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Metaphysics | Quantum physics | Mathematics of the New Era

New Era – New Knowledge

New Era brings New Knowledge. New Knowledge is the return into the Original Knowledge – Original Science. New Knowledge – Metaphysics. New Knowledge is the New Body. Metaphysics = Method One – Science about the Body.

What all is the Body? Why Science about the Body? Why the Body? What kind of Body? High science of the 3rd dimension represents narrow-mindedness and is based on assumptions. Metaphysics speaks and responds. Questions are answers – an asked question is a given answer.

Metaphysics in the Zero Point Field – Original Knowledge about Original Technology

Metaphysics is the Phi principle of functioning of the Universe. Official descending to the 3D physical level through Technology of the Zero Point Field – Heart Swastika. Metafitness introduces into the Metaphysical state of the body – State of the Universe – Original state of life. Written Metaphysical laws – laws of the Universe – and their publication overthrows all physical laws of the 3rd and 4th dimension.

Technology of the Zero Point Field Science is Free Energy present on planet Earth. The only Source on the planet is the One Body. This is Metaphysics, this is Science about the Body which is the Source of the Force of the Universe. The Source is inside the Body and the Body is the Source.

Crystal Biophysics

Book of the Universal Law – Metaphysics –  the Law from the Law of One (Crystal Biophysics) is the published embodiment of the Law of One by which every Highly-conscious civilization functions, the Law by which every Atlantis is being created.

OMANU TECHNOLOGY – applicable Technology of the Law is read out from Thoth’s Tablets in the Heart of the Mediator and is decrypted through the newly penetrated body. The amount of decrypted Information goes to a level that the Conductor can endure. The higher the endurance of the Conductor of Knoweldge the weaker is the collective unconsciousness. Eeach letter from Thoth’s  Tablets is a way out of oblivion and karma.

New physics

The book Metaphysics – the Law from the Law of One (Method One; Quantum physics and Biophysics; Physics of the New Era, Laws in the Crystal sphere; Crystal Biophysics; Zero Point Field) demolishes all delusions on the functions of the human body and physical 3D laws. The demolition of physical postulates so far will unlock all the abilities of the human body. New physics, new postulates begin from the human body. The first thing that went wrong was to change physical laws from the outside. The Mediator Method One does not just speak the theory and the possibilities but he demonstrates and introduces into praxis.

The Mediator awakens Awareness about the Zero Point Field. Method One descends the Zero Point Field to the 3D physical level.


The change of the body reduces gravity, … The very liberation from gravity allows you the view that exceeds the limited atmosphere. The very yielding to gravity doesn’t hold water to the compressed. Separated elements – incompatibility of the aggregate state. This also is a repercussion of pressure. Due to the creation of a strong magnetic field, the aggregate states of elements are possible to achieve only outside of their activity belt.

The human body is placed in controlled conditions – Matrix. It naturally constains all in itself, i.e. from a single element the human body produces everything. That element is Monatomic gold. With the combination of Monatomic gold all structures, all aggregate states and all elements are created that have been discovered so far and that are yet to be discovered (combinations). Combination is a game of Consciousness and omnipotence. According to these postulates, the periodic system of elements and 607 elements in it are only the basis for assembling the Universe. When people would know to see any object, any body, even phenomena in a correct way, they could see the initial structure. This is where the parallel with Thoth’s Emerald Tablets is created. By watching any object through the Field you could enter into Amentha with the Heart. Amentha is saved in 3D as well. At this moment this all seems very simple, but without the sense called Heart you don’t have eyes to see what we are talking about.

Receiving the signal of Atlantis

Through the channels that are integrated into the body, a new current line flows. Tesla’s tablets are located in that line – Information that is not preserved because they were never written down and transferred to this dimension. Tesla was a visionary. Visionaries, apart from ingenuity in changing reality, see the future. The future is open to the visionaries and possible information. That is why Visionaries listen to the Information about expressing, transferring and descending Information. Tesla’s channel is a discreet wormhole that opens exceptionally situationally. Protection of such information is a gradual deletion of the received. Not trust – that is the golden codex. Law erases a Law, at the same time it remains because it is given. It has given itself. You live from a Vision. A Vision is the Field. A Vision holds you inside yourself. It is your hologram in which all conditions are met and the principle is One – Law of One. The Vision is not conditioned, but conditions are given so you would be connected into the Vision. A Vision is the Information that costs you your former way of life. Digging through information will not lead to the functioning inside the Information system. Conditions are procedures. Conditions are Instructions.

The base of everything is the Method One Field. The Swastika is a transmitter and an assimilator. In your world the Swastika is strictly forbidden. The Swastika disperses the Zero Point potential through Phi potencies. Your Heart must be of the same resonance to catch the signal.

Physics and Mathematics of the New Era

New physics is being written. All obtained technology will be accompanied by new legalities. This science completely destroys the paradigms.

Physical laws obtained in the Zero Point Field will be proven through the obtained technology. All physical laws will be defined with mathematical legalities which will be incomprehensible. Mathematics of the Universe is yet to be learned. Mathematics of the Zero Point Field will be the foundation of further development of other branches of science.

Descriptions of the Field will be defined with new mathematical models which today’s science will not be able to understand. Present theories of the Field, theories of time and space are completely wrong. The field of a completely new science will be opened with the new mathematics. New concepts of life will be accomplished with the technology of the Zero Point Field which will enable the development of new science. Speed, time, space will receive new meaning in order to understand the principle of the Universe. New religion will be founded in science and vice versa, because legalities are the same, everything originates from the One.

All mathematical models will be given in the form of formulas with total explanation of all variables and shapes. Each formula describes a state, not an event. With action from the Heart achieves a state, not an event. Every event is in fact a state in the moment NOW. Linearly, it’s a random sequence of events which are causal–consequent related. Multidimensionally, it’s only a temporary state subject to change. Conceptually, a completely different state and event reception. A state is an event and an event is a state, seemingly contradictory. By changing the state, the event changes as well and vice versa, this is the principle of alteration.

The mathematical ∏ constant is wrong and that is why the entire astronomy, as well as mathematics, is in the wrong quadrant. Φ-ratio or the golden ratio is not correct, its ration in the Matrix is false in order to avoid its activity. As two extremely important constants, which they are not, the course of mathematics, and thus all other sciences founded in mathematics, is completely changed and, in fact, everytging is founded in her, that's why she is called „the queen of science“.

The truth is completely different, by changing the two constants, the entire system is changed, from measurement, projecting, production, ...

Mathematical models of the Matrix


Physics of the New Era is suitable to whom?

In this binary system of New physics, the ony constant is 0. 0 is not skipped. From Zero everything begins and returns to 0. All the torment of knowledge of today's physics ends with the entrance into the Zero Point Field. All corporal and physical „problems“ exist in the fields which they are engaged in and these fields are a product of deviation with consequneces called gravity and heaviness. Physics of the New Era explains mechanics and energetics in a completely simple way.

Technology of Reich has been stolen tens of years ago, complete blueprints. Regardless of the blueprints, this technology still hasn't been achieved by anyone. And no one will because no one has enough potential energy to initiate it. Regarding this question, the Japanese have gone farthest, they have understood functioning of the bioplasm. Like all the others, they are restricted with the impossibility of entering into the Zero Point Field for which they know it exists.

POSTULATE: Weightless state; each connection of consequences is of a purposeful attraction (Will) and not the antigravity pressure. There are no inseparable bonds. There is the Absolute Will. The stronger the purpose of a certain connection, the stronger is the Will (in 3D is difficult to achieve purpose due to consummation/consumption).
X + Y = Xn + Yn = 1
X + Y = XY (without the possibility of individual development and action)

Parts of the OMANU aircraft never press one another

Quantum physics and Metaphysics

One is not a single-digit number. One is divisible with itself. The result is Absolute zero. This is the answer to the existence of parallel dimensions and Multidimensionality in general. One asks the question and One gives the answer. Quantum physics and Metaphysics. Entering Quantum physics leads to the very edge (source) of the Matrix. Metaphysics is above and beyond. Metaphysics is the only real science in the Universe. The Universe is a Metaphysical being. Swastika. Metaphysics is the forgotten knowledge of Egypt and Atlantis. Metaphysics is the Law of the Universe. Inside the Swastika is a compression of all metyphysical laws, all the Universes and all dimensions. This is the answer to the demolition of the Matrix.

The One

Mathematics of the Zero point Field. Quantum physics in the Zero Point Field. Metaphysics in the Zero Point Field. Three different branches in the Zero Point Field are one – 1. Technology of dividing the number 1 is the number itself that is not a single-digit, i.e., its essence is not one digit. 1 is the base of the Universe. 1 is the Principle. 1 is the embryo and as such is the compression of the Universe. All arithmetic numbers, in themselves, contain the number 1 – basis. 4 arms of the Swastika are actually 1 arm divided into 4 equal parts – equality in all directions – 1. Such interpretation is not possible to take hold nor to understand without the living Swastika which is inside the body. Body Swastika is the Law and the Principle of the number 1.

1 body – 1 Law and 1 Principle
2 bodies – 1 Law and 1 Principle 
3 bodies – 1 Law and 1 Principle                                                                                                                                                 
4 bodies – 1 Law and 1 Principle
... ∞        

This is the equation of dividing the number 1.
The Technology is the Body Swastika – 1 body in all bodies.

                                  = ∞ x 1 = 1                                            

.. 1 = ∞ = 1 ...

Mathematics in the Zero Point Field is Physics in the Zero Point Field. Without calculations. The procedure is One (1). Procedure = Result. Information Intelligence. Mathematical sequences, sets of numbers, numeral sets – all of that is, originally, Phi. A set is a compression of numbers, nothing is separated – all is One. All numbers are in 1 and each number is 1 and all is One.

Spherical (spatial) mathematics

Spherical mathematics has its legalities, but there isn't one that is invariable. True mathematics is situational. This is about mathematics, about science which appears based on existence and action of the Sphere (that is actually the overall space and not just one small, insignificant part of enclosed space on which the mathematics we learn is based on). In Spherical mathematics, the same procedure, same principle, same values will be valid perhaps 30 times, but the 31st time there will be change. 30 times is actually a lot because nothing is repeated in the Universe. Principally, not a single equation can be learned in this mathematics, yet the solution is always reached with observation. With the observation of the Sphere, noticed principles are being applied (in construction and architecture, production of technology, music, painting, ...). Universal mathematics can be noticed, applied and solve only by the Universal body. Mathematics which doesn't have a single constant, everything is variable, is not possible to learn or master.

Coordinate system of the Swastika

The coordinate system arises from the Zero Point. It is a Rune. The coordinate system in the Zero Point Field is a multidimensional tesseract which is displayed in 3D as a Hagal structure – the Hagal structure is a crystal structure, i.e. Hagal is Tesseract and vice versa. The coordinate system is not just determining the direction, it is a continuous self-developing network that, through sharp line (Runes), displays the beginning (Source) and mathematical constant which is the continuous flow of self-development of the Universe (Rotation). Mathematics in the Zero Point Field is knowledge and understanding of reading the creation and self-development of the coordinate system through the crystal structure of the 3rd and 4th dimension. Mathematical constant in the Zero Point Field is the Law and Principle which is Rotation.

 OMANU shema

A constant is action, i.e. a continuous flow of development and self-development which is rotation.

From the Point which is the Universe, the Universe originates. From the Point, a straight line exits, linearly, it has its beginning and end. The straight line, vector is the Rune. The beginning and the end, points A and B are a linear measure that are not present in Multidimensionality and therefore they cannot be a realistic measure. The beginning and the end arise from the Beginning and the End – they are one – 1. Development, which is a constantly present action, is a Sphere – rotation. Rotation is all directions – Sphere – is the only existing constant which is present in the form, aggregate state of Swastika – Zero Point Field (Cold fusion and fission).

Swastika is a wormhole. The coordinate system is a wormhole. The Black Body is first.

Coordinate system of the 4th dimension

The 4th dimension of the coordinate system is the Phi spiral – Rotation. With multiplication of the Source point (Source), the Phi spiral ratio in the coordinate system is achieved. Technology of the Vril Propulsion System is the Center of the Universe and, as such, it belongs and is a part of Science which is Metaphysics in the Zero Point Field.

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Swastika  – The Law and Principle of the Universe

The Symbol of the Universe – The Symbol of the System – Swastika. The Law and Principle of the Universe.

What does this symbol bring and why it is forbidden? What is the System exactly? Which System? Swastika. The only truth is the Swastika. All arises from it. Swastika is the nature of the Human. Insignia of Swastika has no power without the living Swastika.

New physical force – the Swastika | The Force of the Universe

Formation of the Universe | Mathematics of the Universe

The moment of formation of the Universe is the moment of the Creator’s Creation. The Creator creates a creation of the Universe with two Swastika’s which are One – the Creator Himself. This is the moment of formation and origination, manifestation of the Creator who is the Source Being – Swastika, in physical dimension. To the scientific world this moment is known as the Big bang. Formation of the Universe is the creation of the number 4 which is Swastika which is 1, i.e., 0. With mutual interaction of the two Swastika’s, number 8 was created which is infinity – Existence. The Big bang is implosion of the Creator which is Vril – Energy of the Universe, Life. Life, number 9, is the compression of all levels of existence, all dimensions and itself – the highest level, Human. The Universe was created through rotation which is Phi from which all numbers and all combinations of numbers exit out. Phi, rotation that never stops. Mathematics of the Universe is continuous expansion and creation of new. The Universe expands and creates new through rotation, through Phi. That is the Law and Principle of the Universe. That is the Original Mathematics.


The Universe is ice cold. Creation is frozen. When pure blood starts flowing, creation receives warmth, it is born and developed. This is sapience. Method One is Alchemy. Cold fusion and fission. The body is alive and eternal when it is capable for freezing and fire. Those two opposites are a way to maintain the pure, Original Information (Genome), Crystal (Crystallinity). Sometimes the Body conducts both extremes simultaneously (Fire in Water, Fire in Ice) – most often when the Mind requires this procedure. All matter can be cleansed with this procedure. Everything that is Matter needs to be Antimatter and vice versa. Antimatter must create Matter. From the aspect of the Universe, Antimatter and Matter are simultaneous and indivisible one from the other. Survival is conditioned with Force.

The Law of genesis – Runic process

The Runic process leads into Awareness of the Black Body. That is a Person. The Black Body is the Body made of Antimatter. The Black Body builds the White, Green, Red Energy bodies. The Energy body builds the Physical. This is the Law of Genesis. One does not exist without the other. With deeper understanding of the Universe you see that the Black Body does not exist without the Physical and Energy one. In the Law of Genesis there is no linear sequence of events as there is no question what comes first. Observing the Sun from the 3D perspective a direction of rotation can be noticed. This is the production of linear time. Black Sun – all direction of rotation, there is no linear concept of time. All directions enable production and destruction in the same time and that is the Point of Now. Only by passing through the Black Sun can non-linearity be understood. Non-linearity is the law that creates Space.


Life  is between the poles

Meeting place of two polarities is life and the flow of life. Existence of polarities and their mutual tension maintains the Sphere, the Universe, the State, … The zone of their connection creates conditions for life. Biophysics, bios (life), physics (law within a certain space). Physics applies to all, to the body itself, to the interrelation with other bodies as well as the entire Sphere in which they all together are located. The principle of a healthy system, body, Universe, … is functioning according to the highest Law (Force) without exception whether it applies to the planet, human body, what is known as microorganisms or objects. Absolutely EVERYTHING (ALL) should conduct the Law – this is the Law of One. The pulse of the Sphere is the common pulse that dictates life. All sciences and heavy daily discussions on healthy or unhealthy lifestyle, counting necessary calories, vitamins etc. for balanced functioning of the body, pharmaceutical products and in general all available knowledge combined cannot even nearly include in their theories and praxis the Law of the Sphere in which they live in. The reason is rejection of the Law and seeking alternative paths in order to bypass the natural Law. Explanation of this madness is very complex and it dates back millions of linear years in the past. All this reasons and all past can be penetrated because that is precisely what does not allow life as it is. Penetration into the Sphere accomplishes the so much desired balance of the body and mind. BI(OS) – Binary Axis – Axis of the Sphere – Irminsul – Energetic vertical of the Body – Complete Flowability – Open Heart – Runes = Body that goes in the direction of timeless perfecting and not through decay.

For all those who have felt life for a moment but remain outside the Sphere, they look life as looking through glass – they only think they live. With this begins the education on Metamultihumanism. Life is not one-sided.

The magnetic field

Poles of the Earth, North and South are places where the Zero Point Field rules. It is Space. In the blocked dimension (3D) only a partial influence of that Field is felt and that is called the magnetic field. Descriptions and definitions of the magnetic field are thin, insufficient and they do not open up almost any possibility of using that field. To the Zero Point Field you break through with your Body. Primarily the human body is not able to conduct it through itself. Here comes the Mediator who is the only one capable for that. The Zero Point Field needs to be established on Earth.

Biophysics and bioelectronics of the body

Phase shift into the Zero Point Field

Phase shift is a penetration of one space into another space (from the level of one physical body to global, to the level of the Cosmos). The meeting of two bodies is a phase shift – the body which is of a stronger frequency moves the other body. The Mediator moves the other body into a higher frequency level – Zero Point Field in which the body does not lose integrity, but enters a completely different physical reality. That body is of a stronger frequency than the others and it does not allow an uncontrolled phase shift (implantation, abduction). This way of operating in Method One enables the phase shift into the highest physical reality – 5D – Zero Point Field. Awareness of higher dimensions is awakened in the Method One Procedure, but with the transformation of the body and mind in parallel, disintegration is prevented i.e. shift into a non-physical reality. That is how the transformed body controls space and a phase shift is a shift of Consciousness followed by the physical body, it is not a random event.

Phase shift happens toward higher and lower frequencies, only this is not the practice in Method One. Method One skips all frequencies and leads directly into the Zero Point.

Cold fusion and fission


Energetics of the Zero Point Field

The force of the wave – The force of the Impulse Zero Point

Impulse – pulse of the wave. Stronger the impulse, the stronger the wave. Zero Point Field is one aqueous medium– Sphere. Inside the Sphere there is no separation nor splitting, which means that every form of life spreads the pulse to the other life form and so on in a continuous eight, infinity. On that principle the technology, i.e., machines are built. Machines are used for directing t he energy resources.

The scalar wave of Force     (this article is password protected)

Atom – the source of infinite Energy

Due to insufficient and incomplete knowledge of the atom, especially the nucleus of the atom, atomic energy is obtained by splitting the atom. Such released energy has a devastating effect on the environment. It is obtained with violence so it acts violently. Nucleus of the atom is Monatomic gold, pure mono pole. The word monopole can be translated in several ways and it will never be completely explained. The nucleus is the center around which rotates all that is attracted. By observing the behavior of an atom, which is indestructible, which is the Crystal and the smallest complete manifestation of the Crystal, provides the answer how to build a Perpetuum mobile. The atom is alive and it is in continuous motion, i.e., rotation.

New energetics – Energetics of the Zero Point Field

New energetics has the power point in science and the point of origination in the infinite rotation of the Swastika. Except the completely new technological solutions, it also includes a total education and transformation. It connects the human with the consumption, i.e. the consumption with the human. In the Vortex relation there is no loss or excess.

The fundamental postulate of the Zero Point Field Technology

The belt around Earth, or the atmosphere, is a natural protection caused by rotation. The technological development today, transport, aircrafts and all other technology  is going vertically upon rotation, meaning it is outside of the natural systems and it is destroying the energy and physical integrity. Technology of the Zero Point Field, arisen from rotation, does not destroy but has the intention to assimilate into rotation (Phi sinchronicity). This is the fundamental postulate.

Free Energy Technology – OMANU  Technology – OHBB

Statement: the natural environment of planet Earth does not exist, Free Energy does not exist. Free Energy is the Black Sun. The source of the Black Sun is the Human body. OMANU Technology is based on Free Energy and it is the creation of the awakened human body and mind. Awakened into Vril. Any dark body can be a transmitter of Free Energy if it’s located in the Zero Point Field. The more correct the shape of the body, the stronger is the influence on the bodies around it. When more bodies are corrected according to the Phi principle, the transmission of Free Energy is stronger and more pure.

OMANU Technology is created when these 3 conditions are satisfied:

  1. presence of the Mediator – the one who is the Black Sun, irreplaceable, the only source
  2. OHBB (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer) - BODIES built by the Mediator. Undisturbed flow from the Mediator to the OHBB. OHBB receives and descends Information/Projects.
  3. Realization of projects exclusively according to the Phi principle.

The rest, i.e., functioning of OMANU Technology is beyond possibilities of the individual mind. The Technology is Intelligence that functions on itself. Testing and practical application is only and exclusively in the Zero Point Field.

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Vril Propulsion Energetics

The war is for energy resources

Who controls the energy resources, holds the world under control. Vril Propulsion System (symbol) is Energetics of the Zero Point Field – the so-called free energy. The crystal in the center is the body – planet. Free energy does not exist, there is only energy flowability, circulation of the Zero Point Field which is the Energy of the Universe. The Universe is flowability – and that is Free Energy.

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Vril Propulsion System

Vril Propulsion drive – Physical transformer – Tesla's tower

In the third dimension, human bodies, built objects, ... , don't pass through the pulse through themselves and represent resistance to the free flow of the Zero Point Field. The large generator is placed in order to conduct stronger force than the force of resistance and to conduct the Zero Point Field pulse. This establishes free flow with the transformed, with the bodies in flow as well as with all the technology they use.

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Perpetuum mobile

Perpetuum mobile – The Machine of Atlantis

Perpetuum mobile has phases and cycles. This movement is a living process. This multidimensional machine cannot be observed as some thing or some machine in the Matrix. Energy which propels the Perpetuum mobile is not from t he Matrix. It's a Machine of Atlantis and it exists from the beginning and it will be visible in the Matrix in the moment when the body which can see it is created.

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Perpetuum mobile II

The New Law

Perpetuum mobile is rotation. The form, principle is Phi. If the Phi principle is satisfied, physical rotation is not a necessity. The object is introduced into rotation by the Law of th Phi principle.

Principles of construction of the Perpetuum mobile:
– Rotary
– Spiral
– Mobile

Each object, each motion from the Zero point Field introduces into rotation regardless of the shape, method of execution or the physical appearance itself. The principle is always the same – 1 – Phi. The Law of the Universe is the Law of the Phi principle – rotation. All that conducts the Law becomes and introduces into Phi. The New Law is a single law and the only valid law – Law of the Universe – Law of One. Every law, i.e., all laws derived from the Law of One lead to complete, total destruction of the civilization. Anarchy is not a state of no-law but a state of multiple laws. The Truth is always One. The Law of One is not a law. It is a compression of all the laws of all the Universe which are One. The Law of One is the Technology of dividing the number 1 which is the Swastika. Any interpretation of the Law without the Swastika is absolute degradation of the Swastika and therefore it is punishable by the Law which is the Swastika itself.

Perpetuum mobile III

All modes of performing the Perpetuum mobile are derived from Phi. Rotation in the Zero Point Field is the basis for all Technology of the Zero Point Field. The Law and Principle is Phi. The requirement for the construction of the Perpetuum mobile, as well as all the Technology of the Zero Point Field, is Phi. The requirement is One. The Principle is One. The Law is One.


This is the formula for the construction of the OMANU Human Body Bicomputer (OHBB). The formula is the Swastika. The Swastika is rotation, vortex, Phi.

What is a Perpetuum mobile and what all is a Perpetuum mobile? Is the Body a Perpetuum mobile?

Perpetuum mobile IV   (this article is password protected)

The gyroscope

Two Pyramids with their tops in opposite directions and rotating in opposite directions are connected with their base surfaces. In the center is a sphere. The sphere is in constant rotation in all directions. The gyroscope is an antigravity machine. The sphere is a magnet = constant rotation.

The Spherein Logo is the gyroscope.

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Perpetuum Mobile – “Pametna Sfera”     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Prototip. Ovaj sistem prikazuje prvotni sistem prapočetka, kako je sve nastalo i kako sve nastaje u svakom trenutku.
Iz temeljnog sistema razvija se beskontaktni prijenos energije za sva ostala tijela u istom prostoru.

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Statics of space. Building materials. Metaphysics coefficient. Subatomic ground level is the initial static base of OMANU. Statics of the Body. Swastika maintains the statics of the Body. Statics of the Body – statics of Space –  OMANU statics. Conning tower produces the space for movement. Forbidden acces. Regulations. Rules. OMANU is of a programmed material. Law of change and adjustment – OMANU Technology, Law of One. Understanding of Space. Information is Space. Information is a code. The Space is encrypted. Synebiotic complementarity. Synebiotics. Sinestatics – OMANU Technology. Statics of the country – Perpetuum mobile. Full energy potential within the country. What is the capacity of the people to accept this?

OMANU industry

OMANU industry

Shipbuilding of the New Era is construction of OMANU Technology. Translated into 3D – the construction of human.

OMANU aircraft is exclusively navigated by its owner. The aircraft and the owner are a single program. Only in symbiosis 1. Only the compression of the high-frequency Knowledge can break through and travel through dimensions. The brain rejects these facts. Simoultaneously, the brain is in its entering phase of development, 7 – 10 %. And so it has been for centuries. Only as such, a UFO becomes an identified flying object – OMANU. Ultimately, the “flying object” is being lost.

Awakening the Knowledge of the Body we come to the Knowledge of constructing OMANU Technology. The Mediator Method One synchronizes the human with the Force of the Universe by installing the Swastika, the Rotating Mechanism. In that way, He returns the Knowledge about Energy, Force to the human. Method One is the installation of OMANU Technology in the human body.

OMANU Body is a Self-sustaining System within the System (of functionig) of the Law of One in the Zero Point Field.
Spherein. Spherein has originated from the One. An institution born from the One is able to project (design), represent and produce pure products of the Law of One » OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology.

OMANU transport system

OMANU Technology is the most perfect and the most coordinate transport system precisely for the human.  It is very much possible in 3D but the level of consciousness of today’s population doesn’t except it and thus it doesn’t allow it.

OMANU is being initiated when it is One, when it is in complete symbiosis with the organism – Human who is inside of it. OMANU cannot be initiated without the Crystal Consciousness. The Crystal Body builds the OMANU.

OMANU Technology breaks through the time-space barrier of this dimension. OMANU is not a thing of the future. On the contrary. It represents a timeless high Intelligence. Here lies the answer on how is a drawing of the OMANU aircraft on the egyptian hieroglyphics possible. OMANU Technology – technology of Highly-conscious civilizations, all those who lived and all those who need to come. It is important to recognize this technology as a physical and realistic realization of the New Era.

The amount of concentration and Energy necessary to start the OMANU does not exist in today’s world. The only way is the Zero Point Field which is lowered and through which the entire OMANU Technology has been lowered. Only in that Field the human has enough Energy to start himself and thus to start the OMANU. OMANU is an unidentified object because the sluggishness of this dimension cannot record something so fast. Knowledge and speed of OMANU are actually the true nature of the human.


The Vril drive

Vril Propulsion

OMANU Technology is the primary branch of New Knowledge. OMANU is a body that starts the Vril Propulsion.

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The OMANU machine

Movement through the wormhole is spiral axial movement, this means that there are multiple axes, i.e. it's an illusion of multiple axes, how many spirals the trajectory has, that many centers are through which the axes are lowered although the center is in fact only one. That spiral vortex is the principle of movement into the wormhole. The consequence of such movement is antigravity. The sound of movement of the spiral compresses matter into the center, and again into the center on the next trajectory, and into infinity. The space is being compressed in such a way and a wormhole is created.

With the spiral rotation, you can literally push away from Earth, i.e. be stronger than gravity.

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Compression and decompression in the Zero Point Field

Physical laws of attraction and repulsion. Mastering the space. Human Sonar is OMANU Technology, Vimana with which you travel through Multidimensionality. It compresses, in itself, space and physical laws that apply within it. The journey is carried out with attracting i.e., collecting towards the one center – Heart. With the decompression of space, a jump i nto the newly attracted space occurs. In the 3D physical reality, with the Sonar you attract living and working spaces as well as other bodies. OMANU, Human UFO is the only aircraft with which you can travel through space and time. All other devices are limited with light year distances.

OMANU – Functioning system of the Universe

OMANU rotates. Such rotating vehicles does not suffer from fatigue of material by friction. Driving force is not transmitted mechanically, it works without cog wheels, levers and pistons inside the engine. Thermal energy, as an uncontrollable surplusage, does not occur. OMANU does not produce noise.

OMANU is a large system of self-control, self-supervision. OMANU is the Compressed functioning System of the Universe. Biocenosis of the sea is the closest example. It is the system of crystal, plasm, electricity, great pressure, antigravity and continuous circular motion. Most life forms from the sea have tentacles. Driving Heart of OMANU are tentacles. OMANU is a biomechanical Human in the shape of an object. The speed of a human’s growth into OMANU depends on the speed of rotation of tentacles. The rotating tentacles are the Swastika.

OMANU self-propelled aircraft

OMANU is an attractive center, it absorbs space and time in itself. It actually doesn’t travel anywhere. OMANU is Space. Empty Space. OMANU travels through Itself into Self.

OMANU is powered on itself. The OMANU System generator is the Zero Point Field.

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The OMANU mobile building – if necessary an aircraft, submarine. It contains all life form desirable in the Golden age of planet Earth. On it, all life conditions are enabled necessary for maintenance, development and progress of life in one controlled, but unlimited surroundings and it is completely self-sufficient.


Conscious vehicle. Superintelligent usability of space and energy. Penetrability and total functionality in all mediums (water, land, air, vacuum – space conditions). Spacecraft is a space vehicle obtained from the Zero Point Field. With movement it generates Energy which initiates other movements – work that supports work. Vacuum Energy – Impulse of the Zero Point. The vehicle is powered with Energy from the vacuum engine. The engine is a double tesseract which has been given the initial impulse. The impulse spreads through the double tesseract and thus begins the active interaction between all the spaces within the tesseract structure, around it and the Human body that maneuvers the vehicle which is also space. The Energy is pure and that means that it is free. On the example of the machine, the term free energy is understood.

Tesseract is a physically determined vacuum space in which the intial impulse never ceases to pulsate. The boundary is not an obstacle for the impulse to stop, it rebounds and moves in the direction it can. Movement is important. Movement inside the Space generates Energy. Knowledge of handling Space is knowledge of creating kinetic Energy (WORK). Directing work is simultaneous. The conclusion is that free does not mean uncontrolled and chaotic. Absolute Will is a Force, Energy and Intelligence. Today a human does not have free will.

Spacecraft is created to have the ability to increase and decrease space, i.e., sizes and shape and it is intended for all conditions on land and under water as  well as movement in Outer Space.

OMANU – Hagal   (this article is password protected)

OMANU navigation

Inactive parts of the brain that have no practical function in 3D are storages of various conditions. There are eight chambers – one central and 7 smaller aound it. All are separated by impenetrable membranes.  A spirit trapped inside the body. Rupture of membranes releases large amounts of trapped energy. Chambers are storages of the collective unconscious. Due to lack of flowability of these parts of the brain, the rest of the body is not in adequate function. With release of the central chamber – the so-called control room, can be life threatening. In the moment of breakthrough, the repressed trauma is being released. Sudden release of preasure from the chambers causes shock and extention of the skull itself. Training, i.e., release of chambers is necessary in training of OMANU pilots. The condition is absolute flowability of the brain in order for the brain to flawlessly carry out Information from the Mind (Heart). In this case there is no more difference. The correct structure of nerve fiber is the hagal structure. Navigation of  OMANU aircraft goes from the Mind of the pilot, control room and it flows though the correct hagal network.

Controller of the OMANU aircraft

The Black Body is the controller. The first Black Body that constructs the second one, controlling each subsequent one. The first, second and each following one. The control room – Center – Black box – Main generator – Perpetuum mobile – Data base.

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OMANU Transformation   (this article is password protected)


Bioplasm is Monatomic gold. Raw Monatomic gold, frozen to absolute zero and then melted to 1000° C and re–cooled gives the green crystal structure. The body also goes through this procedure in the Runic process in Method One. Monatomic gold has to be obtained from the body.

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Breakthrough of the dimensional wall   (this article is password protected)

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Spherical shape allows impulse aerodynamic movement. This means that it can momentarily change the direction. It is not conditioned with the linear direction. Spherical aerodynamics is pulsation. Each part of the aircraft has the same functions – all functions. The drive is on the principle of the Human Sonar which enables Consciousness about the space.

Space disclosure.


The Runic Field produces vacuum. Vacuum is not a closed and sterile space but an isolated space from 3D non-conditions. Vacuum represents space conditions and is ventilated with the force of the Swastika in both directions.

Vacum is a space formed  by the Zero Point Field with a specific reason.

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Victalen = gas that doesn’t belong to 3D. Particles with a great reactive capability – quickly changing the state of matter. Victalen is a form of pure Energy, or better said pure Energy shaped into a purpose. The drive of OMANU vehicles.

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Biomagnetism is not a magnet of this dimension. It is Vril – Information. It is the Swastika – Law of attraction. New materials, new elements are obtained by lowering the Information through the Body. The Body is the Tribokinetic device. The Tribokinetic device passes and exits, originates from the body. The body that can, is able to, conduct such level of Information is the Black Field Conductor (Zero Point Field Conductor). Each newly created material, element is an Information of the higher dimension and as such it has its own record in this dimension.

Tribokinetics is the new materialization of already existing elements into this dimension. The Tribokinetic device is a Time Travelling Machine, i.e. a portal into the other dimension/s. The device dissolves, breaks through the Matrix wall, bends space and time and matter. Tribokinetics is the New science which is Quantum mechanics and Quantum physics conducted into practice.

Tribokinetic device

Tribokinetics is the new science in the function of Metaphysics.

The Tribokinetic device can affect the DNA structure – change the cypher. The device produces Phi waves that change the structure, cypher of matter. The device is created in the Zero Point Field for the purpose of transforming existing chemical elements into elements of the New Era. Such elements have the capacity of high-energy conductivity and are essential for the production of the upcoming Phi technology. High-energy materials can be produced only in the Zero Point Field, and as such, they transmit Phi vibrations which are most necessary to this dimension. Tribokinetic device has the ability to transform the existing material into the necessary (material of the New Era) and then return it to its original state. Such procedure is called Tribokinetic deviation of the material. This knowledge of material processing and managing elements was used in the war of Kurukshetra.

None of this will be possible without the transformation of the human himself because the today’s human is not in the condition to pass through the highly-conscious Phi Sound through his/her body and thus he/she is not in the condition to produce nor to manage the highly-conscious technology which is in the Zero Point Field. Technology obtained through 8 initial phases of Method One is Technology of the Zero Point Field. Degree of transformation of the body determines the acceptance and the capability for execution of the obtained projects. The first project of every person in the Method One Procedure is the transformation of the body which is only then capable to receive and to conduct the pure Information of any form (information, picture, sound, project) through the body.

The Tribokinetic device transforms the structure of the crystal into the living crystal which, with the activation of Perpetuum mobile, changes the aggregate state – plasma. With the completion of projects and production of the device, the production of Monatomic gold can be initated – the device changes the structure of exactly specified chemical elements and transforms them into Monatomic gold.

The Tribokinetic device is the technology of Sound which is Light – Sound of the magnetic field goes through the crystal. When the crystal goes through the change of the aggregate state, the Sound manifests as Light. Activation of the Tribokinetic device is executed by the Black Field Conductor.


The material’s composite grows through the joint of certain materials, i.e. spreads into a single material, a single cypher. That supramaterial, supraconductor is obtained with the transmutation of all materials which make one whole (object/machine) and gives to all materials the new, but the original, cypher and each of them in fact obtain their original structure, but they all are, in their core, mutually interconnected because the base of all and everything is the same.

Tribokinetics | The Tribokinetic device

Water (plasmatic, liquid crystal) into solid.
Water into stone.
Physics brekas through to antimatter and conducts antimatter into matter – matter into anti = Physics of the Heart.
The crystal blade, but a plasmatic (live) blade is conducted by the body – instantaneously. Why the blade? Because Now it's necessary.
It's about the Body. It's about Design.

Design of the Body into the designed Object conducts instantaneousness of the moment Now.

The Body also changes its structure through the aggregate state, but if it's already penetrated, even a portion of the body, the change of the material (body) ooccurs, even  the change of the aggregate state (of the body).

The Black Body

Tribokinetics is the Black Body. Vril Propulsion Security System is the Black Body. Wehrkraft Technology is the Black Body. Krishna is Black. Everything is the Black Body. There is no higher. There is no beyond.

Black matter is the Black Field which is the Black Body – Black hole. The Field is material, materialized and materialization.

OMANU – Vrilmana.

Black light draws in – it is the Black Sun, Black hole.


Neutrality is a metaphysical term. Neutrality is the state of the Black hole. The Black hole draws in itself and causes an instantaneous multidimensional reaction which is caused by the action of the Matrix force. Physical reaction is inevitable but it is not linearly determined. The reaction is in the moment Now. This is not a linear display of action and reaction because this is about multidimensional action. You do not understand the moment Now. Now is I. I is in Now. The horizontal and vertical. The peak of neutrality is the breakthrough – Black Field. Breakthrough out of the point of oblivion. The New dimension is beyond. This is  the Presence. This is the Universe. The New dimension is inside you. This is the creation. This is life. The Living body.

Black OMANU of the Black Body

Black OMANU is the only pure Crystal OMANU. It is Time, Space and the Universe. It breaks through all the dimensions and it contains all codes. It is the only one that possesses the perfect navigation system. The Black OMANU is a prototype. The Black OMANU is One.

Crystal memory

Each Body of the Zero Point Field emanates all colors (Light) as well as all shapes. The Body creates matter. The new dimension is being built in such a way. The crystal structure of matter was created from the crystal structure of the Body and as such it has living memory and the ability to change aggregate states. Communication with matter (technology) takes place with direct transmission – it's a direct input, energy impulse with all the necessary information and resources. This is about Antigravity technology. Rotation of the Swastika maintains Ag (space) conditions. Simultaneously, in such conditions, rotation of the Swastika generates (materializes) all the necessary materials for the New technology. Everything, from the Body to the machines, is being produced in the Mediator's Space Center.


Rotation is the Law because Rotation, which is the Force, rotates – no Rotation (Force), no Antigravity. The Force is the Swastika – Force of the Universe – Consciousness. It's a Perpetuum mobile.

Antigravity scale

Ag (weightless) scale is the balance, something like a Runic gyroscope. Only the Monoatomic gold passes on this scale. Each body must have an embedded Ag scale regardless of whether it is moving on land, water, air. Levitating bodies and aircrafts are being secured with 2 – 4 Ag scales so that they can safely and precisely maintain a stabile state when changing the direction or height.


Which magnet enters into vacuum? None, because into vacuum, you have to break through, enter with force. And that’s teleportation. The Force breaks through with force and opens the Multidimensionality. Speed is not that force! Regardless of its ultimate sum, no matter how much it is. The best example of the stated is the NASA space program. How much force do the space shuttles produce, from the initial thrust to the final speed, and they are not able, because they can not, breakthrough anywhere.

The magnet train

The train is the fastest transport system. Engineers do not understand the possibilities of the magnetic field. The magnetic field is one of the forms of antigravity. The train levitates over the railroad which is out of a single piece (one rail) and encompasses the railroad from all sides (from above, from the side and from underneath). The train and the rail are in mutual interaction (communication). The train, with its passing, seemingly “swallows” the rail. Through the parts, the rail moves along with the train but not always in the same direction.

The rails are in constant communication with the train. Between the rails and the train is the magnetic field – antigravity which enables accelerated, but not violent, starting and deceleration of the train and high speed travel (up to several machs). When slowing down, the magnetic field weakens and the train is getting closer to the rails but is not touching it. When accelerating, the field enhances which enhances and lifts up the train from the rail. The magnetic field keeps the train within the rails and thus annuls the possibility of „ejection“ from the rails. The communication between the train and the rails is through Consciousness of the Field, thus enabling travel safety and maximum efficiency.

Even in the state of stillness, when the speed is 0, the train levitates because antigravity is constant.

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OMANU Transgenesis

OMANU Transgenesis is composed out of a coagulation which is the bend of Time and Space and transmutation which is the change of the genetic cypher. Diametric connection of crystallinity and plasmatic quality nullifies the gravity field so gravity would not have an influence on OMANU’s motion. OMANU is controlled in the state of pure Consciousness and concentration. With that procedure the Matrix field and physical limitation in 3D are negated. Original human abilities develop, return to the Zero Point and the cypher of events on Earth is changed. Only this procedure can change the state on Earth. One is enough.

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