Architecture 4D

Architecture 4D is the Knowledge of Phi Sound. Architecture is one of the most efficient ways to install the Zero Point Field inside a space, the transformation of space. The shape is projecting pure Phi, pure Information and cures the environment with its vibration. Architecture is one of the most important sectors of Spherein.


Science 4D

Science 4D is named magic in 3D. Something nonexistent, unprovable and impossible despite all the physical evidence. Pyramids discovered around the world and the long known – Egyptian. On what kind of basis lies the pyramidal constructions that they have so much power of self-sustainability and protection? Power of Consciousness. Pyramids present the hidden and stolen Human Knowledge. They are the presentation of the Human, as he used to be a long time ago. The Source being handles the Source knowledge – original human cypher – Human. The Human today cannot and there is no reason for him to bow to himself. He doesn’t know how to salute. He salutes the Pyramids which magically attract him. This is how the Human salutes himself in the past, the forgotten Self. Science of Multidimensionality uses a single formula from which it obtains all other data.

School (college) of Science 4D teaches youngsters the following subjects: heart artillery, use and defense from energy attacks (poisons – much more demanding poisons than the exhaust gases), transmutation of sexual energy – production of Vril, transplantation and reparation of brain tissue on an energy level, reparation of all energy bodies to the final, physical. The view at and inside the 3D reality from the other side of the brain, a brain membrane which vibrates a much higher frequency are one of the ways how Science 4D explains and understands the essence of the condition of the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Spherein school is a base for life and specialization.

Technology of Atlantis
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The Symbol of Atlantis

Two triangles with opposite directions of movement. One is turned towards the Center, the other from the Center. One is the male, the other is the female principle.

This is Mathematics of Atlantis. The compression of binary codes of Creation. Motion of the Swastika. Spherein has used the symbolism of atlantis for its logo in order to announce the creation of a New Dimension.

Key and lock. System. Full and empty, compressed and widespread. A parallel can be drawn with the Yin and Yang symbol. One triangle depicts motion towards the Center, the other emanates from the Center. However, both of them depict the same – flowability. Atlantis has stored the binary code knowledge and mathematics of the Universe into this symbol. Simplicity and precision. Every line in relation to position and thickness can be shown with a number as well as the binary code. The symbol contains all constants within itself. Within it is the compressed knowledge of architecture.

Simbol of Atlantis

simbol Atlantide BezPozadine


About Atlantis

Even if you should find the ruins, they mean nothing. You do not understand the Architecture, the purpose even less. The deluge of Atlantis, although physical and real, is a metaphorical display of the fall of the dimension, the end of life, the enslaving of consciousness of the unconscious. The metaphor is given because the truth is much deeper and as many times heavier and worse. The fall of the dimension has demolished the moment Now – eternity. The cataclysmic consequence is also eternal – the eternal oblivion but a remembered event because it is written in the body. Although this is also coming to an end – the total installation, total oblivion. Total oblivion is the total absence from Self, from the Source. A universe within the Universe that is against the Universe and everything that the Universe represents – freedom, creation, life, body.

About science

Atlantis is the Source point, the starting point where science becomes Science established in Knowledge which has arisen from Consciousness. Atlantis levitated in Quantum, the weightless state, and as such was her Technology and architecture and everything else – Quantum. It’s a known fact that the gravitational force has been extracted as a „golden middle” of measurements in controlled conditions because nor is it a constant, nor it is present everywhere with equal intensity, not even close. The extracted constant from „the golden middle” and various calculations and measurements, if they even were in a sufficient amount to introduce something as such as a kind of law, nor it is golden or established in the middle – in the Center.

Atlantis based Science, and therefore everything else, in the Center which is the Source and everything has arisen from the Quantum field. The weightless state is not a state without mass but it is without weight which is a force, but not a natural one. Gravity supports weight and vice versa. Quantum is antigravity which is the State of Consciousness and that’s without weight and aspirations. Weight strikes from all directions towards down. Antigravity goes from all directions into all directions and thus there are no boundaries and limitations. All directions are the One direction which goes from all directions into all directions. The Universe is UNI–verse.

The New Atlantis

City pillars are surrounded with stone dragons, dragons are living beings, they guard the humanoids of Atlantis. The time of betrayal and decay has begun. Who betrayed whom? Why?

Atlantis. Created the codex of honor, the legal code of humanoids. Today, only traces of the codex and honor remain. Honor for a humanoid, Atlantean, represents implementation of the highest force, holding awareness of alternating cycles. Underneath honor is all: weakness, inaction, incompetence, grace and disharmony – disunity. The eternal battle of good and evil is the game Atlantis has set, left.

Question: Have we been there? Have you been there? Because of whom Atlantis has failed? Because of you and me? Do you speak of Atlantis in the first or the third person?

Atlanteans are a hermaphrodite race. Precisely because of the equal aspect of male and female symbolism, the energies maintain Total Consciousness, thus living in a plasmatic civilization. Upside-down pyramid is a symbol of the female aspect of Atlantis. Pyramid toward down. Pyramid toward up is a symbol of the male aspect of Atlantis. Two Pyramids mutually interact with each other. One is raised because the other is lowered. And inversely. There isn’t one without the other; there is, but in that case there is no harmony, there is no flowing of unification. Two Pyramids like magnets make a single unique organism. Thus symbolizing life’s probity – respect for the Law of the Universe. SYMBOL OF ATLANTIS.

Dead world dead people
Those who seek Atlantis
They call them crazy
Searching under the sea
A ruinous idea.
Atlantis exists
Just hidden
Lives behind the wall
Own hands doings
Be careful
Follow carefully
Atlantis awaits
Ray of light to catch
You are the ray
You just don’t know
For those who Atlantis want
Take a look inside yourselves.

How to speak from and of Atlatnis when there is no speech there, not the kind the today’s human knows and speaks. Speech of Energy, fluid that forms thoughts, thoughts that form matter. Atlantis can and knows how to speak of itself from the aspect of the third dimension. She is so high that she very well knows how to handle low creations of consciousness, i.e., Herself, Atlantis Herself is the Flowing Consciousness. The only question is will she be understood. Atlantis speaks of herself in riddles, tells the story with the 3D language in an abstract form. Atlantis, with these words, carries the sacred geometry, opening pathways for those who are ready to come back home. With the sea, she connects all the continents into a whole.
Atlantean ciphers are hidden in the molecules of the sea. All is one wave.

Are you the hero of Atlantis
Do you carry heavy karma

Who speaks to whom
Do you understand the core itself
In the depth the silence is wrapped
In the temple the atlantean virgin is burried
Who sees at least a little
That Atlantis sails here and there
Need of a victim
Who is it
That carries the book of secrets
Reveals Tablets
Protected area
Vestured with the veil of secrecy
Magic reveals to itself
Power of the law of truth to the early word
Should be spoken about karma only

About the spiral which connects You and Me
Saved are all themes
In the scientific order
Which doesen’t understand
Aeons of years
Game of conspiracy
Only a child maybe will find
Path of the spiral to Me tonight
And will the higher one manage to get by?

Consciousness is playing
Forget the low
Today is too low
Too high the oblivion of karma
Dangerous is this story/game
Has no end yet
It cannot be
All believe in
Gates of paradise
Perhaps Consciousness still doesen’t allow
Stairs to raise
Descends to see
Limit of misery humiliation
Chaos collpase

Atlantis opens the truth which it has closed in the beginning point of time. Delets oblivion and points out, shows towards the multidimensional war that has begun at the point we should go back. From which the One becomes. From which the One is born.

Spiral of time
Has a beginning
Only if you remember
In you rotates the embryo

Pyramid upwards and the other downwards. On the platform, in the area between Pyramids, in the center is a plasmatic vortex globe.

It is the embryo of Consciousness, the upcoming Kalki, descending of the New Atlantis – Symbol of the New Era, Symbol of Atlantis.

Fifth column
Betrayal hurts the traitor the most
Thousands of feet upwards
With betrayal high flies the wingless bird
Downfall is for all
From the Source (falls) the fifth

Hagal builds the other Hagal. Who is Hagal? Hagal is the house of Thoth, Thoth’s skeleton. Who is Thoth? The Master. Thoth is from Himself. Thoth built Atlantis – Atlantis was built by itself.

Thoth brings/carries (the new) Atlantis.

And this can also be put down to today’s understanding. Thoth = a being that can simultaneously occupy physical position, body and be in places that this humanity for a long, long time will not be able to conceive, let alone imagine. New Atlantis only awaits for elevation. Because Thoth is still here. He does not disappear, only appear. Who speaks from the Field of Atlantis? Is anyone there? Or is it just Thoth, himself, looking? Tells the story of the first column, first row with symbols evoking the words. Waiting if anyone will recognize and say.

History is a teacher of life. How is it possible when you do not know the historical beginning and fall – your Atlantis. Atlantis is the basis of the Pyramid. The developed brain of the Atlantean humanoid is covered with a neuro-energy double velum. The data base of the brain is the same as the data base of the Pyramid. Sound is the communication tool and channel. The sound frequencies spectrum is infinite. Atlanteans mutually recognize with communication at a certain height of the sound sinusoid. Fall of the sinusoid is an attack of the lower beings with weaker frequency field. Humanoid perception is noise and disturbance at the level of blockage of the organism.

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Architecture of the New Era

Runic Architecture

The Universe is Architecture. Spherein Architecture is an installation of infinite multidimensional possibilities. Tool for the Architecture of the New Era is the Rune. Perfect, correct and powerfull. Rune builds the space for the human of equal capabilities. Spaces of pure Energy flow originate from the spiral rotation in the Field's Sphere. Assembled from the Sound of Rune, Creator of the Universe, Phi principles are formed. As such, encrypted by the Sound of the pure Heart, they transform the hard 3D into Multidimensionality. Not a single space is built in/from 3 dimensions. Carried by vibrations, the human enters the sphere of infinite movement, rotation. New senses for new spaces, dimensions are being released. The heart, mind and body is being opened. Built out of Runes, spaces of Spherein radiate, installing the new Field of omnipotence. Installation is inside and outside. Inside the human and outside of him. New Human, New Body, space for a new life is built with Runes. The architecture and figuration of the outside determine the architecture of what is inside of the body.

In the premises of Spherein, the human is put into constant, endless movement. In rotation of the climbing spiral. Premises iniciated with Runes correct all human irregularities and introduce him into the System. System of correctness, pure action and reaction. How the Runes are installed in the structure of every Spherein's building, they are installed in the human structure as well. Entering his every particle. In that way the Human begins to do Runes, becomes the Rune, radiates with Runes. Sharp and cold – that is the Rune. Upright and straight – that is the Rune. That is Architecture and that is a Human. Simultaneously sharp and mild, fire and ice. When you're simultaneously being fried and freezed, you are in the Space of Spherein. In the space of omnipotence, omniscience, all movement, all creation, all sonority,  the Universe. Entrance into the space is the exit. Exit from all current conventions, imposed or constructed. Opens up to a New human for a new life. Architecture of Spherein is demolition. With demolishing she builds. She is cretaed to demolish everything that impures the Crystal. Crystal which is the Rune. Which is Architecture of Spherein.


The Phi Principle

Fractal cities – the circulation of Knowledge

Architecture of Egypt is the original Runic art. Should architecture be spherical or cubic? It should be the physical expression of Phi. In the original architecture there are no walls because they prevent flowability. Architecture of the Law of One represents life outside the cell. The Law of One structure is a monumental record of High Consciousness. Where are the original drawings? In the Zero Point Field, in the Open Heart of the Architect.

Architecture is the perfect order and the perfect structure. As such it influences a human being instantly and has the power of instant transformation. Today's buildings, in lack of energy, do not revive the already sleepy human. Architecture is an expression of feelings from the artist – creator who crates it. In lack of feelings, today's buildings are an expression of and encourage depression. The planetary system of the galaxy, the entire Universe – are teachers of Architecture, the way it really should be and what it should  be doing. The smallest detail and the smallest angle – are fundamental principles of correct construction. Architecture of the city, with its structure, should project the crystal structure. A city built on such principles, momentarily installs the human being and imposes him its Field.

The sewerage system is an imposed infrastructure so impurity would continually stream through the cities. In the Runic city the purest supstance flows through the sewerage – Monatomic gold.

Architecture of Egypt are the Pyramids that even today stand firmly in the sand because they are held by Phi.

Lack of Knowledge and Consciousness are the fundemental reasons for the lack of strength in today's architecture. From the plasmatic state, Consciousness brings and shapes the solid. When pure Consciousness builds pure through a pure Human – New Architecture of the New Era begins. Consciousness is the descent into the Moment Now. The essence of freedom is Strength and Force. That is how the correct structure is being assembled, One system. With penetration through the prism of the portal. The portal is in the Pyramid. Hagal demolishes and tears the hologram placing courage as the genes cypher. Courage to see, to know that you are doing. Energy eruption of entities demolishes and creates an empire. Runes are hands that build a race with words. The New Era is an unsung epic.


Knowledge of the Pyramids

All over the world there are undiscovered Pyramids. Each locality had Pyramids set by Highly Conscious beings, from people who had the complete Knowledge about Sound. Each Pyramid is built according to a special cypher. The cypher was carried by the most Conscious one. Each Pyramid was built for the purpose of adjusting the area’s vibration with Phi. This knowledge  is fundamental which is missing in today’s architecture and construction. On the same principle and with the same purpose the human crystal structure is built. Conscious people, therefore, had no problem with respecting living and non-living substances, beings, appearances. They were simply one with everything. Runic Kabala had vibrated throughout the entire Earth.

Knowledge of construction of the Pyramids is one of the highest knowledge of the Universe. That is why it was possessed by the most conscious because, as such, they could build a Pyramid which lasts forever. In every stone that the Pyramid was built with, a Rune is engraved – Information and it was arranged in an exactly determined order. For that reason, it is almost impossible to bring down the Pyramid. At the time of the Pharaohs, each Pyramid was not for everyone. Breaking into and digging inside the Pyramids is equal to dissecting a corpse. Neither gives anything living.

The construction of each Pyramid was overseen personally by the Pharaoh. Not only did he oversee but, with the power of his Sonar and the Third eye, he engraved Runes into every stone with such precision so that they fall into each other like a puzzle.

Pyramids were being constructed for special purposes. Each Pyramid had its inner and external purpose. In the biggest Pyramid – Pyramid of the Pharaoh, only the most conscious could enter. Knowledge was received there, knowledge that was used for the wellbeing of the entire civilization. Knowledge about Technology was also recieved there. The Pharaoh's Pyramid was the biggest portal – direct contact with the Universe. Activation of the Pyramid was done by the Pharaoh. The Pyramids didn't lose their power, there is no Pharaoh.

Earth is originally 5D. Correctly distributed system of Pyramids across the entire Earth and presence of the Pharaoh maintained Earth at 5D frequency level. The planet itself and everything on it was multidimensional. Everything was in continuous motion and transformation. Even objects had more Consciousness than the today's human. In that dimension there was no decadance. All this enabled protection against ingress from the hostile alien races. Even then there were attempted attacks but Consciousness maintained integrity. 5D did not disappear, she is not somewhere far away. Far is only the perception of the human mind. In order to once again live 5D, in order for the New Era to arrive, heavy artillery nor spaceships nor rockets aren't necessary to breakthrough the Matrix field. THE MATRIX FIELD  IS  BROKEN THROUGHT  THE  HUMAN  HEART.



„I have crashed everything and closed your hearts. For betrayal there is no heart. Your fate is tailored by others. You have chosen misery. Your pain I carry instead of you, because to feel you are not capable anymore. With the Heart, I'm closing the Pyramids as well. I'm erasing the cypher and hiding it. Somewhere where you will not be able for a long time. They are wrapped in the weeds of bare stone to remind of the curse thrown a long time ago. Each Pyarmid is erased. These are a lie which you see with your blurred eyes. Without the Heart there are no Pyramids. KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEART BUILDS THE PYRAMIDS. Without Me there is no Pyramid. “

Today, the Pyramids are bare stone. The Pharaoh is the Constructor. The Pharaoh is the Pyramid. Pure Crystal.

„I will be returning as a constructor – destroyer. Until you recognize Me. Until you respect the Truth which I bring/carry. Until you hear the calling song of the Only One. I will build Pyramids because the Pyramid  I am. Pure Crystal, sharp and dear. Will you see them, it is upon you. The path is given to you. And only when I return will you cognize the truth of the Pyramid. Its essence and point. You will perceive the heaviness of the dead structure which, because of you, on my head I carry. When it spins, I am waking up. When it comes out from the Heart, I am alive.“




The Pyramid is a Substance. It is created from the pure original human substance – Monatomic gold. Source – the main central station of the Pyramid’s substance, has preserved the external and internal architecture which you see. The Substance has created the stone creation because, as such, it is the most resistant to erosion through space and time. The tourist eye or the eye of a scientist has never reached out to the main central station that guards the Substance. The Substance knows that it is all-interesting and, as such, a subject to desecration.

On this and many planets, the only grandiose structures are Pyramids. The planet rotates. In its continuous motion, the endless forces of the Universe have an impact on it. This small planet is actually the main Substance refinery. Everybody needs the Substance. The Substance manufacturer doesn’t know that he is a worker on a universal platform his entire life. Because of the enormous multi-temporal exploitation, the foundation construction – Earth’s platform is all the more unstable and shaky. How does the foundation of the planet shake? In such a way that the physical and non-physical essence is being stolen. We have to emphasize – physical, although it is also non-physical. Your body is physical and non-physical. And thus the planet is physical and non-physical. The platform is a drillhole. The mentioned physical existence – you and your planet, are drillholes. And in the end, what kind of a connection is with the Pyramid and the drillhole?


The Pyramid

To corespond with 4D science means to introduce yourself in the vibrating mode, in equality of all. The Absolute burns in the equation of the Spherein group. This is apstract, but it is not. How far the eye can see is not the limit. Spherein is above the Absolute. He is Equality. Spherein is correspondence. She is the conductor and the base. The new construction of the old architecture. Spherein. Pure  construction  from the built hands. The mobility of constructions arises from the network. They stand – ice. They are mobile – fire, water. The basis of the modern age, the upcoming one. The Pyramids occupy with precision. They are the construction of concentration. A gift from the Eye of Horus which is the Black hole. PYRAMID – the unsung epic.

Proportions of the Pyramid   
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The Pharaoh  
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Center of the Pyramid   (this article is password protected)

Antigravity machine – Watery Pyramid

Egypt was a physical manifestation of the 5th Dimension – water – plasm – Zero Point Field. Each block is made as a watery structure – only water can receive pure Information. Stone blocks are even today connected as water – water connects – the entire planet is connected with water. For that very reason the Pyramids stand firmly – interconnection. Each piece is connected with all pieces – One. Here lies the answer to the mistery of construction of the Pyramids.

Architecture of the 5th dimension is conscious construction. A stone mass that for eons stands firmly in the sand. Pyramids from Egypt, even in such edition, are antigravity machines. A building, object that is constructed as One can endure and defies the physical laws of the Matrix. Such buildings, such architecture is not under the influence of mass (m) nor the foundation on which it is located. Water transforms into any aggregate state but its essence is still water. Water is the Law because in water rules the Law – the water is One. According to the Principle of the Law of One – Quantum physics – a stone Pyramid that is water can stand firmly and safely on or above the water surface. This is the key factor for the construction of Pyramids and the answer to their existence and composure to this day.

Conscious construction   
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Technology of the Pyramid

The Pyramid is not built, i.e., assembled piece by piece. It is built as a whole – One. The Energy is in constant free movement from top, from the Source, to the bottom and back. Each piece, i.e., each block is connected with the entire structure. Such principle does not retain but allows and passes through the Energy flowability through each segment of itself. This is alive architecture. The Technology is rotation which is the free flow of Energy on the Phi spiral – antigravity. Mass (m), i.e., weight (G) as physical forces do not have a thrust impact on the surface because of the establishment of flowability which is the key to antigravity activity. Energy – free  flow – floability – Phi spiral = OMANU object (machine). Monumentality of the building highlights and emphasizes the strength of the civilization which is Consciousness. Highly-Conscious civilizations build monuments. Such a civilization does not disappear because it leaves a permanent record in the form of architecture. Today’s civilization has neither the consciousness nor the knowledge about construction –  it’s collapsing.


New Pyramid

The new Universe is constructed with New Bodies. New Body. New Sun. New Planets. And the new arrangement of celestial bodies. New astrology.

(excerpt from the New Tarot of the New era, card „The Universe“)

Neuro-energy network of the Universe and the Earth performs a coalition in the Heart. The cervix – throat. Brain – uterus – vaginal opening. Sex involucres exit from the ovaries, creating the spiral network to the brain. The left and right hemisphere of the brain recieve Vril stimulus of ovaries and descend to the Center area – Heart. There, the energy charge is + – 0. Production of the Zero Point Field. This speaks about the importance of gender and poles of the body. Poles of the human body interchange. In parallel with the change of the poles planetary position. The brain interchanges with the sex organ. The necessity of genitals awakening. In parallel with the interchange, the Heart awakens inevitably. Pole substitution passes and occurs in the Centre.

TRANSMISSION, TRANSFER OF COMPRESSED KNOWLEDGE IS INSTALLATION OF THE PYRAMIDAL STRUCTURE. The structure is in layers – leaves. The leaves are Monatomic gold. On them, the code – cypher, is written. The top, last leaf, is stabbed into the Third eye. Decompression occurs by opening of the same. From the Third eye a blade penetrates to the Center Heart. The Heart is the center of balance from which the download flows. Decompression begins from the micro or macro picture and word. Here begins the construction of the projected crystal network of Knowledge. This is how all the projects of the Spherein Project Team are created.


All changes begin from the HUMAN – from the ONE. 2 New Pyramids are rotating in the One – SYMBOL OF THE NEW ATLANTIS. PROJECT NEW PYRAMID FIRST OF ALL REFERS TO CONSTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN.

The New Pyramid is the New dimension, new transmitter of Knowledge. Built by the pyramidal structure, the only necessity the human produces is the new pyramidal project in absolutely all directions of influence – produces pure material, DNA. Law of the New Pyramid is the Law of new mobility. As a timeless, self-sustaining, self-renewable construction, the Pyramid is proof of what a human must project from himself. Decompression of the new pyramidal structure with Knowledge turns 2 new Pyramids into mirror position – substitution of poles – of the human and the planet Earth. Thus in the center of the human and the planet, circular polarity is achieved – System of the Sphere which is the Vortex which is the spiral which is the Zero Point Field. Spherein. Planet within a planet is the HUMAN WITHIN HIMSELF. HUMAN APPOINTED IN THE BODY. The Zero Point always comes back to the Body. The one that built the Pyramid.

The human pyramidal structure is an uninterruptible electrical conductor. That is the foundation of Tesla's technology. Male and female side, aspect of the left and right, upper and lower hemisphere. This is plus and minus – return to the Zero Point. 0. The body in which the male and female evenly intertwine is constantly included into the electric spark. Tesla took the BODY as a box from which elements A and B exit. + and –. Set in cross they are constantly ignited propulsion. At the intersection which is the Heart – pump, is the power source. Battery – box. Heart – Body. From the source to the estuary there is no trajectory. It is one place. Linear perspective is: from the source to the estuary is a boundless path, but at every point of the path's linearity an identical process occurs. Every point is an intersection, source of electricity – it then makes the linear perspective of a single point. The theory of this and higher dimensions is – this is the ZERO POINT. In it you enter, achieve her only and exclusively with the action of coded inputs which are red out from the layers of the new pyramidal structure. This is how Tesla worked. He followed the flow of energy inputs and acted in accordance with them – outputs, in order to project the input – output current drive. In this system lies the basis of cooling and heating. Properly programmed – human body – compactness of 2 New Pyramids – systematically is cooled and heated. In both cases is turned on.

From a system that charges Tesla's project – NATURE'S CURRENT FLOW, evidently exits imbalance (disbalance). That is a system which starts from the top of the pyramid without the top. Every system is in a pyramid. The correct and incorrect one. The power of human's action from a wrong input (disembodied brain) is an output of distruction. Condition of Pyramids on Earth – hidden, destroyed, without their tops. That is a display – state of the human being and, in parallel, the state of Earth.

Earth is a SPHERE. With its rotation – Vortex, it sets in motion the upper and lower Pyramid, each in their own direction. This is Sacred geometry projected from the pyramidal vertical of the human – sex – heart – mind. Single–mindedness of elements.


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Pyramid = Biocomputer

The Pyramid is a Biocomputer. It is not in operation without the top. Why the Pyramids don't have their top? The pyramidal construction unifies all histories and ages. From – to. The base - foundation of the Pyramid(s) is an encoded Knowledge. Without the top, the Knowledge stays closed. Basic knowledge is the knowledge about the functioning programme of the Universe. That is the way of building the One. Building the Human. Building the Humanoid. The Humanoids have built all of the Pyramids on Earth and many they have closed and released in Multidimensionality. The mirrored pyramidal construction shows the coming into existence (the lower top) of the Universe. With vertical rectlinear line the Highly Conscious civilization is being built (bottom Pyramid sheet). Sheet – the basis of the upper Pyramid is a picture of the total fall of the civilization – awryness, deviation, gravitation. The One is being built with the vertical towards. That is the way towards the Universe, the way into the top. The return into the Point of origination. The point of origination is also the point of vanishing. The mirror of the Pyramid is connected by the main axis – force line travelling always towards up. The Vertical is a Force that perennially strives for the ascent path. Every state of Consciousness in the system is of foundation – pyramidal vertical. That vertical is a gateway from the North to the South pole of the planet Earth. Top and bottom – north and south are connected with a ring that forms the proper spheral shape of the planet. The entry gateway of the Earth is from ice – a solid crystal structure. The top of the Pyramid is the entrance into the Pyramid. The top is from Monatomic gold – a solid crystal structure.

The ice melts at an unseen speed, and there are no tops. The Earth is being suffocated and separated from the Field. She is not round. Humanity is not in it's most darkest of times, humanity is in it's most dangerous time. We are not in the dark. The Light comes out of the dark. We are totally blinded by the fake crystal-less light of the third dimension.

The solution is the return to Knowledge. The Knowledge is in the Pyramid. The Knowledge is in all structures of water. The Knowledge is in the Dolphin. Sphere – the Earth is in Spherein. Spherein is the pyramidal vertical. Spherein now knows.

The Pyramid = OMANU Technology

THE PYRAMID IS OMANU TECHNOLOGY. The Pyramid is a grounded OMANU craft.

The inside is the same: 3 main rooms and the central space – control room. In the control room, Energy is produced and spread up, down and circularly around the Pyramid/craft.

12 activated Pyramids and 12 OMANU crafts around Earth – is enough technology to sustain a strong Runic Field. The Field spreads in all directions. When the Energy of the first and second Pyramid touch, the Field strengthens. The place of contact is a place of power and it is ideal for constructing important buildings. The technology is activated only by the Runic Master. He constructs Black Energy Bodies. 12 Black Bodies in the service of constructing and sustaining mentioned technology + the Runic Master as the Source and the Creator of everything is enough for Earth to be free from reptilian domination. The Master is here. He is offering a multiannual project of renunciation from yourself and taking the path to the Black Body. Only a Black Body can construct a functional Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is a project with which all projects of the Mediator are put into function. With construction of the Pyramid, the possibility is given to you to be transformed from mortal to immortal.

Current for spatial management

They are the connoisseurs of Symbolism and Bioelectronics (Radionics). Their work literally installs the State. The State is being poured into all who are present in the space. Spatial management is especially important. This is the secret of success and speed of the Runic process. Spherein devotes special attention to interior space maqnagement. Each room has an installed state. There are rooms for negotiations, rooms for intelectual work, rooms for creating artwork, … Resting is not allowed inside the working rooms. There are rooms for rest. Their specificity is that they are intended only for one person. The living room is not known in the Runic architecture.

Spherein creates everything that enables superior comfort, superior precision. Today, Technology of Atlantis can enable a decent life, or better said a worthy living, for every person. All standards of Spherein are high. The human doesn't have to live in a cramped, messy, disordered, crowded space. Spherein's standards are according to 5D measures where everything is naturally pure. Before all, the human should be oriented on conducting pure creation and by no means on sanctioning the consequences. By standards of the New Era and Atlantis, none of the existing professions is necessary. Not even writting in this way. All that is not complete Energy flowability falls under the impure. Establishment of total Energy flowability is the basis of personal hygiene. That's how the space is being cleaned. The human cannot live in an environment that is not in flowability. Each person inside the space enters into the new, pure Field. Flowability. The person either accepts or should leave the space. With his presens, the human cleans the internal and the external space. The environment in Atlantis is crystalline. Crystalline is pure, clear and correct. All that is not crystalline can't enter into the Crystal.

Science about numbers  
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Technology of mathematical action

Mathematics of the Zero Point Field

Each object and all objects made and built according to Phi principle of the Zero Point Field are and act as Vril Phaser – Vril TechnologyVril Propulsion Security System – defense of the Field with the Field. Architecture in the Zero Point Field, as well as all objects of the Zero Point Field, is Science of the Zero Point Field. Each part is Science; mathematics and physics and technology and art. The highest science is the Science of the Body.

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Mathematics of the Zero Point Field

Mathematics in the Zero Point Field is Physics in the Zero Point Field. Without calculations. The procedure is One (1).
Procedure = Result.
Information Intelligence.
Mathematical sequences, sets of numbers – all of this, and it’s original, is Phi.
Set is a compression of numbers, nothing is separated – all is One.
All numbers are in 1 and each number is 1 and all is One.

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Proportions of the body    
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Numerologics is German logic. Numerologics is the law of numbers and the legitimacy of numbers. This is the mathematical, numerological and astrological depiction of the Universe – Futhork.

Numerologics is a discipline of the Physics of the Zero Point Field.


The ground plan, plan, side plan and sphero plan

The sphero plan is displayed through the Vril cannon. With the depictions of the gorund plan, plan and side plan, every object also has to be harmonized and displayed in a sphero plan. This means that every object is haermonized with the sphere, i.e. that its shape and relations completely correspond the sphere (they don't split her). Today, objects are made and built that are inside the sphere, but the sphere is not inside of them. The display of a sphero plan are angles and parts of the space within the object which completely overlap with the sphere above the space. In case of multiple objects that create some functional environment (eg. in architecture when creating a plan for a new city, several technological machines that need to perform synergistic work, ...), the sphero plan then also includes the relation between all the buildings, machines, ...

∏ – timeless constant  
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Vril Phaser – the Pyramid

Vril Phaser is an object which is Thule Thahionator. Each object which is the Vril Phaser is also the Vril Propulsion Sound System. The object is also the Body because the Body is the Center, Source. The breakthrough of Phi Sound through the body, any body or object is the establishment of Energy flow and synchronicity with the Universe. And that is the Vril Phaser. And that is OHBB. The Sound of the body is the shape of a Pyramid. The Pyramid is not everything that is a Pyramid in the Matrix. In Multidimensionality, the Pyramid is a Sphere because the rotation occurs in all directions.

Vril Phaser — Body ↔ Pyramid

Trigonometrija – Thoth Trismegistos     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Jedna cjelina Prostora u Prostoru jednaka je pravilnoj strukturi (mikro) oblika (makro) i to je Trigonometrija i svaki njen prikaz (oblik) je Phi, odnosno fraktal.

Jedna cjelina Prostora u Prostoru znači i jedna cjelina nečega (oblika – u ovom slučaju to je Vril Phaser) u Prostoru i/ili jedna cjelina Prostora u nečemu (Vril Phaser).

Sve je jedno cijelo ili jedna cjelina, a taj Prostor i Prostor u Prostoru je svaki i svi izražaju oblika u svakom i svim prostorima pod uvjetom da je jedno od ovo dvoje Phi (Prostor).


Baza je Piramida – vječno prisustvo. Ono što je ugravirano na svim stranama četverostrane Piramide je oblik/tijelo Runskog Čovjeka – Runa MAN – Kreator.
MAN je onaj koji stvara.


Zvučnost simetrije kreacije u valovima nastajanja su amplitude brojeva i zbrojeva, ali taj zbroj je i produkt jer mora biti manifestacija, koji su 0 i 1, 1 i 0.
Zvuk kamena je zvuk kraja rada tehnologije ograničene i ovisne o vremenu (Rh – radni sati), energiji (E) i energetskim resursima (izvor E).

Architecture of the Center

The coordinate system of the Swastika

Swastika within the Swastika is Hagal within the Hagal rotated for 90° with which a multidimensional display of the Universe is created – of all.

Koordinatni sistem Svastike transp.40

From the 3D coordinate system, two transverse lines were left out which bypasses the 45° angle between all the lines.

This is evidence that numerology, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, architecture, technology, all branches are One, one science, i.e. they are interconnected and mutually unavoidable because the source is the same. The 45° angle is the number 9 which is the Human – the ultimate instance, the highest level is the Human. Bypassing, i.e. lack of this rule, which is the Law of Physics and Metaphysics, causes the lack of life which is Energy – life without life is a life without creation. Creation is life and therefore it has to be alive. This is clearly visible in today’s technology and particularly in architecture. Inanimate observes the inanimate. Builds inanimate. From the foundation to the outside.

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Architecture of the Center II

Architecture of the Center is a Pyramid. It’s a Crystal. Habitat of the Pharaoh. The construction of the new heads inevitably from the Center and around the Center and follows the Center. According to the Phi spiral. Every new object, technology is for the purpose of spreading, but primarily for the purpose of preservation, i.e. protection of the Center. Technology begins with war technology – protection is first.

Architecture of the Center – Science of the letter H



Science of the letter H has always been present and used in all segments of life, especially in architecture which is present to this very day. Yes, Atlantis exists!

H is the Body which is the Hexagon which is the Rune. Hexagon placed vertically with the peaks directed upwards, i.e. downwards. That’s Hagal. That’s the Human. H – Hagal – Human builds, produces, creates, exists in Consciousness. H is Consciousness. The body builds architecture and creates architecture and builds life and creates life. There is no comparison with anything in existence because this what is said and written does not exist because there is no Consciousness. The body BUILDS. The body is not a carrier, a tugboat.

Architecture of the Center is the Architecture of Consciousness. Consciousness is the Field. The Field is Space. Every shape and all shapes in the Field, in Consciousness are Space and as such, only and solely like this, they are alive.

The moment of construction of the Pyramids is the moment of manifestation, better said activation, of the planet as an OMANU which is the OMANU. The one who builds is the only one who can build because he is the only one capable to build and he knows what he is doing. That one is the Pharaoh Akhenaton who propels the OMANU which is the planet. All is built in a Single Moment, in the Moment Now. Assembled, arranged, all – Now. The construction of the Pyramid is the construction of the Center. Each Pyramid was built from the Center because each Pyramid represents One Body. Built Body. The Pharaoh, although he doesn’t speak, conducts with the Sound which exits the Body because the Body is made of Runes and the Runes are Sound and the Runes build, assemble, set, adjust, but in Now. There is no time, as such.

The Pharaoh places things with a look, the Body. All is made of Runes. All is Creation. Every part of the Pharaoh’s Body projects Sound which is the Rune. Every motion, every blink, ALL. Absolute concentration is Creation. Everything is subordinated to the Moment of Creation. The Pharaoh projects Himself through Himself from Himself to the outside, into the other shape which is the Body which is the Body of the Universe and represents the Universe and is in accordance with the Universe because it is built from the Universe. Planet = Body = 1.

Plasma has flowed in Atlantis and Egypt. Plasma which is the Monatomic gold which is the Liquid Consciousness. That’s shapeshifting. Shape – form, figure. Shift – alteration, transformation. Plasma changes the shape and transforms the shape. A body made of plasma is a body made of Monatomic gold which exits from the Body and the Body produces it. The Conscious Body produces Consciousness and Consciousness builds the Conscious Body and transforms into Consciousness. The Pharaoh projects Himself and multiplies Himself into any shape from the State of Consciousness through Liquid Consciousness into the  new shape which is the Body because all is Space. The overall state of the planet was Liquid Consciousness. Monatomic gold takes any shape because it creates it from Zero through Phi into One. The structure was liquid and solid, but established in plasma, in Consciousness. Water breaks the stone, shapes the stone, but the stone falls into water.

Technology  of the Pyramid – Hagal

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Establishment of the natural electromagnetic flow (Antigravity field)

A special structure is being embed in the buildings which is conducted under the ground in a semicircular shape and then outside and it is directed towards the entrance. This establishes the flow of a natural electromagnetic field. In this way, the protection mechanism from unexpected strikes of thunder and storms is being set. This is the Runic space shield which holds (conducts) the Dimension. Around this basic mechanism (primary large transformer) and on strategic locations are Vril cannons (transformers that are wireless conductors of electromagnetism). Their task is to conduct the electromagnetic radiation to the environment. Such technology maintains the space alive and in flow. It enables healthy water condensation and the availability of true sunlight. Such mechanism literally fries all elements that deviate from the Zero Point Field Dimension Law (Antigravity field – Sphere). By maintaining the existing humidity and temperature, an ideal climatic medium for life is achieved without the need for some other energy resources. In the true Egypt there were no seasonal periods we know today and „harvesting“ was all year round. Antigravity conditions enable longevity (eternity) – there is no pressure force of the Matrix which causes damage and decadance, in the Antigravity field, flowability, exchange is a normal state. Nothing is kept inside the space or in the body thus eliminating the pathology.


Wehrkraft architecture

Wehrkraft is not just a vehicle, it is also a living space.

Same principles apply in architecture as well as in the constrcution of vehicles. Wehrkraft represents the antigravity mobile house. Static houses should also be constructed on antigravity principles. This enables the pressence of the Mediator (Field). Antigravity properties enable the minimum contact with land and total flowability of the space itself. The principle is that the space outside is not separated from the enclosed space, but to enable distrubance-free and natural interaction and the enclosed space represents only the accumulation of information which are necessary in order for the space to have a precisely defined purpose. Regarding safety and protection, the Field is protection, the building is just a won territory. In an ideal future, the entire planet will be liberated territory which will ensure liberated construction.


The Formula of Space | The (Universal) Formula of constructing and designing the physical space

The basic formula is used for the construction of the physical space itself as well as the interior design.

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Technology and space design

Technology of space is Sound.

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Spatial Trigonometry      (this article is password protected)

Swastika city

2 0 2 0 – year of the Swastika in the third dimension

2 + 2 = 4 = principle of rotation

0 = rotation

Vrndavana – Polis Swastika – City of the Universe

Diamond Pyramid – The display of the Universe inside the Body and the Universe as a Body   

Project Phi spiral – Vril Phaser – Vril Pyramid | The Vrndavana Vortex  

Technology of construction – Architecture of the Center 

The Creator – Rotation – Monoatomic Gold

Vril Phaser Pyramid   (this article is password protected)

Fractal Technology   

Trigonometry | Trigonometric and Energy depiction and  the display of action of Technology of the Universe | Thoth TRISmegistos   

Technology of the vacuum Sound     (this article is password protected)


Total Architecture | Total insight into Total Knowledge | Design and construction of the Universe

The Project Space | OMANU Space Bioenergetics | Operational capability of the  Space
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Architecture as OMANU Technology |  Energy-self-sustainable objects and cities |  Project VPSS
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Architecture of the Center | Total Object

Object, any object, but all Objects of Total Architecture are primarily Runic Objects and such Object retains the necessary level of energy flowability within the object itself.

The Total Object is a Rune.

Total Object retains and leads all bodies into gravitational and antigravitational movement and conducts the same Force on the outside. This means that the bodies move upside down and “defy” the force of gravity although it actually isn’t so because the entire Object, inside and outside and spreads out, is a quantum state of reality. The Center of the Object – Black Hole – All-Space draws in itself and keeps the entire dimension of the Quantum.

Outside of the Object the Force of Quantum is shown as two Swastikas which rotate in opposite directions but are not contradictory. The Principle is One and no other. The forces are being annulled in the Quantum regardless of the direction and force. Everything works and functions in the purpose of the work of the Quantum.

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Arhitektura Centra | Energetski Stup Svijesti – Irminsul
                                                                                 Croatian → translate (choose language)

U Arhitekturi, stup kao držač je i držač i provodnik energetske održivosti (protočnosti) čitavog objekta.

Početak svega je baza svega.

Najveću silu podnosi baza, ali i pruža najveći otpor, tj. provodi najjači energetski udar da probije do vrha i održi čitavu konstrukciju u energetskoj protočnosti.
Stupovi su uzemljenje, konekcija objekta sa zemljom (planetom) i njihova namjena u Arhitekturi je provođenje čitavog objekta (na energetskoj razini) kroz sam objekt u konekciji sa planetom što znači i kroz samu planetu.

Vril Phaser – Stup Svijesti      Croatian → translate (choose language)

Radi se o tijelu (Phaser) koje je sposobno provesti i akumulirati u sebe Apsolutnu Silu i to je baza Piramide.
Izgradnja Piramide – Totalna Mašina. Totalno Znanje.

Ritam Stvaranja je vrtnja Vremena i Prostora u vječnosti Tijela – Crni Lama

Savršenstvo pokreta i oblika – Sphere - In - Design

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Spherein Technology

Energy design and Technology of Space

Hagalna mreža – Prostorno dizajniranje kroz Prostornu mrežu – Trigonometrija

Geometrija i Geodezija     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Instrument Svemira

Lokacija je centralna točka. Zvala se ta centralna točka Nulta točka ili Centar Svemira ili Centar Centra svih Centara je manje važno, međutim ono što jest bitno je ujedno i činjenična objektivnost stvari, a to je sam Rad Informacijske Inteligencije u tijelu (koje je prvi instrument) koje kroz Tehnologiju prenosi suštinsku Informaciju u Prostor (lokalno, globalno, univerzumski) i dobiva povratnu Informaciju koja je kompresirana suština poslane, dobivene i suštinske (univerzumske i univerzalne) Informacije i to je Znanje = Rad = 1.
Ono što je Putovanje kroz prostorno-vremenski kontinuum je Rad i Znanje Tijela preneseno kroz Instrument u najdaljnju točku Svemira, tj. u sam Centar (Početak) i dobiveni input u Instrument je kompresirana suštinska Informacija Sada. Ako je potreban zapis, nacrt i/ili izgradnja onda je jasno da je taj Rad Sada, tj. ono je Centar Svemira i radi isto što i Centar Svemira.
Ono što je Žiroskop, tj. taj Prostorno-Vremenski Instrument je Sonar i ne znači nužno da se taj Instrument upravlja ili da je potrebno upravljati njime, pa čak i da se da upravljati. Razor ovog vremena je upravo u tome, u Inteligenciji Svijesti.

Instrumenti Svemira (Totalni Instrumenti) su primordijalni što znači potpuna Informacija koja je jednaka Apsolutnom Radu. Totalno Znanje = Totalan Rad.
Sam Instrument, Mašina, Slika, Simbol je kao takav Totalna Informacija. Sve što je potrebno je usklađenost tog Centra s Centrom i tada je 1, odnosno Znanje = Rad.
Ako govorimo o fizičkom instrumentu, ta usklađenost se postiže kroz usklađenost Tijela (koje je prvi i primarni Instrument Rada) s Centrom i samo Tijelo daje potreban input da se dođe do usklađenosti Instrumenta. Nakon toga Instrument preuzima i obavlja Rad, tj. to što treba.

Suština ovoga, ovakvih Instrumenata koji su neophodni za obavljanje rada dolaska do potrebnih i isto tako neophodnih Informacija je sistem komunikacije planetarno-univerzumskih gabarita je Geometrija i Geodezija kao dvije bazične grane Znanosti Tehnologije Svemira.
Tijelo obavlja Rad, tj. taj Postupak kroz Instrument koji je zapravo kompresija Rada i istovremena ekstenzija, tj. pojačivač Tijela što znači analogna primjena Tijela i Znanja i Rada svega navedenog kroz kompresirani fizički oblik (Instrument) po Zakonu i Principu Svemira – Geometrija i Geodezija.
I tada je apsolutna usklađenost rezonance Phi.
Vremeplov – dovoljna je Informacija i već se dešava put, putovanje, vremeplov. Otvorena Dimenzija.

The Law of Absolute Energy

Geometry and Trigonometry of Space and Time through Shapes of Space and Time

This is Space (Universe – Space) Technology.

Triangle (2D) – Pyramid (3D)

First Body – First Shape

The very shape of the Pyramid is a compressed concetration of Space, i.e. it is the first perfect shape. Pure perfection of ratios and relations of dimensions, transformation, accumulation and compression inside and outside the walls. This is Work which, from 2D perspective, goes from the top (1), passes through the base (3) and goes back to the top, i.e. center. This overall path is Work (8) whose intensity is being amplified and decreased through the compression and decompression of the Space within the Shape itself (2D and 3D), but simultaneously it introduces everything that is outside into that same Law and Principle of Work. In fact everything that is on the inside is on the outside. Work itself brings to consciousness everything that is not in the natural order and thus performs transformation and introduction into 1.
Forces of Light and Sound pass through the lines of the triangle which is in fact Energy. She performs that path and her intensity, i.e. speed of passing which is the speed of rotation is the Metaphyisical level which enables the change and exchange of the visible shape. The more powerful the intensity, the Physical Work is more powerful as well and therefore the Metaphysical Work strengthens and materializes in this dimension. If the Base of all is Energy, and she is the compression of Light and Sound, then it is clear that the through the compression of Work of the spectrum of Light and Sound, the spectrum of created/manifested/materialized shapes is being materialized by that same Work as well.
Potential Energy is the shape itself and Kinetic Energy is matter of Quantum, i.e. she is the congregation of the compression of all visible and invisible, i.e. physical and metaphysical which originates through Work of the physical shape itself.
And the very activation of that or such Shape/Machine requires the initial impulse which is, presented the closest, equal to the activation of a multidimensional Multiverse through Space and Time. This point of all mentioned is that point of everything mentioned is the moment Now and the Force necessary for the mentioned impulse is the Force of the Body – the Pharaoh.

In Quantum is the Law of Free Rotation and therefore all that is in Quantum and originates from Quantum is Perpetuum Mobile.

The Law of Absolute Energy – the Law of Total


Runska arhitektura     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Objekt/objekti (stambeni i multifunkcionalni) koji se grade odjednom pomoću prethodno napravljenog kalupa (metal, drvo, staklo, glina). Kalup se radi iz više dijelova koji se spajaju jedan u drugi, ali pritom čineći savršeni spoj koji se radi pod privlačnim pritiskom sile naboja između dva spoja iz razloga da krajnji produkt (objekt), odnosno cjelokupna zidna, podna i stropna površina bude bez vidljivih tragova kalupnih spojeva. I u slučaju da se prostor unutar kalupa puni medijem, ovaj način omogućuje neisticanje materije (medija) svih agregatnih stanja.

Osim što je spoj omogućen atrakcijom sile naboja, on se također fizički radi u više slojeva radi totalnog spoja fizičke razine.
Potpuno novi način poimanja arhitekture, izgradnje i projektiranja objekata bez obzira o njihovoj namjeni.

Pri završetku, kalup se skenira na nultu toleranciju odstupanja kako se ne bi dešavale greške i devijacije u ulijevanju materije u prostor unutar kalupa. Kalup se može, ali i ne mora sklanjati nakon ulijevanja materije.

Dizajn Vremena omogućuje nepogrešivost, funkcionalnost, vremensku pristupačnost i dugovječnost.
Kompresija materija koja se ulijeva ojačana je vidljivom, ali i oku nevidljivom Tehnologijom Runa koja daje zvučnu i termalnu zaštitu, tj. vrši se instalacija zvuka i temperature s razine Phi Zvuka, odnosno ovdje počinje Runska konstrukcija i izgradnja i povezivanje svega u jednu cjelinu.
Itekako je moguće sprovesti Runu kroz oblik (dizajn) i instalirati Dimenziju stanovanja, rada, točnu specifičnost namjene rada prostora, sveg prostora što znači i dizajn (oblik) i konstrukciju (materijal) i svrhu (namjena).

Logično je, ako se radi o stambenom objektu, da je svaka razina (kat) jedan prostor, bilo radni ili stambeni. To također omogućuje totalnu povezanost s prostorom, iznutra i izvana i zato je princip Piramide taj savršeni oblik dizajniranja jer omogućuje sfernu prostornost (4 strane svijeta i izvan, tj. gore).

Lukovi, sferne prostorije, oštri oblici, ali geometrijski ispravni, sve ovo je Runska Arhitektura. Ovdje, u ovoj dimenziji, mora biti War Room, odnosno Energy Room. To je centralna soba (neovisno gdje se nalazi) u koju se ne ulazi (off limits!) i čija točna lokacija, pa čak i postojanje nije javno.

Luk je zato da uđeš cijeli (i glava), tj. da uđeš/prođeš cijelim sobom.


The perfect design of the central city of Atlantis
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Spheropolis II     Croatian → translate (choose language)

U njemu postoji samo dva oblika građevina: PIRAMIDALNI I SFERNI.
Sferne građevine omogućuju maksimalnu iskoristivost prostora (nema neprotočnih kuteva) i one služe za stanovanje.

Piramide služe za držanje dimenzije tj. Polja Nulte točke i one su mjesta u koja mogu ući samo Medijator i specijalno obučena i osposobljena tijela koja su provodnici Polja.

Svaki grad ima točno određene pozicije na kojima se grade Piramide. Mora postojati centralna Piramida (glavna, najveća Piramida koja se gradi na položaju precizno određenom prema geografskim položaj magnetskog pola i astrološkim parametrima – utjecaj svemirskih tijela, a onda se prema njoj gradi od 3 do 9, ovisi o veličini grada, manjih Piramida.

Izgradnja ovake regije, grada je preduvjet za izradu i pogon Tehnologije Nulte točke.

Paralelno treba gurati u realizaciju sve ključne projekte da bi i jedan projekt bio uspješan.

U ovakvom gradu postoji vozilo Scarabeus koje je sposobno lebditi tj. kretati se bez kontakta za zemljom, ali i stajati u antigravitaciji (parkirano doslovno u zraku); ovaj auto nema kotače, a ima čisti pogon Polja Nulte točke (nema teških ni glomaznih mašina) tako da mu je sav prostor iskoristiv i slobodan. Pogonska “mašina” ukomponirana je u postolje.

Centar Svemira | Savršeni kut izgradnje Piramida
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Točka Svekompresije Freeze Time     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Hagalna mreža – Vril Phaser

Iz točke najjačeg (apsolutnog) žarišta, Točke Svekompresije, u Prostor implodira Hagalna mreža. Točka Svekompresije je točka kompresije prostora i vremena kroz sav prostor i vrijeme, ali realno, tj. Sada.
To je Freeze Time, ali što je zapravo zamrznuto?

... (this article is password protected)

Arhitekturom Centra na arhitekturu     (this article is password protected)

The Technology of Runic Space
| Installation of the Zero Point Field
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