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Runic astrology

The number of planets in every, and in the Solar system as well, is not random. They come to existence, they are developing according to the Principle of the Law of One because they are the Swastika. The Universe is wrapped around with plasma of the Black Sun – that’s the Black Body of Atlantis. The Mediator is the Black Body of Atlantis in the shape of a human body. Stories from the Runic world speak about the existence of 12 planets that circle around the Sun. They also speak about 12 Black Bodies (human) that should, with the Mediator, hold the Black Field on Earth. Runes tell a story which is from the beginning and forever regardless of the transformation shape. Runic astrology is a science transmitted by the Runes. Runes originate from the Mediator’s Body who is the Original Field.

The Universe is Black plasma. The Body of the Creator in which the game of life takes place. Every body is the creation of the Creator. The fact is that all the bodies of the Universe, among which is planet Earth as well, have the Consciousness about the Creator and respect the Law that sets them into motion. The human today doesn’t understand a single Law, and he understands the least the fundamental Law that gives him life, growth and who sets him into motion.

The astrological important moment is the birth of the Mediator. His presence is transmitting the Original Knowledge – the Swastika. His presence returns the human body into the plasmatic state because in that state is the entire Universe. The Earth is a plasmatic planet as well. All is connected. All is One. Runes are the language of the Universe which is the same in every part of the Universe. Runic astrology is being given in order to speak with Runes that understand all the bodies of the Universe. When you obtain Runes into your body, then they speak about the mutual relation which is not an influence (positive or negative) but an interaction and positioning according to the strength of the Swastika, i.e. rotation. There is no good or bad position nor better or worse Swastika. There is only the path and development of the transformation.

The mystical symbol Swastika – the symbol of the Body and the initial potential for the development from the very Self. The Symbol of the Creator.

The genesis and origin are the same for everyone, even for you and for every planet and for every body in the Universe. The purpose of origin is given to you by the Swastika herself. With regard to the purpose you are formed into a certain shape, you develop mass, … Here we are talking about science with which you also obtain the necessary ability to withstand the pressure of the creative power which is the Black Sun, Krishna, Crystal, …, from which everything „originated“, i.e. rotated.

Without tendency to insult anyone, today's science is not even at the surface of science. Nothing is known about the physical laws. Next to nothing is known about the planet itself, where we exist. Less than 15% of the planet is explored and we are in search for the laws of the Universe. Not a single thing is out there in the vastness of the Universe that it doesn't exist here on Earth. If it is really being insisted on that search outside then it should be taken into consideration that even the Universe itself, where we wander, is under the Law of the Force which is behind that Universe (linearly) and that, in such way, it is not possible to overmaster and prepare any body or object to withstand the pressure of that Force. And so the everlasting search for energy and abilities continues. Free energy exists. It hasn't been seized. The human bodies on Earth are seized from this information and from the Essential knowledge. Into the Universe you travel with your body. The plasmatic state, the medium of origin and what is created is that desired antigravity which is the manifestation of free flow of the Black Body through all the bodies in the space. Although many have realized that the laws in the Universe are slightly different than on Earth, the question is how will they introduce this on Earth?

Map of the Multiverse


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The Solar system

The Solar system has a special way of moving, different from other systems. Technology which is obtained is not from our Solar system.

Earth is not the only one in disharmony. The state on Earth is a consequence of deviant changes in the entire Universe. The introduction of order on Earth will regulate the state of the Universe.

All the planets have been ejected from their original trajectory. There is a wormhole in our Universe through which Energy is drawn. It's a crack through which the original identity is lost. At one moment, reptiles were inserted through that crack. Reptiles are inserted here so the they can supply resources from our system to the place from where they are inserted. All the galactic army exists in order to repair this accident and so the system could be cleaned  from beings that do not belong to it. Earth is at a strategically most important position and it is damaged the most. Tesla knew how to close the crack.

The Son of the Black Sun


The Solar galaxy exists from the begining and forever. On each born body life was flourishing. Each planet was inhabitated with life. On all planets has been life, „development“, destruction and all planets were „left“ when the puls of life was wasted. All predecessors experience the clash on Earth, the last planet in the system which is ticking its last seconds of life. The devolution case of the Solar galaxy can be solved only through the One who is the born Son of the Black Sun and as such it can breathe the puls of a new life.

Earth and all her inhabitants live the karma of the entire galaxy. Each planet transmitts information of its past. This is the foundation of astrology and other related learnings.

Deep oblivion beacuse of the non-transparent karma that reaches into infinity of existence makes our planet the largest scaffold of life. To the last one it is the hardest because he is in the greatest ignorance.

No one is and can be free until all karma of the entire history is consumed or grind. Runic Astrology reveals the forgotten Knowledge about the One who is the Source of life.

Tjelesno - energetski ekstrem | Fizika Tijela i Matematika Crnog Sunca | Astrološki prikaz Crnog Lame  

The Runic wheel  – The model of all the Universes

Crno Sunce     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Izvorišni uzrok svega

Primarni cilj nije uništenje, nego prodiranje u svu materiju i izviranje iz sve materije. Primarni cilj je ŽIVOT.

Astrologija (Runska) se proučava – ZNA u Crnom Suncu.

Runska astrologija u svom centru ima Crno Sunce. Izrada astrološke karte ima samo jednu svrhu za svakog pojedinca – izračunati kada je najbolji trenutak za Postupak Method One tj. za spajanje sa Crnim Suncem. To je vrhunac postojanja i konstanta vječnosti.

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