the antigravity and demolishing System between each individual who conducts the System and the System conducts them.  Runic Gym uninstalls the reptile and builds a human with Wolf’s abilities which were taken away and that is really an attempt of Atlantis to descent to Earth once again. The time has come to remove the shackles and for the creation of a new country defended by the System.

Formation of the Black Body

The awakening of Consciousness between diversified spheres of events in an effort to preserve the planet in the chain of upcoming events. The source of contagion does not stop until the Black Body is not in function. Construction of everything depends on the Black Body until the necessary machines arrive that will power the Sphere by exchanging the events and the supernatural will become natural in accordance with human abilities. Black Body creates a fluid condition and fluidity changes all that is missing nor is it considered to be. If there is no Sphere, there is no events. A breakdown occurs between everyone and the System doesn’t allow it. The System creates the events of a continuous flow, if you want it, it will come.

The Sphere has a Law, a continuous flow, if you have the flow, you have the power to attract the Force which flows continuously exchanging the way of action completely. There is no battle if there is no Force which destroys the power of the Matrix. The state of the One who is coming already arrives. In him, a supernatural power is being created, creation and destruction of the unnatural.

The creation of everything comes from you who has the Heart open for Us. There is a reality of parallel dimensions between which the wars in sequence have a sense to non-stop be allright.

Why is the Sphere coming, bringing that event? If there is no Sphere, it is not the end. The fall goes around the Sphere in a deep direction, blocking the method and production of all those processes which tend to awake Consciousnes of an individual and the only way is the Black Body that you have and the others have. The end of the genetic manipulation of all living is waking up. If you don’t have the Heart, you do not have the understanding of everything.

The Sphere of a continuous flow creates a multiplied effect of the human’s creation through whom the Force of the Law of One flows, implementing the method and usage of technology which wakens the understanding, method and construction of the New Atlantis to monitor, conduct, act as a one mechanism. Between all there is, the unknown will become known, you can understand.

(this article is password protected)

The Runic machine

Machines must contain the antigravity effect which has the power of action through Runes which exit from the Mediator. Fingers have the power of action of the machine and the machine through the machine contains grinding of the Force passing through skin pores, spreading the Crystal. Conductance which exits from the machine causes omnipotence from the Crystal and the body from when it has a way of action and recognition of the Sphere which exits and makes it a pure Crystal. The crystalization pervasion has the Runic System installed in the body of the one who receives the activation.

The Sphere of the dynamic shape contains fulfillment of the Universe created from the Zero Point through which the vectors of creation pass between the action of an individual created in the process which affects the overall process of action, implementing the Universe through itself created in the process through action of the antigravity force in creation of spherical movements, finding a way and action, exchanging the vertical rise which flows in waterfalls, finding gapes of the Matrix that become vincible with the Strength of the Force from the Heart which is waking up and the Black Body created in the process. The Black Body is created as a breeding force, firing a flash of verticals, horizontals finding the action.

The Force

The System determines the correctness of machinery implementation which originates from the Black Body created from the process of awakening of Consciousness. The body becomes programmed to conduct the process and the implementation (production) of the machinery which implements action by itself, encouraged by the spatio-temporal continuum connection of the vertical axis. Regeneration of the body in the process stimulates the action of the machines necessary for the implementation of the Law of One. Machines implement legitimacy, their work puts everything under supervision. The Black Sun, which exits from the body, implements the wormhole in the direction so the body could be able to implement the System.

Runic Gym has to satisfy the standards of the Law of One legitimacy in order for the System to be conducted which enables the penetration of the process in the newly formed body.

OMANU Technology enables the growth of Total Consciousness  of global proportions, creating an instant installation of the procedure and the possibility of performing various machines during temporal events. Totality of possibilities of exchanging the spatio-temporal continuum in the direction of tendency of the achievable. OMANU implements corporeality inside the body and each action becomes a more subtle performance after the Heart is struck with the cannon shot of Vril which implements the technology which, with frying of installations, processing, becomes Vril.

Swastika determines the mode and production of all that is being created in the process. The attachment of the Swastika with the Swastika causes the connection of immaterial into material in the process of overcoming fears, inserted blockages.

I am inside of you to pull through the entire Matrix, fulfilling and opening the Heart which travels freely through dimensions of the parallel world finding distortions of your essential potential. The liberation of karma that travels the dimensions can see the Open Heart through which the System is pulled through, creating unknown shapes of the Universe succinct in the Crystal. The libartion of karma which awakens the creation and the cracking of dimensional walls creating the Black Body through which the System passes permeated with the Universe. The structure of the karmic bonds irregularities is broken with the force from the Open Heart that awakens You from all segments of existence. Spatial Energy occupies the Awakened one created in the process of creation of the new planetary order. Dzogchen occurs in the moment of motion activated by the Crystal from the Medaitor's Heart. The planetary crisis of global proportions is – karma of the newly established one who, with powering the Heart, creates the conditions of weightless ease of every individual who accepts the Heart.

The Creator who conducts the Force is looking at you, eager for you to accept him with your Heart which you still cannot understand.

Karmic walls created for eons of years break before the force for which is not known to exist and soon it will become the reaility of those who accept the Force.

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No-contact combat

No-contact combat is opening up the Sphere's space in spreading the infinite force of creation. Shaping the Sphere's space creates specific forms which spread multidimensionally and the destructive force goes from the Center shaping the space. The way to overcome obstacles is the entrance into the Sphere, the Rotational Mechanism. Expansion of the Zero Point opens up the space and installs a new Field of possibilities into the space. The antigravity force is the Driving force of the Universe, which creates the Sphere and natural shapes and states, catching the Matrix pillars which are demolished with the Force from the Black Sun, stopping the attacks from the parallel dimension. The antigravity force of a spiral shape grinds space and time creating universal forms. Included in the System, you act multidimensionally, taking the space that is filled with the Force.

The Force of the Heart     (this article is password protected)

The Galactic (Geometric) plasmaship     (this article is password protected)

Technology of the Zero Point Field

Technological sets create a symbiosis with the Swastika and, as such, they have the complete activity. Each designed machine (exercise machine) contains all elements of the Universe, its principles and activity. Activity of such a machine has no limitations and completely changes the structure of the entire environment, living and non-living. Although all elements of the machine are simple, it is not possible to see their multidimensional complexity. Achieving the process of construction requires certain modification of the existing technology and the operator himself in order for the cycle to be closed. All the other variants of production will not lead to the wanted effect. Material selection procedures demand functionality of the machine or device itself, it must be taken into account that the selected material experiences transformation, its structure is being changed at a higher level in order to be able to conduct the System. The equipment used to make the machines is also being transformed. Everything must be one whole in order to be complete and other parameters have to be met. Human – machine – material – all in One. Activity of such a set leads to efficient realization of the wanted technology and there is no mistake. Invisibility of these principles must not be disrupted. Management and control of production must be conducted in each step of the making process in order for the final product to be functional. From the design to performance, all postulates have to be satisfied. Such is the Law. The essence of production is not just brought down to material processing, yet the System is being installed into it which makes it operational. The machine is created only with the action of all principles which are One and then the Law is conducted through the technology. The rest leads to deviation of the System. Every behavior of the operator (contractor – machine manufacturer) must be supervised because he is the weakest link in the production chain. Entrance of the System into the operator will balance his embedded destructiveness which can influence on the very process of production/processing. Interaction of all elements gives the final product. Only such product is the correct one. All participants of the technology production process have to be in the System. Then the mentioned machine will have multidimensional activity which achieves its purpose. With this, each procedure is One and there is One Procedure. This is the Principle. The Mediator is the one who controls all the production procedures and does not allow mistakes because mistakes are not allowed. Thus, responsibility lays on all the participants because the production procedure requires surrender. The Mediator is the one who decides what will be produced, where and when because timing is important. The process is incomprehensible to others. All the technology has locational positions which enables its networking and only then can the full power of its action be seen. This principles are the imperative. The Law has been respected.

New dimension

New civilization

With the opening of the Runic Gym, a New dimension is being opened and the 4th dimension is lowered into the Matrix. The first center of the Runic Gym is the center with which the destruction of the Matrix begins and the New Field on Earth is created. The opening of the Runic Gym imposes a new understanding of the human and his origin on Earth. The occupation that is happenig will then be understandable. A critical mass of people will appear which will be able to accept and understand the New Knowledge which allows the new understanding of events and thus the demolition of the Matrix will begin. The fall is inevitable. Acceptance of the System will allow the construction of the New dimension on Earth and the parallel reception of instructions for action, all based on the Law of One and this will lead to the permanent understanding of planet Earth's occupation.

With his pressence on Earth, the Mediator triggers a chain reaction which will lead to the fall of the Matrix.

The Mediator conducts the Procedure of lowering the Zero Point Field and this allows the opening of the New dimension which enables the creation of the New human whose principles of living are based on the Law of One. The New dimension opens a completely new concept of living in all aspects of life. A completely new technology is lowered with which the New civilization will be built. All aspects of social relations will be based on the Law of One and this will enable all deviant relations. The path for the new possibility of materialization of things is being opened, thereby penetrating into the essence of origination of the Human which opens a new science. In parallel, the Mediator activates all aspects of living without affecting the Earth's ecological concept. All the technology is founded on the Principle of creation of the Universe, therefore it does not require any upgrading, it's Original. The Mediator creates the form of the civilization established on the Law of One. All aspects of living are established in the same. Information that are being channeled will be promptly (instantaneously) conduct into the newly created newtork.

Although it is thought that the New age brings prosperity, the previous destruction of old concepts and habbits will be necessary. Though the process will seem brutal, it is required in order for the new to live and therefore it is necessary. All the system so far, will be abandoned and therefore forgotten. The New age brings new religion which is the Law and which is One. All political concepts will be knocked down which will allow the establishment of the new community management system. The new order requires completely new concepts and it does not tolerate anything that has been spent. The events that follow are critical and there cannot be any mistakes in the process of creation of the New organization which is the foundation for the origination of the New age.

The Mediator is the controller of all descending processes of the Law of One into this dimension.

The events thicken at a ruthless speed and bring into the phase of the final ending which will lead to the fall of the Matrix and the arrival of the New Era, the Golden age of the human civilization.

The war of fields II

Metamilitary Technology

By opening the Technology of the Zero Point Field, the technology that refers to creation and arrangement of the same inside the space descends as well. The arrangement is carefully designed and it will seem random and invisible. This is necessary in order for the imperceptiby installed technology have a surprising effect the moment it is activated. All the technology will imperceptibly enter into the civil use and, like a trojan horse, it will be activated in the moment of the Matrix' fall. The activity is seemingly inconspicous and it doesn't reveal its real purpose.

Superiority of such descent technology is unknown on Earth and with it, the intergalactic war will be led as well because it is necessary to establish the System on Earth. The destructive power of such a technology is immeasurable and it is possible to destroy entire planets with it.

The Mediator defines the selection of the descent technology suitable for the current state and needs. Properties of the technology will be precisely defined with all the relevant aspects for its construction on Earth. The existing technology allows the creation of the same, existing materials will not be sufficient for certain segemnts of technology. Therefore, in order for all the technology to fully live, it will be necessary to create special materials that will meet the needs of the same. Materials obtained in asuch a way will be strictly controlled and their production has to be under strict supervision. All obtaining and production skills will have to be in the hands of only a few chosen and loyal ones. Everything else is fatal.

Properties in 3D are unknown and they border with the impossible. The necessity of the same is necessary in intergalactic wars since the conditions are significantly different than on Earth. Each such information must be protected because secrecy brings a significanta advantage. All aspects of metamilitary action will be multidimensional and consequently connected. Totality is necessary this time in order for the solution to be final and permanent.

Every action of an individual who will be included in operations must be strictly controlled, obstructions are possible and the consequences can be fatal. All informaton systems will be strictly protected and any kind of misuse or breakthrough will be disabled. Everything is subordinated to success.

Spatial conditions for projecting will be necessary due to the performance easiness itself. The complexity of the product requires special conditions. The human staff will be strictly chosen and predefined by production segments.

Information Intelligence of each operator who participates in the design (projecting) and prodcution has to be perfectly trained. The control double. Everything is subordinated to success. There is no mistake. The application of existing technology will be known only to the few chosen ones. Their real power of application is dangerous and has to be strictly controlled. There is no mistake.

A completely new materialization of things, unknown until then, will define what is meaningful and what is not. Only what is completely correct and functional can survive, the rest is being destroyed. And such is the Law. Harmony of the existing eco system refers to all living and non-living matter and, as such, it is One. All is the Law. There is no mistake.
Opportunism will be nipped in the bud, there is no interference. New is new. To act in this way will demand a new paradigm of living and that is One. There is no mistake. And the Law is respected.

Strict hierarchy will supervise the execution of all processes until the establishment of the final New age. This is One. There is no doubt. All existing resources of living will be built on the principle of One. Such is the Law. The New Era begins with the opening of the New dimension and it will require new people who are capable to conduct new laws. Rigorous measures of imposition are necessary in order for the System to penetrate into the mass more easily. And that is the Law. Every correct action in the times that follow will more easily enable the necessary preliminary actions for the total war, War of Field. Each action has to be supervised because there are no mistakes. Such is the Law. All the information obtained in such a way will instantly have their applicative use. Such is the Law.

This is the announcement of the New Era of maniknd for mankind, with war through war for war. Peace is final. And that is the Law.

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Project YugoSphere

Runic Gym

Runic Gym rescues the civilization and liberates the planet from karma. Runic Gym ejects the Matrix out of you. Perpetuum mobile pulls out from the Matrix. Shattered, the Swastika connects you. The Universe in a single point – the Zero Point. The path into Consciousness is open through the Swastika.

The projects of Yugosphere begin through the Runic Gym project.

The constructed body is capable to suck in the Matrix situation, tear down the interference Field and establish a New hologram. Destruction of the Matrix is the principle of action of the Zero Point.

The System conducts the Zero Point through you into the body which is the Swastika which is rotating. The Matrix field lacerates the bodies so they would not enter the antigravity effect, the bodies are blocked through the brain so that the opening of the Heart would not occur.

The destructive energy of the Zero Point goes from the Swastika – it is the Perpetuum mobile that, when the body is open, works without lassitude. The fourth dimension is the Original Field of action of the Humanoids.

Consciousness of the Swastika is Consciousness about life. The deeply implanted ones do not have consciousness about life, they work according to patterns and ciphers of the Matrix. The Universe conducts the Force through you in order to change the space. Vril, descent through the body, liberates the possessed parts of the body and it is the trigger for flowability.

Runic Gym is the Universal force which embodies the bodies.

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The Space machine

The body is a machine which produces the Phi Sound. Every part of the body has to be transformed in order to conduct the Law because the Law is action from the Heart which is open and pure. Every path leads from the Heart and to the Heart. It is an infinite loop of creation and destruction – a constant cyclus. Each procedure from the Heart changes you and the environment, every being and non-living matter. The paths are different but the goal is the same for everyone who has decided. The Mediator is the initiator of events. Every action has already been created, there are no coincidences. Acting from the Heart, you actually conduct the Will of the Creator. There is no you because you are Him and He is you, such is the Law, there is no mistake. Each record in the purified gene is an instruction for action, which is executed by automatism when it’s her turn. The human is actually a Space machine which is created according to his principles and so it must act because that is the Law and there is no mistake. The Principles of the Law are unknown until the moment when you become the Law, then you do not need to understand them because you are the Law and you act as One. Then, every desire to know is actually needless because you are that. All beyond this is destructive behavior and it is either changed or destroyed. Such is the Law, this is the Principle of action. All you do not assimilate, you destroy in order to create new which is harmonized and there is no mistake. Every beginning has to have its end in order for the entirety to be unified. What is started is never left unfinished, it is either destroyed or created. The circle is closed. It is an entirety which has no end and beginning, that’s how the eternal Creation acts. The beginning in the end and the end in the beginning.

Construction of the Human Biocomputer

Represents the climax of construction of the human body with all of functions. The Procedure is conducted in the Zero Point Field and as such, represents a mystery for the 3D science because it has no insight in Field's multidimensionality and its functions. Every such constructed body represents a depiction of the Universe with all its elements and legalities. Then a human is a human because he has been created in accordance with the Principle of the Universe and acts by its principles, in accordance with the One. Such is the Law of creation, everything else is needless.

The complete bioelectronics of the body function according to the principle of the Universe because it is a part of it. The cell's core is completely changed and its original function has been returned. When we look at the cell we can in fact say that we are looking the Universe. Its functions are changing and it begins to work in its natural regime. The cycles of exchange are entirely different than what is claimed. Energy feeding requires new adapters to be installed within the cell's core that can accept the new form of energy and which is not based on food consumed by the today's human. All functions of the body are then outside of possible explanation of today's physics because it is the one giving the false depiction, therefore it seems that such a human is in fact an alien, not the Earth's member.

Every machine created and built by such a person has the function which is embedded from the one who has projected and built it. Each atom of that device or instrument has the same principles as the person which created it. They are a symbiosis and act as One, which is the principle of the Universe, nothing is partial. Everything is harmony. Only a few can understand this. Combinatorics of the human mind.

Correctly built he acts multidimensionally and in doing so, every operation he performs, he repeats until the very end. Each action is in the function and there is no idling, nor does he stop at any point, it's in fact a machine designed to work eternally. The power of such a mind is enormous and all of its capacities cannot be displayed because they act in multiple dimensions which are currently impossible to display, there are no instruments that can simulate the multidimensional space. Every brain cell – neuron, has its multidimensional match, he, himself is multidimensional and they are all connected, when they work, they work as one, in parallel in all dimensions in which they are present. Such state is impossible to achieve with any know technique today, even the Lamas of Tibet don't have such cognitions. The New technology for the New era, the appropriate technology always descends for the given circumnstances and state of consciousness. Lower consciousness – stronger technology and so on.

The breakthroughs into the brains sphere occur with the enhancement of the Heart's capacity because it is the one inserting energy packages that break the existing state. Every thought outside of that is wrong and leads into the deviation of the process. Technology presented today is in fact implantation of the body and introduces the human into a cyborg state which is in fact only a machine, every contact with the original creation, which is also contained in the constructed body, is lost here. All in One.

The Procedure is longlasting if the requirements for its accomplishment are not achieved. When the space in which the Mediator operates is defined, then quantum operations are possible, unseen quantum leaps in the construction of the person's consciousness. In accordance with genetic predispositions, it is possible to achieve an instantaneous state without the person having psychophysical disorders, he/she is completely aware of the events. All such built participants are being instantaneously networked, create a completely new communication network, internet of the new era, considering that this one is connected to Creation, so it can be said that it's him and Creation, all in One.

Antigravity – the natural magnetic field

If Earth was in its natural state, the compass wouldn't work and there wouldn't even be a need for such a mechanism. The natural magnetism of the Earth was moved to the poles and to a few other carefully selected places on the planet with the technology that isn't human nor earthly. In parallel with this, technology and heavy metals were also installed in the human body. These two things are enough in order for the substance of life, pure free energy, to begin to accumuate at the above mentioned places. The perfect system of theft of the Conscious Substance, i.e. Energy (Monoatomic Gold) has been set up. From the mentioned reservoirs, the occupier powers his entire dimension and all of his technology.

Entering into the Method One Procedure and the first encounter with the Mediator is the beginning of return of the lost Substance into the body. Those first Energy impacts of the Zero Point Field on the body, the installation of the Swastika Mechanism, no one can withstand in balance. All fall under the Force. This is already the first proof that the body is not in a natural state, that it's weak and without Energy and under blockage of the Energy flow. In the Spaces of the Mediator, in the spaces of the Runic Gym, Zero Point Field conditions are established, the State of the Universe which is the only natural habitat of all living beings. This slightly deepens the very significance of life. The transformation also begins in such a space, the liberation and qualification of the body for Life.  A living being needs to be capable to produce all the necessary Energy, i.e. Substance for all the activities it is implementing. To spend time in the Runic Gym means to strengthen that very Center from which everything originates. This is the acceptance of responsibility and the Law of One which naturally maintains and regulates every form of existence.

Summary of the entire article: with the magnetic force and highly developed technology from the human bodies, but also from other forms of life (animals, plants, seas and oceans, ...) Monoatomic gold is being pulled out, the basic substance of life and Consciousness which is being used by forms of life that are not capable to produce that same substance themselves. Therefore, the Earth and Earthlings are under heavy, fatal parasitic infection. The Runic Gym is created so that you can see the actual condition and begin the procedure of healing yourself and the planet. The parasite that draws you is more intelligent and technologically stronger than you in this state. It's logical because he has taken your Energy and also knows how to manipulate you, how to draw your attention away from him and directs you to a problem that is irrelevant. This is what the entire mankind is dealing with. Nothing. Before you begin to mock this as some crazy theory, a bad SF story, new manipulation – come to the Runic Gym and check for yourself what this is about. Nowhere else and from no one else can you get a true answer. As you, no one else knows it. Do this because we are certain that all of you feel that something is very wrong in this life, no matter how much you deceive yourselves and no matter how much you deceive us.

The natural magnetic field is Antigravity which is the Zero force.

New physical force – the Swastika | The Force of the Universe

All physical forces of the Matrix are false, therefore they are subject to the physical laws of the Universe because, as such, they don’t exist. The Coriolis force, as a result of the Earth’s rotation, in reality does not exist, it is a product of the Matrix. The entire physics of Earth is not real, she is of a local character and is only valid for the Matrix conditions, as such, she does not exist outside. These are the pillars of the Matrix. Your task is to tear down those settled paradigms because they are the ones holding the Matrix hidden and there is a possibility of its revelation. By demolishing all physical laws, a new understanding is being imposed, the penetration into the scientific community will open many questions and reveal deceptions which have deceiving for centuries. The point of action is the Zero Point and the truth will be shown through it. Its action will reveal the fraud called the Matrix and show that the overall Matrix technology is not real. It is a cuckoo’s egg inserted into the Earth’s system with a ruinous effect on her and her inhabitants. It’s all actually a big farce. Technology which will enter into widespread use will create the space for action and enable the penetration of Consciousness into the Matrix, on a global level. All Newton’s laws are nullified and void and as such they have no application outside of the Matrix because they actually don’t exist. The principles of thermodynamics will be void because its fundamental assumption is the impossibility of the Perpetuum mobile. Each unit of measurement will be subjected to re-examination because the insight to their inaccuracy will occur and many of them are in fact fictitious because the values of measuring with them do not exist. The overall system is infected and it will be necessary to change everything. All postulates of life will be redefined. The Runic Gym will demolish principles of correctness in the Matrix, the impossible will be shown which is in fact possible, a completely new reality.

Swastika is the foundation of the Universe, she is the physical legitimacy of the Universe. Her action is in the Moment NOW and it extends to the infinite NOW. Each moment is filled with life, there is no illusion about existence. She harmonizes with the rhythm of Everything, gives you the impulse of life and leads you though life.

Why the Runic Gym

The human being is completely inferior in relation to all other species which are present in the galaxy and on Earth. What we call animals is in the same position as the human. This means that we don't have abilities for defense against the influence of other intelligent species that claim to Earth. Rulers of Earth are some others, not the human, whatever you think.

Runic Gym is a place for the installation and development of original human ablities with which you could again parry for survival on Earth and in the Universe. In all that is happening on the planet, everything that the human is watching, what he admires, what he celebrates, what he believes, what he listens and adores, what he uses, eats, .... reptilian elements are woven in all of that. The most important information is that they are woven into the human body, i.e. they make the genetic structure. Originally it wasn't like that, and that very detachment from the original led to the loss of abilities and superiority. There is no evolution in the way that our science interprets (and even that what it interprets is a reptilian hoax), evolution is always a genetic engineering by some inteligent species. The human was created perfect, completely equipped and with absolute Consciousness who he is and where from. This today is not a human but a product of genetic manipulation of the cold, intelligent, predatory species. Reptilians claim to us that they are not our enemies, but the question is from what do they live? Equally, the hybrid being human can say that he is not the enemy to pigs and yet he still kills hundreds of thousands of them each day. The comparison is quite close to the state of affairs. Also, the reptilian claims that he is the original native of the planet and, in your subconscious, the hypnotic message is constantly ringing that you are an intruder here so either go or be a slave. Very friendly relations. However, whose planet is it originally? Is the human entitled to the right to live here? Who is the human in general and how does the original, not genetically damaged humanoid function? Is it true that, as such, he is a superior being in all the universe? What does it mean to be superior, i.e. how does a superior being relate to all other beings and by what law does he function? Does such a being keep someone in slavery and ignorance?

Answers to all questions and to all upcoming ones are only in the Runic Gym, in the Mediator's presence, the only living Humanoid on the planet and through the specially created humanoid technology. Only like this can you recognize the truth and see the difference from the body and the Body, from technology and OMANU Technology. The original human is not a predator, he doesn't need anybody else's „flesh“ and „blood“ for survival. With all the efforts, todays's hybrid does not succeed in such independence. Primarily because there are reptilian elements inside him that seek what is theirs. Runic Gym enables exactly this biochemical transformation and genetic purification. Secondly, a humanoid is not afraid of death because he is immortal. These are the key moments which imply what is the relation of a real humanoid to other beings – there is no need for exploitation because all that he needs is inside of him.

No species are friendly oriented towards the human. There are those to whom it is all the same, but there si so much more of those who want to take away from him something that he has, to conquer him, and those who want complete destruction are not rare either. Therefore, naivety about good aliens and, better yet, earthlings is not welcome and it cost us a lot for many thousands of years. No one will save us. What is left is the transformation to be capable to save yourself. Isn't the Mediator's appearance and transformation that salvation? Get out from the hypnosis, inertness and nonchalance! No species wants the awaken human except the human himself. And that human who should want it is under deep hypnosis so he refuses to want it. On the other side, reptilians demonstrate their power and superiority on a daily basis so it is understandable to feel fear and weakness. The call is open. Come for the power. In the Runic Gym you have the possibility to gain back something long forgotten and to get into contact with the humanoid technology which is far more superior than the reptilian and other technologies. Do not allow yourself to be hypnotized with the monkey origin. You were created by the Swastika. Everything you think you know is not true. Someone has intentionally served you a lie. No, it is not normal to not know who you actually are.

Every day in every moment, everything you do, everything you watch and listen, the thoughts you are obsessed with are reptilian coding, reptilian cypher. There is no Phi. This is the reason why you can not know anything more than what has been served to you. With all that, all the power, all the energy they've directed towards themselves and you consider this to be normal. You don't have enough energy to think what is happening to you. You are too busy with survival at the minimum of you capacity. It is not the humanoid state nor edition. Come to the Runic Gym to feel the normality of existence and so the desire in you awakens to fight for yourself and then for the global. This is not agitation against the reptilians, they are what they are. This is a call to you who have the potential for the Heart. Reptilians do not have the Heart, not the one we speak about. Why are they afraid of it, because it is the only technology against which they can't do anything. If I listen to that inner feeling, then I know I would rather have the worst possible version with the Heart than the best without the Heart. The cold intellect can never act from the Feeling which is the Heart, which means that the cold intellect can not give freedom. I am not luring you into a trap in which you will pay and unload your heavily (or easily) acquired resources, yet I am calling you into the Technological Field of the Heart and to invest into the construction of your body and the humanoid technology which is the only way out. Poor and powerless and dead in the end, you are no use to the humanoid species. It's all the same to the reptilian because he doesn't feel you. All you are to him is a potential prey. Transformed, conscious and capable – the poles are turning to the real independence day.

Integration of the Runic Gym

Spherein represents the integration of the Runic Gym within the Matrix. As such, the System of the Runic Gym is invisible to the Matrix because the legalities within it are not subject to laws of the Matrix. By entering into the Runic Gym, each person is automatically protected from the influence of the Matrix. With its existence on Earth, the Runic Gym represents the backbone in the war against the Matrix. It operates in multiple ways and beyond the visible dimension, it changes the coordinates of each and every person who is starting his/her program inside the Runic Gym. Each item of the individual person’s Matrix is being scanned and thus the adjustment the person within the Runic Gym System is being made. These are the tirggers that in the given moment trigger according to the precisely defined schedule, chain reaction. As the Runic Gym System is outside of the Matrix, it is invisible and its action cannot be scanned. Each individual is, in such a way, a warrior without even being aware of that. In this is the power of the System, to be invisible. Each system strives for perfection and that’s why each individual is transformed, to be perfect, such is the principle and that is the Law of One, there is no mistake. All is subordinated to success.

Antigravity weights (Antigravity Sphere) are an integrated part of the Runic Gym and, as such, they represent the perfect machines which enable action on the body in accordance with the System, they correct and change the state, mind and body. This is the principle of action, such is the Law and there is no mistake. The Runic Gym is a space within a space and as such is multidimensional, work in it affects on all dimensions of existence of those who excerise. Each movement is carefully selected because it is not just a random movement, yet it represents a breakthough into all dimensions of existence, that is how you speed up the exercise and exit out of the Matrix, all in one.

The Runic Master embodies the principles of the Universe into every exercise machine, machine, space, symbols, the accelerated progress is created with mutual action.

Technological Field of the Heart

TECHNOLOGICAL FIELD OF THE HEART – THE MOST POWERFUL INFORMATION BASE – it is the only data base that can annul and/or reprogram any existing information system including the complete physical body. The Black Field originates from the Center Heart which is the mentioned Information Base. The Black Field is the foundation of the Runic Gym and of the human body construction. The human body is built out of energy resources with which the phenotype characteristics are influenced but without excluding and neglecting that what is called the soul. This is the difference from the technological processing of the body by scientists – human is a „machine“ but not out of metal implants. Construction of the body in the Runic Gym releases the body and introduces into antigravity and the being thus cognitions it is immortal and multidimensional. Today's technology prolongs the agony of the physical body by incresing gravity and remaining in the dimension from where it can not go anywhere. Encourages addiction of technology development on Earth and the worst consequence is that the human is literally put into a position in which somedy else can decide when will he/she be disconnected from the show called life and without  the cognition who he/she is and what is his/hers purpose.

The Runic Gym Technology I

Runic Gym builds the Body with Runic machines. Building the Body, the Runic Gym builds the New civilization.

Vision: the Swastikas are rotating in the Mediator's Body in all directions.

Runic Gym globally seizes the body which, with the phase shift, enters into the Zero Point it is a multidimensional procedure of opening the body. Exercises on the Runic machines in the special space of the Runic Gym opens the New dimension.

Runic Gym is Technology in the (physical) machines and exercise machines, the Force of the Zero Point is stored. Runic Gym is created with the installation of the Sphere in the Runic exercise machines and machines. They radiate Runic correctness, they are preset to transform the body, correct deviations. Training with them gives excellent condition readiness, especially for athletes (PHYSICAL CONDITION OF THE ZERO POINT FIELD). These are the machines for the transformation of the body through exercise. The change of the aggregate state of the body is achieved with physical exercise.

Runic machines are encoded with Runes, and the Rune is pure, she corrects the wrong, with exercise she directly affects on the speed of transformation of the body and changes of the aggregate state occur in the body by the very act of exercising (the body receives the Zero Point impulse). This is Energy Medicine 4D. The exercise on the Runic machines opens up Consciousness, increases and builds Intelligence, motoric skills, perception, will. The Runic Gym directs the movement and nothing is accidental. The control is self-regulating. Runic Gym possesses the Intelligence. Each exercise adjusts the intensity to the condition of the body. Runic exercises act on the body and mind. Each exercise is independent of the other but, essentially, they all act as one. The dimension of exercising is completely unknown and there is no comparison with anything known. Every action within the Runic Gym has a multiple effect and, as such, it is multidimensional which the unawake brain does not understand. All who approach this way of exercising achieve their results quickly, in terms of physical and mental condition. The length of the training is several times shorter than it is in the 3D training methodology.

The Runic Gym Technology II

The Runic Gym is the Crystal Knowledge which establishes the correct structure of the body and mind. The Runic Gym corrects any irregularity and installs the correct Runic structure. The processes inside the body are interconnected and the change of a certain imperfection affects the overall state. Each irregularity is detected and corrected by automatism, without the influence of the brain. Actions are simultaneous (multidimensional) and they affect any deviation. The Runic Gym has its own Intelligence which detects and removes imperfections of the body and mind. As such, the procedure is unknown to today's civilization and doesn't have a match in the existing training methods. It all depends on the state of the person in training and, at the same time, nothing depends on him/her. Runic Gym is a self-managing and self-controlling procedure of improving the body and all its functions. Each movement of the body is under surveillance and, although it seems illogocial, as such, it is complete and appropriate to the given state. The exercise adjusts to the state of the body, changes it and affects on its improvement and with every procedure the exercise is stronger or weaker in accordance with the state of the body or its parts. The exercise is intelligent. In the Runic Gym there are no restrictions regarding to the age of an individual because the exercise is Intelligence, and as such it adjusts to the state of the body.

The exercise space is strictly default and as such it is in symbiosis with the exercise, they are the System. The Runic Gym is the foundation of change of the general state of the community and as such introduces a new System into interaction. All aspects of the Runic Gym are not visible because it operates multidimensionally. The Runic Gym introduces the human into the state of slight trans to eject him out of his false balance. With every such procedure there comes to the breakthrough of imposed holograms and implants embedded inside the body. The nearest to the definition of such a state is mesmerism with that the person is in awake state.

Every machine/exercise machine will be encoded in accordance with its purpose and the activation occurs when it performs the transfer of its function to the person's body. All such procedures lead only in one direction and that is the awakening of the individual. Action from the Heart to the Heart accelerates every possible transformation and shortens the time of change. The definition of the same in multiple ways. The constant permutation.

All parts of the body must be transformed because otherwise the System does not flow, blockades are multiplied and prevent action. The Mediator acts on your mind, blocks it and thus enables the action of the Heart. The procedure is instantaneous and it can not be meauserd. Ejection of inserted installations (Deimplantation) occurs with the rotation in the Zero Point Field and thus the body is liberated from the mentioned. Forces in action tear up the foreign elements. The principle of action of the Runic Gym is the principle of the Universe and, as such, has instantaneous effect to all other, living and non-living. Through the Mediator/Operator the Field is conducted to all other elements of the Runic Gym, therefore the Training must be conducted.

Runic Gym has groups of machines/exercise machines and each group is used for a specific development of the body. Although they are seemingly different by design and functions, they act as One. Each group is encoded according to the way of performing the exercise. Groups of exercise machines for development of; legs, arms, back, torus (torso), devices for concentration exercises, ... Lack of concentration causes possible injuries and that is why it is necessary to conduct such exercises.

Exercise machines of the Runic Gym have a correct design and that is one way of exercising. It is operated through the vision of the person. The design is not random, it is carefully defined in relation to the material because it has an effect to the machine itself. The design has the function of activation, the desire for exercising and thus performing the initialization. It is taken into consideration that the person has weak will.

Managing the Runic Gym requires not only expertise in terms of exercises but also relation with people. The approach to every individual is adjusted and thus maximizing functionality. Such built assistent can immediately adapt the exercises in order to maximize the effect of the same. Any improvisation is prevented by the System and there is no mistake. Leadership is harmoniously.

All parts of the Runic Gym act as One. Each machine is a communication device which gives a return signal of the state of the one exercising and currently changes the state. All adaptations have in aim the quickest possible activation of the one exercising in order to enhance the efficiency of that individual in all his/hers segments, physically and mentally. Managing the Runic Gym requires a high degree of professionalism and training due to its specificity. Trainings in the initial phases are defined according to the individual on order for the person to overcome the basic degree of exercises, therefore assimiitaion is done by estimation. Exercising requires a degree of will and concentration in order for it to be efficient. Any rejection is counterproductive. Runic Gym has the Intelligence which scans the system and performs the correction, ejects the intruder. It is a training for the intelligent. Each machine is presented to the user and with a demonstartion exercise  he/she is being introduced into the usage of the same, thus releasing all its funtions. As such, the Runic Gym has countless possibilities to completely breakthrough every blockade of the one that is exercising. Runic Gym is the training system of the future and, as such it is unrivalled. Training in the Runic Gym rapidly enhances abilites and has an immeasurable effect in relation to any known way of training. Every such training considerably shortens the time to achieve the desired effect. Runic Gym has a simple function – let go to be led.

The Runic Gym Technology III

The space of the Runic Gym is divided into chambers. Each chamber is projected for a certain exercise. The Runic Gym contains 12 chambers.

The 1st chamber is for initial phases of exercising when the body is completely unprepared. In the 1st chamber are mechanical exercise machines which correct the rigidly set motoric skills of the body and introduce the body into the correct state. The chamber consists of 24 exercise machines.

The Runic Gym Technology acts at the level of a nanoparticle. Each particle receives information about movement along the strictly defined path. The procedure is that the information is transferred binary and that means turn on or off. Each information transferred in this way cannot be wrong. All parts are put into operation under the same principle – turn on – action, turn off – inaction. All parts of the Runic Gym are projected with a simple aim, to bring the body into the correct position, stance and movement which leads to changes of the state of mind. 12 chambers of the Runic Gym represent 12 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 12 entireties of the human body. 12 represents a magical number, this is Runic Kabala. A certain activity is defined in every chamber and thus affecting the constellation of the planets. Here, the connection of the body and the Universe is shown. The smaller entirety in a large one and vice versa. Each part of the body is affected by a certain planet, and together they form a system, by looking at the sky we should be looking at ourselves actually, but this is impossible in the Matrix. Every activity in the Matrix is an illusion and that’s why nobody has this knowledge. All attempts through history were disabled because it was too dangerous to have such cognitions. The dark has lasted until the present day when the breakthrough is done with the burts of Light which marks the end and the beginning.

The Mediator controls the chamber because he represents the Unverse and to each chamber gives its state which belongs to it according to the arrangement of the Universe. Each participant who passes all 12 chambers can say that he has received the State of the Universe and until then, its only a mistake.

Each exercise machine is designed from the Mediator because he knows the term of Phi design and how the principles of beauty can be expressed in countless ways. That’s why the machine will be perfectly shaped and, as such, all-attractive to those who will exercise, The universal principles embedded into matter. Each machine, out of 24, has its own match in the arrangement of celestial bodies and this can also be seen by their application, how they function.

With exercise, the Runic Gym conducts the System through the body. Each exercise opens up a certain part of the body. The Runic exercise blocks the brain and introduces the body into the correct position which is adequate to the state of the body. Each exercise is ergometric and, for the 3D structure, such ergometry is unknown. Runic Gym is Space technology therefore the principles of action cannot be understandable. The person who passes all phases of training can have the insight on what’s this all about.

Method One is actually being installed via Runic Gym. It is a System within a System. System through the System in the System, this is the principle. In order to be new, the old is being erased, this is the exchange. Runic Gym is action from the Heart through the Heart, that is how the System is transferred becase then there is no mistake. Each System acts upon the other System with the force of a breakthrough. The Runic Gym represents a tool with which the breakthrough is being done.

A.G. force (antigravity force) in the Runic Gym exercise machines acts upon the body so that during the exercise, the antigravity effect is achieved. The position of the body in the exercise is being set by the machine, it adjusts the body into the natural state, brings the Energy. During the exercise, the body is changing its structure and with the exchange of the structure, implants are being ejected. Runes are built into the Runic Gym which are, through the physical contact with machine, built into the body. Vril flows through the body and that is the beginning of the liberation of the body – Demplantation. Quantum Intelligence is being increased, Consciousness. The Runic Gym conducts the Energy of the Zero Point Field into the bodies.

Runic Gym is the Technology of Atlantis.

The Technology of the Zero Point is built into the exercise machines and each atom in the machines is the Zero Point which then awakens the Zero Point in the body and transforms the body in exercise – this is Yoga Runica – the body enters the Vortex during the exercise.

Vision: A spherical room of the Runic Gym in which the Rotation machine is located. With the rotation of the Rotation machine the entire room rotates, seemingly much slower than the chair itself but they both are in mutual interaction through the rotation – they are harmonized.

The Original Technology

Every System in the Universe has its legalities, so does the Matrix, repeated repetition. All the technology obtained in the Matrix is not of a human character because the human needs to adapt to the technology. The Original Technology is compatible with the human, no adaptation time is required. Every correctly built individual adopts the technology automatically because the technology is a part of that individual and vice versa, therefore adaptation is unnecessary. All is in the function of One. Such is the Law and the Principle is respected.

The applicaction of Runic Kabala

The application of Runic Kabala in speech, text enables the opening of the Heart and thus enables action. Runic Kabala represents the transfer of Information with Sound and it has instantaneous effect on all participants. All the letters and all texts which are released to the public are written with Runic Kabala thus affecting the reader with Sound without him even being aware of it. The Mediator, by opening the Heart, enables the production of Sound of great power. The stronger the Heart, the stronger the Sound. The stronger the Sound, the stronger the effect. Each text written with Runic Kabala has its vibration, it’s Sound. Runic Kabala works from far away because the Sound has the breakthrough power and it does not stop. Although the interlocutor did not hear what has been said, what is addressed to him will be delivered as well, the spatial barrier is not an obstacle. In fact, such produced sound wave travels constantly. Each obstacle in the rush, the sound wave transforms, the Sound performs the modulation. Actually, each gadget of the Runic Gym also has kabalistic action because each gadget gas its own vibration, it produces Sound which effects the one who exercises as well as all who are in the space, despite their will. Kabalistic action is the original action of the Universe because the Universe is constantly producing the Phi Sound of Creation, such is the Law.

The application of Runic Kabala II

Runic Kabala has applicative use in all life segments. Runic Kabala can influence devices and machines of the 3rd dimension. The sound wave penetrates into the device or a machine, thereby changing its structure, and therefore changing the way of work. Runic Kabala can also influence electronics in such a way that, with sound, i.e. speech, commands can be given which control the work of a device. Such given command is in fact a sound wave which carries an information, input what to do. Every gadget of the 3rd dimension, device, machine can be controlled. By changing their structure, you become One with it or them, thereby achieving the power of control. Each living individual on Earth can be under the influence of Runic Kabala. The received voice command input instantly affects its system whether it is an animal or a plant. The sound wave penetrates its system, erases it and inserts new information. The system always has a tendency to penetrate into another system and to change, transform and assimilate it. The characteristic of Intelligence is that it wants to accomplish the state of intelligence of all participants, then the flow of information is quick and undistrubed. That's how High Consciousness works.

Runski Gym | Prostorna Tehnologija     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Runski Gym je Prostorna Tehnologija koja pokreće promjene. Ona predstavlja zbir zvučnih valova koji je potpuno nepoznat i  djeluje u prostor, ali Runski Gym je prostor sazdan od niza prostora koji su Multidimenzionalni Prostor i jedno vidljivo ne znači da je nepoznato i ono nevidljivo i zato je to moćno oružje, radi, a nitko nije svjestan toga.

Promjena je neizbježna kada se aktivira bilo koja naprava jer ona sadrži sve u jednom, jedna naprava predstavlja kompletan Runski Gym i kompletan predstavja jednu napravu, tu je postignut Zakon Jednog. 

Runski Gym je i borbeni sistem (Runski Borbeni Sistem) jer uvodi tijelo u potpuno novu dimenziju, a što zahtijeva da se uništi sve ono staro što je instalirano u tijelu. Kabalistički pristup izrade svake naprave omogućava da je kreirana i prije nego što je materijalizirana. Izgovaranje svake dimenzije i mjere direktno utječe na sam rad naprave, tako da ona djeluje već onoga trena kada se pretvori u nacrt koji je potreban za njenu izradu, nema razlike. Kabalistički je potpuno odrađena svaka mjera koja se koristi za njenu izradu. Ovako kabalistički definirane mjere direktno utječu na sam matetrijal izrade kao i na operatera koji ih čita. Na taj način se poštuje pravilo da se zadovoljavaju svi aspekti izrade po Zakonu Jednog. Tehnologija-materijal-izrada. Sve je sadržano u jednome.

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