Biocomputer network | Bioplasmatic organism

This refers to the bioelectronic network as a flawless communication channel between physically separated bodies (objects), The human body as a quantum biocomputer (central – because it is connected directly with the Center – Zero Point), information technology, transport technology, security, ... Communication language is the new programming language – Runic binary code. Bioelectronic network also includes the medium through which the Information spreads. In the space where quantum biocomputers and quantum (bio)technology is used, a bioplasmatic medium with antigravity properties is present (specific, necessary aggregate state of the Zero Point Field). This medium is proof that the bioplasmatic organism functions in a more natural and easier way than the today’s human.

Bioelectronics Bioelectronics

Method One is the Knowledge that momentarily crystallizes the cells.  The  human is a cell. The Crystal is a bioelectronic atom that sublimates all existing states. System configuration is transition towards Bioelectronics. This is a big game. The transition leads to the beginning. START. RESTART.

Bioelectronics is activity of the Mind at the highest level. The ability to divide the number 1. Only the Master of Bioelectronics teaches Bioelectronics. This is lucidity. Bioelectronics is the materialized (Phi) Sound. Matter. Word. It is felt. It can be transfused into any object of the 3. dimension. In this way a project, object becomes the bioelectronic (biotronic, radionic) machine, coded to install the highest goal – Awakening.

Today, Bioelectronics is an unfamiliar branch of science. Bioelectronics is a natural way of storage, transfer and distribution of data. Without harmful sound, radio, UV, radioactive and other radiation. Bios – life. Bioelectronics – living electronics. The base for data transfer is consisted of bioplasma through which Phi Sound passes. There are no mistakes in communication.

Bioelectronics is a profession of the future. We predict its usage in all sectors of life: architecture, transportation systems, transit industry, IT, military industry, home appliances, medicine, sport, art, music, …

Bioelectronics has a mission of keeping the individual connected to the Zero Point Field. In the interactive communication of a person and a bioelectronic device, the natural connection between human beings, and human beings and the environment strengthens. Phi of a living human being initiates it. Then it takes the role of connecting the one who is still unconnected. That is how a Phi network is establishes flow in the rigid 3D. That is a connection of earth, water and air. Dolphin Phi Internet on land.

Bioelectronics – Superconductivity.


Bioelectronics of the body

Phi electronics – body Bioelectronics is anti-matrix electronics. A new and correct body system based on Phi. Bioelectronics – Phi electronics for pristine electricity. A human being is the fundamental Phi electrical system that uses, preserves and produces Monoatomic gold – essence of creation, cypher of the Universe installation. Entrance into the Zero Point Field that purifies Phi, flow, the human being is entering the correct binary code.


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Futhork – Runic binary code  

Binary codes of the new programming language

The18 basic Runes is an infinite series. Each Rune represents multiple numbers. Conversion to decimal and binary system is very easy. The 18 Runes contain all mathematical operations, from the most complex to the simplest. Combining the Runes, understanding the meaning of Runes avoids headaches from learning mathematics.

Swastika – left and right direction is 0, 1, 4, 8, 64, … (+ and -)

Rune UR – is a sign of freedom, indivisible, 3.

706 = 7+6=13=4, DOM.

Rune IS is a constant. The speed of movement is the speed of Light (in the Zero Point Field). This constant differs from the constant used in mathematics= 8,421.

Rune SIEG=13.  Sieg is invariable, firm, stable.

Rune FA= 9 and  18.

Rune TYR = 5


X = 4 i 16

This is combinatorics – mathematics of the highest order. These are operations in the Zero Point Field where it can be 8:2 = 4 but also half of 8 = 3. These are the procedures for making hardware and software.

Binary codes of the new programming language.

Each Rune is a line derived from Hagal – 4D cube. These lines are Light binary codes. Each Rune represents a number.

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Atlantis computer system

Atlantis computer system. Runic arithmetic. This is the importance of symbolism. Numbers are symbols. Numbers are Information and creation. The Universe is a number – 010101… Space is filled with Number information. The human body is made with mathematical calculation and it is set in physical action. The Rune is a number and a code. Eye color also corresponds to some number. When the body is in correct proportion then the physical laws are without limitation inside the body. The law emanates from the body. The number contains a sublimation of thoughts and feelings transfused into a direct project. The Rune carries the luminous binary code.

The programming language is surrender to the Heart. Program numbers and letters. One is a number and a letter.


Quantum technology – Biotechnology – Biocomputer

Thoth’s Emerald Tablets – Programming language for the electromagnetic computer (Quantum Biocomputer)

This is quantum technology. The user’s qualifications, the level of openness and flowability of the body and brain enhances the specter of computer’s functions. Biotechnology is developed and it is adequate to the level of individual’s awareness. The basic principle of these technological achievements is Energy exchange between the person and the technological instrument. Technology must be of high frequency so the frequency of the brain is not lowered. The exchange of data is instantaneous. Execution of action is instantaneous. This is the future and the new dimension of Earth and functioning.

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Galvanic transformer 

Metal aircrafts are necessary for the karmic heavy Earth in this era. If it wasn’t so, bodies would use Sound and Force to create and start the OMANU. Metal and propulsion fuel wouldn’t be necessary. This is something that will happen during the Golden age that follows.

Why quantum? For the 3D mind it is hidden, too small, and uncatchable. Tesla left knowledge about the Quantum, the source of infinite Energy not familiar in the 3D system.

The galvanic transformer is quantum technology. Its task is the transformation of the magnetic field into electric current necessary for operation. In quantum computers, electricity flows in a half-open system. Earth is Perpetuum mobile. A device working without stopping, Perpetuum mobile, using Energy from the entire Quantum moving Earth. Magnetic poles and the planet itself which is in constant motion are places where the knowledge about Quantum is infused. That is the place where seas, oceans, rivers, wind and all natural occurrences start.  Pure, untransformed Energy of the Universe is located on the poles. Energy sources used by people are secondary. They represent a tiny part of the power. The truth is that Earth doesn’t have an energy deficit but rather the civilization is ignorant and unable to recognize and use energy.

The galvanic transformer is constantly holding a balanced voltage. Quantum technology, quantum computers are not vulnerable to energy bursts. Nothing will happen with the operative part of the computer. This technology is built with the system that always keeps a satisfactory level of Energy. As it was said, magnetic poles are places where the Driving force is infused. All occurrences inside Earth’s layer are powered from there. The Universe is a force that would destroy Earth if it wasn’t protected by its protective layer. Exchange of energy between Earth and the rest of the Universe is happening on the poles.

This knowledge is the base for OMANU Technology. The Method One Mediator synchronizes an individual with the Force of the Universe by installing the Swastika, Rotation Mechanism. In that way Knowledge about Energy, Force is returned to the human being. Such a human being is capable in constructing a OMANU.

New programming language

Program inside a program. 4D design. Mathematical functions of the program are read out of binary codes. The base is the Spherein logo.

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Intelligent Technology

Information transfer.
Information = Intelligence = Energy.
All Zero Point Technology is Information Intelligence.
Intelligent Technology.
The requirement is building the Intelligent Mind.

Monatomic gold – Alive Bioelectronics – BioCrystal

(Monatomic gold – Arya Cetas)

Monatomic gold – Liquid Crystal – Bioelectronics. For Bioelectronics of the Zero Point, before all, the body of the projectant or the contractor has to conduct, i.e., be OMANU – bioelectronic (radionic) machine of the Zero Point Field. The body has to become Biocrystal. Biocrystal, Black Crystal builds and maintains the physical body. The only element that we are talking about here is Monatomic gold. The indestructible substance.

Monatomic gold – the basic  Bioelectronic (radionic) machine. Live Radionics – Bioelectronics. BioCrystal.

Monatomic gold is the Matter of Information.


Biopulsar is a technological achievement of the Biocrystal. Technology to access other bodies. Nowadays technological communication is acceptable and necessary. Biopulsar reads the condition of the physical and energy body and karmic load (implantation). It gives an objective evaluation – analysis, diagnostic through a series of parameters that the implanted body can understand. Biopulsar is a bioelectronic machine which has a live interaction with the body (Bioelectronics of the body). Pure Crystal, pure Crystal Body has a constant of uninterrupted exchange of Information. The implanted body indicates interruptions in communication with exception of pulse or an exaggerated pulse which can be associated with the operation of technology that is not of biological origin. Also, through this is enabled to monitor other psychophysical conditions, as well as to understand the cause of the same.

Biopulsar is a more reliable method to determine the truth than all the other detectors created so far, eg. lie detector and other diagnostic devices. The primary function is correction of the biofield. After the initial reading of condition, an adequate stimulation to the body is started.

Biopulsar is the pre–technology of the Quantum computer. The Quantum computer is a self–developing technology which aspires to uninterrupted perfection of the technology itself and the one producing the technology. The Quantum computer has a built–in Biopulsar.

Quantum coding – Quantum Information protection

Runic codes.
Runic coding – programming.
Futhork binary codes.
Runic motherboard.

FUTHORK BINARY CODES – quantum coding – code inside a code inside a code inside a code …

RUNIC MOTHERBOARD – Thoth’s Tablets.

Futhork is the base for coding and protection of data, Information obtained from the Zero Point Field. Persons in high phases of Spherein Training have awareness of the importance of Information protection obtained from the Zero Point Field regardless of content, i.e., definition of the Information itself. All technology and all projects are subjected to the direct Futhork binary code protection. The number of constructed bodies and each constructed body has its code – cypher – mission. Each name, each letter is obtained through the binary code of the Zero Point Field. Futhork binary codes is coding the very purpose of existence of the body, situation. All is written in the form of a binary code. Strength of the cypher, strength of the code determines and defines the strength of the very existence. Quantum coding is coding the dimension of existence.

The Biocomputer uses, i.e. it requires only 1 Futhork binary code – the Original one – within which is the compression of all Futhork binary codes and all possible combinations of all Futhork binary codes.

Today’s technology uses stratification in protection due to the slow exchange and processing of data (information). 3D technology does not allow instantaneity because it is too - rigidity decelerates.

In terms of data protection, penetration of one cypher, one layer, the system has enough time to correct the mistake and set a new cypher before the breakthrough of the final barrier – final cypher.

The Biocomputer is made of liquid crystals,  better said out of liquid crystal – 1 crystal. When something is liquid it means that it receives the information the easiest and it transfers it the fastest. Such technology, flow technology enables impenetrability.

Only the Biocomputer can support and conduct the Futhork binary code. 1 system – 1 number – infinity of combinations. The Biocomputer compresses the information to the lowest possible level – the level of the atom. The atom is small enough and large enough that within it lies the entire Universe.

Futhork binary numbers

Each number from 0 to 9 is possible to write as a binary number – binary code. With the combination of numbers, a stronger, impenetrable binary code is being created. Each combination of numbers contains in itself all binary numbers from 0 to 9 and thus it contains all possible combinations of all numbers. Futhork binary number performs an incessant exchange of basic numbers, i.e., the number is being programmed and reprogrammed by itself always leaving (not deleting) the initial and previous number – code inside a code inside a code … Futhork binary number contains infinite combinations. Each combination is 1 Futhork binary number which contains all combinations of numbers and Futhork binary codes. The base of each Futhork binary number is 0 – zero. 0 is the beginning, end and center. All Futhork binary numbers are written as a combination of numbers which are 0. Quantum sum of all 0 gives the initial Futhork binary number. Each 0, in itself, contains its own Futhork binary number which, in itself, contains all Futhork binary numbers, all combinations of the number itself and all combinations of all Futhork binary numbers.

The Sea is a Quantum Biocomputer

Seas and ocenas, rivers, lakes, in one word – water, is a Quantum Biocomputer. All water is connected with a crystal grid to the same information base. The crystal grid looks like light Hagals that, in the moment of transmitting information outward, vibrates and expands like concentric circles. When it collects information in the crystal grid, it returns to the hagal form. The crystal grid consists of all bodies. Information is always complete in any part of the grid. This is the basis of the crystal structure and transfer in the Quantum Biocomputer. Natural cycle applied into technology.

Futhork binary code – New programming language

Futhork binary code is the New programming language. Numbers/codes are letters. Letters are Runes and they are written as such. Runes are the Compression of the Universe. Each Rune, in itself, contains the Compressed Universe which is written as a Futhork binary code. Futhork binary code is a mathematical constant which is combinatorics in the Zero Point Field – continuous modification, exchange and change through rotation. The Rune produces Phi Sound and transmits it through the Field of Consciousness in Phi waves. The Universe can be displayed as a mathematical constant (Futhork binary code/number) which is the rotation of the Phi spiral where each number, within the Phi spiral, is a separate mathematical constant, i.e. a new Futhork binary code/number. Due to the complexity and inability to record such constants, the Runic letter is used as a programming language because only the Rune, in itself, contains the compression of all mentioned. One record of the Runic letter (one letter) contains all the compression of Futhork binary numbers and their reciprocal combinations and the mathematical constant which is the rotation of the Phi spiral.

Crystal memory

Plasma screen

Works on the principle of direct transmission, it doesen't even require physical contact. The screen conducts ideas, executes given instructions and finds solutions based on Quantum intelligence. Depending on the purpose, such plasma screens can materialize ideas. In 3D there are 3D printers, plasma screen is a quantum jump in relation to the 3D printer.

Protection against hacking

Runic symbols written in a binary form are being used for making IT programs. This is one of the way of breaking the Matrix cipher. Matrix is being renewed from moment to moment. The Runic Field is renewed through bioelectronic (radionic) instruments as well. Force against force. Cracking such programs is not possible due to bioelectronic coding of data transfer.

Interaction of the Body (Human Biocomputer) with the Biocomputer

The primary and only knowledge of the Biocomputer is the installed mechanism Swastika – Sonar. The Biocomputer is a Sonar. 4D technology descended and materialized to the 3D physical level. The technology of interaction with the Biocomputer is the connection Sonar – Sonar.

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Biophysics and bioelectronics of the body  

Biocommunication and influence on the body

The brain produces neurotransmitters, chemical substances, hormones which it releases into the blood. Through the blood, they are transmitted as an information throughout the entire body. This is not a novelty nor is the fact that the information through nerve cells is also transferred witht the help of bioelectricity. Despite these facts, the brain is not the source of E – bioelectricity. There are main lines where, obviously, losses are being generated. For this reason, the same amount of E is not returned from the body into the brain. The entire body is a circulatory system (the lymphatic system is redirected, through it they enter into the system – implantation). In a such described system there is a set barrier and that is the set amount of E which is consumed over time. Kidneys are the batteries. Kidneys should not be the power source but just a standby container. The power source is the Center Heart. For this reason, 70% of the original neuroenergy structure of the human body is atrophied. Exactly this atrophy is the aforementioned short circuit. The natural biomechanics has been presented to us as mysticism. Perpetuum mobile in the Heart is the end of mysticism. And exactly from him follows the detailed description of perfect biomechanics and bioelectronics. Tesla's theory on free E for all was not just a solution for the expensiveness of life. Due to loss of E there is not enough hormone production. Lack of hormones weakens the work of glands, especially the work of the gonadal and the adrenal gland. This is the mechanism of feedback in the mechanism. With the full capacity of these glands, the organism itself would be able to produce a sufficient amount of E. Meaning, kinetic and potential E originates from the Zero Point and, when these glands would work in full capacity, the kinetic and potential E would return towards the Heart, into the Zero Point, i.e. that infinite eight within the body would exist and it would connect with the Universe. Exactly these glands produce sexual E. This occured due to the biocommunication cessation, i.e. due to the atrophy of the Heart's neuroenergy network – Third eye. From this follows – strenghtening and opening the Heart reanimates and opens the neuroenergy network towards the Third eye. From the Third eye the glands are being stimulated to the full production of hormones. The concentration of hormones and the necessary chemical substances in the blood are being increased. Such purified and enriched blood stimulates the mentioned glands which, with the production of E, fill the sacral bone, spinal column and brain. This is how the mechanism, at the physiology level, is explained. The journey of bioelectricity through the body – in the sacral bone, there comes to transformations of sexual and some other hormones of the adrenal gland into bioelectricity. Tesla knew this and with his transmitters, which he designed, he would gradually, with their transmission, strengthen the Heart.

This is how the functioning of the body is roughly described. The entire structure is missing the crystal regularity in order for the aforementioned process to flow undisturbedly. It is pictorialized how one neuron increased a thousand times has the appearance of the universe painted with the smallest resolution. The picture of the neuron only reminds of the Universe. With the installation of the crystal structure, every part of the body, even the neuron and even deeper to the gene, looks exactly identical like the Universe. What we watch through the telescope should be our inner reality. More than 2000 years ago this knowledge was attempted to be presented to the human and hence the statement „Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven“. What can't be seen in the picures is the rotation of the very center of the neuron. Each, even the smallest part of the body is a Energy production unit. Perpetuum mobile is everywhere and it is being cooridnated from the main Center Heart. Tesla made the transfer of E of one body to the other precisely on the rotation principle and in the way that a nerve impulse is being transferred in the body.

NeuroBiocomputer   (soon)

Bioelectronic protection of people and spaces

Bioelectronic protection of people and spaces comes from a human being. Zero Point Field. The Field begins the process of instant action through the neuroenergetic – bioelectronic network constructed in the individual. Bioelectronic processes are switched on with the reflection of the Field on the situation or a person or an event. The sensor is a chemical reaction or an instrument inside the person. Runes construct the structure of archetypal Consciousness.

Body bioelectronics is a supersensory, 100% unlocked neuroenergetic system.

Bioelectronic protection is a bioelectronic and parapsychological ability of an individual to protect himself and the space he resides in without contact. The body, heart and mind are trained in the high-frequency Field, they automatically react as a super-intelligence defense mechanism on any outside influence. Outside influences are all psychophysical, energetic, psychotronic, electromagnetic, sound, UFO attacks installed to steal knowledge and ability. Bioelectronic system for protection functions like a metal and magnet. The supersensory body detects the intruder, attracts it like a magnet and grinds it into pieces. Bioelectronic protection stems from the Runic System. Runes are electrical currents and knots of a precise nervous system. Body mobility and superconscious abilities of the organism, devices sensitive to any form of shift in the Zero Point Field sine wave, received and created from the same Field, they are the most precise security system.

Radionics – OAT Technology (Biotronic instruments)

OAT technology is a direct transfer of information and maintenance of a certain information level inside the space and the body through biotronic instruments. The instruments can be art work (written material, music, paintings, objects, …) and technological achievements. OAT specifically transfers and preserves information from the Zero Point Field.

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