Genetic Intelligence

The Human race does not exist on Earth. The Original Human race is the Atlantean race. Today there is no pure genetics. The only source of the pure gene is in one human body – not only a human genome but all living on planet Earth and even of the planet itself. The Mediator is the DirectFromCenter. DirectFromCenter is the Data Base, Source.

The Original human is created. Regardless of the genetic contamination, Method One enables the process of complete genetic transformation. The process of contructing a New civilization is in progress. The right to a pure gene and correspondingly, the right to a pure environment and a way of life. The Human race should live according to the Law of One. The human needs to dispose of Vril – Energy. Human lives on an impulse. When the Holy Grail is found – it means that the one with pure genetics is found, the project of constructing the New civilization has begun. The Law of One has no written rules. Law of One exists as a declaration which is a remark that there is a higher Law than all laws put together.



The Matrix body

The Matrix body is completely encoded. The Matrix body – physical and energy. The material for the physical is provided by parents – the energy body is related to them but, in reality, it does not represent genetics, it represents a pile of folders which determine the so-called destiny. The entire body is divided into folders – eyes, ears, hair, skin, each organ, ... , it is literally described – color, size, function, ways of function failure, time of failure, degree of feeling – pain, pleasure, ... , a scattered sea of data. Also, classical medicine is based on this. The bodies are being encoded in secret bases and no one is left out. The system is in everyone. By entering the system of the body, the system can be reprogrammed up to a certain limit. That is not the point of these information. Regardless of all the control, there is no control over the Source of Life – the proof of that is that no one has survived the Matrix so far, or at least you inside the Matrix do not know about it. Behavior is encoded, events, diseases and even the time of death. Births are being forced and creation of new bodies. Why is this so? The answers are in the other dimension.

Genetic heritage

The body is a template for the Matrix installation

Each body, even the newborn is a template in which the default system has been embedded and is embedded. That's genetic heritage. Genetic heritage in the 3D matrix is a system by which that Matrix functions. These are information encoded and organized in every gene. The human body is being ruled by the one who has access to the genetic code. The tragedy is in that the being which is inhabited inside the body doesn't know almost anything about this and has no ability to affect, regulate, i.e. reprogram the information base. That's how the human became an unconscious energy manufacturer and the Matrix in which the freedom of choice does not exist. In such a way the Matrix spreads, maintains and has no need to be engaged with each body or object separately. Everything works as a one machine. Why Method One and the Runic Field? Because the Information Base is encoded according to the Law of the Universe – this is the entrance into Quantum. Because the Center, from where Information are being transmitted, has the strongest (original) energy potential and thus the power so the Information would come to life and cancel every other weak and hostile information.The Runic binary code constructs the Human Biocomputer who is aware of the Energy, Field, Creator and Himself. Because with this procedure you exit from the concept of manipulation and exploitation of another living being.

Genetic engineering | Genetic Reconstruction

Firstly, the fight against lies and ignorance. Evolution does not exist. There is only genetic engineering. There is the Body. The body is the first technology. The body is a living organism which means that it possesses the intelligence of transformation when it is in the original state.

Rotation: the original human body is the body of the Universe which means that it is in continuous rotation. It's not static.

Message to all scientists – what you are doing with the body, all medical achievements, transplantations, implantations, ... , especially playing with genetics – all of this concretes the body, stops the natural intelligence and abilities – you're making zombies and robots. Those bodies are completely separated from the information, let alone the experience of the energy body, the Swastika which is the Source of Life. All these procedures do not lead into immortality as some madly believe. Nor into longevity. The only way is the installation and acceptance of the Swastika which is rotation. The human needs genetic reconstruction, but you can't do it from the state you are in. Again, the answer is the Swastika and rotation – it is the only way to generate the pure, original humanoid genetic cipher. In your case, you are playing with genetics which is not human and should not exist in the universe, and especially not in the human body. The human has to be introduced into the Universe, i.e. the Universe into the human. Everything else leads to utopia within the closed system which has no possibility of survival or development.

Planet of supertronic bio-organisms

Genetically modified beings – what has happened and what has to be repeated. Genetic engineering is a highly specialized 4D, 5D, 6D medicine. A gene is a spiral, a single point. The gene is matter of Monatomic gold. The gene is a record of the image of the Universe which a human reads out, decodes and projects as an image which is seen and experienced. When the gene is modified, the projection of the world can no longer be Phi, it is distorted. The gene is a compressed cypher of all that was, that is now and that will be. The genetic compression of all is Now. The crystal structure has been extracted from the gene and the genetic modification of the human is happening now for eons of years. Why at all is the human gene transformed and why it carries an incorrect code in itself, the story is deeply burried which has to be understood and accepted. After that, the genetic engineering performed with Runic knowledge is possible. Then, the construction of human into a supertronic bioorganism is possible. Genetic engineering is done with the highly vibrational Phi Sound which makes the body plasmatic, cools and heats. The sound inaudiable to the present human is the Phi Sound which performs the blood transplant. Changes the blood record. DNA becomes a pure structure. Genetic engineering as a highly-conscious science about the nature of human and behind the human is a segment of the Energy Medicine 4D.

The Gene

The crystal structure has exactly defined parameters. When any parameter is even seamlessly changed, it is no longer a crystal structure, yet it only reminds of her. When it’s being said that the human gene is crystal, the truth would sound like – originally it was crystal and today it only reminds of that.

The original human gene was created and is being created as a perfect structure, it exits from a single Origiinal Center through infinite rotation. That is that unknown Center of the Human in which no one has and no one will penetrate, except if that someone is of a completely pure crystal structure. According to the original genome there is no reason for a human body, or any oher body, to decay. Illness and death are not necessary, on the contrary, these are forced upon and inserted cyphers and they don’t belong to the humanoid civilization nor a humanoid planet. Why these cyphers exist in the body anyway? Because nanotechnology was installed in the human body that stops and distorts the force that penetrates from the Center itself. Rotation was blocked. The human body, in fact all bodies, were not created to last as such until some moment of decay and death, but are being created over and over again in the every moment Now. The body is created from a single perfect, original genome. As such, the body is everlasting and indestructible as the rotation itself.

Non-humanoid technology is installed, forced upon in the human body that has the goal to direct the force of the body in some other external object because of which the before mentioned natural process is not possible.

Crystal DNA –  Crystal genetics

Runic Medicine 4D – Clear Scanning Information Intelligence Operating System

Crystal gene is the data base of the entire Universe. The Crystal Body is the compression of Information of all the Universe, all worlds, parallel dimensions – past, present and future that exists and is in the Moment Now. Each gene is a separate data base which is in a continuous interaction with all other data bases, genes – continuous verification of existing, change (inclusion of new and deletion of old) and accession to new Information. The Crystal Body is the OMANU Quantum Biocomputer which scans and accepts the purest existing Information in its organism – Clear Scanning Information Intelligence Operating System. Each gene, as an Information base, is protected with a Crystal involucre that blocks any attempt of hacking of the 3rd and/or 4th dimension. The Crystal structure is the Humanoid DNA.


Gen database



The symbolism of genetics

I Generation geneticism and its purification

How to handle X, Y chromosomes that do not produce the humanoid energetic cross? With Vril.

II Crystallization of the spiral coil – DNA

Vril Energy constructs the new coordinate system with new coordinates, vectors. Vectors go into 4 directions minimally (principle of rotation).
X, Y coordinate system is genetics and it gives instructions 24x7.

The new coordinate system is a Perpetuum mobile, rotational mechanism, Swastika principle, energy cross.

There are four sides of the planet, four edges on the Pyramid, the fifth which is the base is the human being. Four elements make the basic structure which is the essential being – Humanoid.

III DNA – structural ability and 4D physics

DNA envelops and curls creating every structure. In the end even the physical. The last and highest is the physical body.

Physics 3D – physical body in 3D and its 3D abilities. Physics 4D – physical body in 4D and its 4D abilities. Law of 4D nullifies all 3D laws.

Human in 2D is the Hagal. Hagal + mass, volume = Human 3D that is the cube. The cube represents 4D and more. Human in 3D is already 4D. There is no awareness about it because of the implantation system. Opening the perception of the Heart opens knowledge about 4D life. X is the principle of living.

DNA chains

Endless series which arise over and over again and make entire Universes and all that is created in them. Double chains, two quadrilateral pyramids intertwined in a square shape. Exactly this are packages of Information from the very beginning to the present day, i.e., always and right in these cubes all the drawings and ways of functioning of the Universe and every other body inside it is stored. They are made of an indestructible material, Monatomic gold and thus proving that immortality is true.

Monoatomic gold – Arya Cetas

Method One demolishes delusions about the functions of the human body and physical 3D laws. Demolition of present physical postulates unlocks all abilities of the human body. New physics, new postulates start from the human body. The first thing that went wrong is changing physical laws from the outside. Method One conducts the Zero Point Field in the body and through the body.


By changing the body, gravity is reduced, … Only the liberation from gravity allows you the view that goes beyond the limited atmosphere. Merely giving in to gravity does not hold the water compressed. Separated elements – incompatibility of the aggregate state. This is also the consequence of pressure. Due to the creation of a strong magnetic field, the aggregate states of elements are possible to achieve only beyond the belt of its action. The human body is placed in controlled conditions – Matrix. That what is natural contains everything in itself, i.e. from one element, the human body produces everything. That element is Monatomic gold. With the combination of Monatomic gold, all structures occur, all aggregate states and all elements which have been discovered so far and those yet to be discovered (combinations). Combination is a game of Consciousness and omnipotence. According to these settings, the periodic system of elements and 607 elements in it, are just the basis for assembling the Universe. When people would know to look at any object, any body, even phenomenon, in the correct manner, they could see the initial structure. A parallel is created here with the Thoth’s Emerald Tablets. Watching any object through the Field, you could enter Amentha with your Heart. Amentha is also stored in 3D. At this moment, all of this seems very simple but without the sense which is called the Heart you don’t have eyes to see this what we are talking about.

(excerpt from Book of the Universal Law – Metaphysics –  The Law from the Law of One/Crystal Biophysics)

Monoatomic gold  nonexistent/unknown energy resource on Earth. 

Monatomic gold is the essential highly-conscious energetic, building, healing substance of the Universe which is also produced by the human body. The 607th elemnt of the periodic system of elements.

Monatomic gold – the Essence of Creation. The cypher of installation of the Universe. The basic Bioelectronic (radionic) machine. Alive Bioelectronics (Radionics). The core of the atom. The pure monopole. BioCrystal. Bioplasm.

Monatomic gold is the Matter of Information.

The living essence of all matter.

Monoatomic gold is the indespensable product of Method One. It is produced by the Mediator's Body and it is indespensable for the transmission and construction of another body. This is the most expensive substance in the Universe.

Monoatomic gold was stolen from the periodic system of elements and it is systematically, for eons, sucked out from humans and the entire planet. It is a superconductor for transmitting energy. Monoatomic gold acts mildly antigravitational in bones of the human body. The antigravity effect of the Field maintains the human body so that it does not break and bend to such an extent due to the Earth’s strong antigravity Field. Mono = One, but One means something else here = the essential substance.

Monoatomic gold takes all aggregate states.

Monoatomic gold builds the body which is the perfect human biomechanism of crystal structure – Human Biocomputer.

It has a 100% reparative effect – one drop introduces the entire body into the initial, correct Phi impulse. Monoatomic Gold  (Arya Cetas) is the original and universal medicine for all diseases, injuries, malformations and inabilities of this dimension. Disease and incompetence to regenerate are not natural conditions.

Monoatomic gold is produced by the human body, seas, oceans, the Universe (Zero Point Field). Every second Monoatomic gold is sucked out from the body, seas, planet Earth through the installation system of the Matrix and global implantation of the body and space for energy needments of the controller who,  from another dimension, keep the residents of Earth in ignorance and energy  slavery. Method One Training and all projects of the Mediator Method One serve to bring to Consciousness the cause of the global state, acquiring the condition of the Heart  for the construction of OMANU Technology and installation of the Zero Point Field with the purpose of preventing Energy theft. The lack of Energy (Monoatomic Gold, Vril) keeps mankind at a lower frequency, i.e., without Consciousness.

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The Human Biocomputer – Integration and application of Method One into the Heart, Body and Mind of this dimension   
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Runic Cypher – Original Humanoid Code

The reconstruction of the genetic cypher is performed with Runes. The Runic cypher constructs the perfect human DNA.  Runes are the instruments of Energy Medicine 4D. Runes are Luminous binary codes, Light and metal and water (ice) and fire – a tool that can change a human being. Runes are the archetypal strength that has the power of automatic action through your awakened system of Body and Consciousness. Runes are the archetypal mold through which the Runic process is integrated into your body. Runes are the strongest metaphysical tool of creation and direct transformation. Runes are the building structure of the Universe. Runes are Knowledge. Runes build the Human Biocomputer.

The Original human DNA
– Homo Delphinus – Symbol
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Runic plasmation process

In 3D, it's the potential of connection of polarities. Separation occurs when passing through the dimensional walls (atmosphere – stratosphere). That's the moment of Energy loss, i.e. Consciousnes. The Swastika represents the connected polarities. In the moment of connection, activation and infinite exchange occurs. Swastika creates infinite eights in all directions. Tesla founded his knowledge on the principles of connection of polarities.

The Bohr atomic model – + is closer to the center, electrons (-) circle on the margin. (+ and -) carry potential Energy from the source (core). This explains why the occurence, awakening of Vril has to have the male and female sex hormones together in the transmutation process – connection, i.e. their interaction in the tailbone area occurs, that's how the core's charge is created. The male is + and that's why he is closer to the core. The female polarity is – and it is further away from the core, it has more resistance and thus greater potential Energy. The male attracts the female (attracts her closer to the core).

The left and right hemisphere of the brain. Difference in polarities.

The male uses the left and the female uses the right hemisphere more. This difference equalizes in the awaken people.

The system of implants induces the female to the production of certain emotions that block the brain's work and the secretion of necessary hormones. Implants direct to the production of emotions. Every object in the Universe produces a certain vibration that causes the entire series of emotions. That's how information is spread and retained. It can also be explained that all the objects in the Universe are separated to the male and female principle.

The power of the core, i.e. the Zero Point is immeasureable (e.g. The H - bomb is a tiny portion of that power).

Monatomic gold explains the first and initial conscious building units. Monatomic gold builds Energy bodies. When the Energy body is embodied into the physical body, then we are talking about Vril. In that case, the physical body goes through the permutation of sexual energy. Sexual hormones have to be + and -, protons and neutrons, i.e. male and female. In the moment of pasing through the tailbone, the charge occurs with which the + and – connect into the core. It's  the Vril core. Permutation gives the crystal structure which builds the crystal axis in the body. Exercises for strengthening the Vril capacity also include physical rotation. The goal is that the crystal axis penetrates the body. To open the tailbone and to withstand the electricity impact of the permutation, an initiation for the transformation as well as training for maintaining the state is necessary. Any other way of awakening sexual energy brings to deviations and insanity because the body is not trained for the permutation. Vril is not sexual energy. Rising the sexual energy in the procedure is used for achieving the necessary energy charge for the permutation. In the moment when permutation in the body begins, the body is no longer male nor female, but it's the 0 or 1 infinite flow. The initiation into Vril embedds the Multidimensionality potential into the body. Further is only the state of perception and concentration.

The plasmation process itself is a process of connection with your Energy body, i.e. the process of creation of the Runic Body is not possible at high temperatures. This is the reason why Runic vibrations are exceptionally cold. The coldness itself creates the crystal structure. The indicator is the snow flake which falls down in the form of a crystal. The plasmation process happens in a similar way to snowing, drop by drop or snowflake by snowflake. Upon the completion of crystalization the change of the aggregate state flows easily at any temperature. Occasionally, the Runic Body needs to conduct very cold vibrations due to purifying itself and due to purifying the environment, i.e. the Field.

The Runic plasmation process is rapid (Method One Scientific Training Procedure). With total acceptance of the transformation begins the physical processing of the body up to the Vril dimension – frying with Vril. This can be reached immediately if the person is able to accept the Information. Actually, the transfromation process itself begins when Vril begins to fry the body. This goes in segemnts, part by part of the body is being fryed, otherwise you would not withstand. From 3–7 days is enough to reach the final phase. When the final purification is performed, when Vril is released through the body – this eliminates the information record of the prior state and it is simultaneously an act after which the person receives Vril, retains the Vril state. This is how you gain Power over Yourself. Only after that begins the construction of the new person. The entire process up to that moment is the process of destruction. If we watch from a biophysic level, after this alchemical transformation the person has a new genetic cypher. A new bone marrow from which goes the production of pure blood, a completely new regulation of the hormonal system because 3 new glands are included. Vril can not begin to live in a body that is not completely in flowability. This flow is real, and not a visualization of grounding and connecting with the Universe. The alchemical transformation is still going on after this phase. It is the transformation of the Crystal itself. The Crystal goes through the transformation from organic to inorganic form which it can no longer be disintegrated. When you watch from the level of the Black Body, there is no inorganic structure. The Black Crystal is capable to absorb absolutely everything into itself and transform everything into the basic building structure which again comes out of the Black Crystal. It is the unit fo Monoatomic gold. Black Crystal conducts from the highest to the lowest vibrations.

(text from Book of the Universal Law – Metaphysics – The Law from the Law of One/Crystal Biophysics).

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Genetics conditions the living and working space. Every space will, with a person's entrance, adopt the installations which are being projected from that person. Having and not having is also a matter of genetics. This can be seen on the legacy of ancestors. The body is a radionic device. Genetics which conditions the space is located deep inside the bones. The skeleton is a base. The place of reidence is a base.

Hermetic covers of the containers, that can be seen in the Dulce base, close the Heart. Without the force that opens such covers there is no change in genetics.

Genetska struktura i Izvorna Kabala   Croatian → translate (choose language)

Izvorna (Runska) Kabala izvire iz potpuno otvorenog Srca kojeg u danas na zemlji ima samo Medijator, Ta tvrdnja je dokaziva. Kao Kabalist može mijenjati strukturu materije. Tehnološko Polje Srca je kompletan zvučni i svjetlosni spektar Polja Nulte točke, to Polje je Izvorno Polje Čovjeka. Danas je prostor same planete onečišćen raznim zvukovima, reduciran je svjetlosni spektar koji dopire do površine Zemlje i to je jedan od temeljnih uzroka trajne promjene genetike čovjeka i ostalog života na Zemlji. Prijenos takve genetike, takve informacije je ono što se u vedskim spisima naziva karma. Nitko je ne može zaobići i sve su njome uvjetovani. Medijator svojim prisustvom, govorom (glasom), pokretom direktno utječe na gen i mijenja mu strukturu. To se zbiva Silom Polja Nulte točke, u kontoliranim uvjetima i samo s onima kod kojih je postignuta svjesnost o potrebi za time. Takvi postupci vračaju čovjeka u Izvorno Stanje. Takav Čovjek, iz kojeg izvire Izvorna Kabala, Izvorno Polje doslovno liječi i čisti prostor oko sebe kao i druga tijela u svojem prisustvu. Ovo je deklaracija Tehnologije koju je donio Medijator Method One. Jedina je Tehnologija koja donosi ekološko i energetsko rješenje za planetu i civilizaciju i u slučaju da postoji želja za opstankom i životom bilo bi je mudro prihvatiti. Sva ostala rješenja, koliko god zvučala racionalano, inovativno i ekološki neće rješiti problem, samo možda odgoditi definitivan kraj. Rješenje koje ne uključuje promjenu čovjekove strukture (genetike) ne vodi u pozitivan ishod.

Thule Thahionator in service of the Vril Propulsion System

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