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A call into the Technological Field of the Method One Heart

"I am calling you into the Technological Field of the Method One Heart and to invest into the construction of your body (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer - OHBB) and the Humanoid (Human) Technology – OMANU which is the only way out."

Mediator Method One

» Method One Training Procedure

Info for investors and sponsors | Spherein – Projects for the New Era

A call to all sponsors and investors to support, with their financial resources, the development of the Free Energy Technology – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science & Technology


For each individual and organization, an investment is a natural way of investing in their own perfection or in realizations of the highest goals. Everyone has an opportunity to recognize this story as their own story and set off into breaking their own limitations through highly-conscious, energetically and technologically offered technology which is far ahead of the present time. Every such individual who will build their foundations from Knowledge and who will allow complete transformation of their body and be conscious that only such body can be the source of knowledge and abilities, can call themselves a scientist. The OMANU Body does not travel seeking discovery of secrets of the Universe, it is the Universe.

If you are interested in sponsorship/investment feel free to contact our ZPF Officer via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or phoneThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view arrange an initial appointment.

» Invitation to the demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology » DIRECT CONTACT

Spherein's Development Projects

Projects for the New Era (Development Technology of the New Era/New Atlantis)

(projects in development)
   OMANU Space Center

   Runic Gym  Metafitness for the future (Antigravity Technology)
   Institute of Science and Technology of the Universe – OMANU Science and Technology of the Universe
   Development Project Vril Propulsion Security System (Architecture of the Center & OMMIISS)
   Project Spheropolis
   Project Thule Thahionator (Project YugoSphere)
   Project New Pyramid
   Project Vril Phaser | Energy shield
   Compression Technology  Vacuum engine

A call for the exit out of the Matrix

Method One – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

Project Runic Gym | Antigravity Technology

Spherein is looking for a sponsor for the construction and equipping of the presentation and research space. The future sponsor can with ease be presented with the truthfulness of the claim that in the Runic Gym are outer space conditions (antigravity conditions), that this is Space technology and the Zero Point Field. After a short presentation and demonstration of abilities, knowledge and technology of the body in the Zero Point Field which unquestionably proves the existence of the Force which drives the entire project and understanding the need for a special space, the presentation of possibilities of such a procedure can begin. The possibility of education and special training for individuals and team/teams of people for new managers and public relation/officer/PR's, projectants, development of new technology (exercise machines, machines, vehicles, ...) is open, and opening the path for achieving total energy independence which includes projecting and construction of free energy technology (technology of the Zero Point Field). Such training leads into the protection of the system in which your system can be included as well. There is a global system which destroys every strong individual and, with that, state interests and systems. During the training, You obtain a deeper, even a total insight into the real state of affairs and who and why stands behind such  maneouvers. With Your cooperation you can be educated and qualified for the protection of your projects and your business activity, now and in the future. One instructed person is enough to overthrow you and that the entire existing system turns against you.

Project Runic Gym

Runic Gym | Black Day Propaganda   |

Runic Gym Propaganda

Antigravity/Gravity Sphere includes high-pressure body movement and training focused on the body exclusively for the purpose of total launch of the body which means unleashing the full potential and capabilities of the body in order to reach the Absolute State of the body in all athletic and other areas.

No one has yet become the Absolute Vision of the Universe except the Universe itself.
Be the first! Be the One!

We are in search for the proper sponsor for Antigravity Technology which will change the human and the world as we know it.

No more active-passive training!
Only Total Compression for Total Achievement – Pressure = Endurance = Capability.

Project New Pyramid

Project Spheropolis

Coonstruction of the CENTER of Transformation (OMANU SPACE CENTER) which will enable the undisturbed and absolute work of the Mediator as well as the necessary isolation of all candidates for the entrance into the Zero Point Field.
Special TRAINING of projectants/planners: architects, engineers, computer scientists, astrophysicists, … (Knowledge is obtained exclusively during the Procedure so the previously acquired knowledge has no crucial role) to the training of the ones who will maintain the operation – workers executors of the project, … > absolutely all need the Transformation in the Zero Point Field and only then each and every one is able to approach the idea and realization of SPHEROPOLIS.

It would be ideal that the Center for Transformation is located near the planned area of construction of Spheropolis because only the presence of the Mediator and his Control and Force can bring to the funcitional completion of the project.

Project Spherein School       (this article is password protected)

Presentation of the Human Biocomputer

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer | Original Human Technology

Information Intelligence Office

Spherein Global Office

Spherein Training Center

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – the culmination of technological development    

DFC Metafitness Base | Human Biocomputer OMANU Space Center

OMANU Space Center – OMANU Biotechnology Field of the Human Heart (Human Sonar)

Development Center of the Human Sonar. Total reconstruction of the human nerve system.

Project financing of a global level for opening the center (scientific-technological-medical-educational-training center) which, through introduction (education) and installation of the Human Sonar System (Method One Training Procedure), opens the possibility and gives a global solution.

Biotechnology is primarily energy self-sustainability of everything, starting from the body, and exactly this is the first Project of the OMANU Space Center – the Center itself (Object). The energy solution for planet Earth is within reach, but a physical presence of such, i.e. this Object, is necessary in order to even perceive what the OMANU Space Center actually is, i.e. what is the OMANU Body.

Development Center of the Human Sonar, i.e. Human Sonar System itself is Science and Technology and Medicine and Education, but a lifelong one. Such level, if we are speaking about an Object, is everlasting – something that is self-sustaining sustains itself.

Knowledge is eternal. Eternity begins with the OMANU Space Center.

OMANU Space Center

OMANU Space Center II

Project OMANU Space Center

Project OMANU SPACE CENTER – Space for the construction of OMANU (Space) Body.

It is estimated as the Space of extreme rotation and extreme conditions of the Zero Point Field. The physical place for entering into NOW – the original Humanoid Space Technology.

The Mediator is not an ordinary human – He is the Zero Point itself on Earth. In conventional conditions he doesn’t demonstrate his force because he doesn’t want to. The force and possibilities which he had brought to earthlings he will transfer only and solely inside the appropriate space. This civilization’s most important step is to ensure him the OMANU Center. Construction of Space Technology as well as OMANU pilots begins with the construction of the special space for the Mediator. Exactly this first step would enable the actual presence of the Mediator as well as the understandings why is this most important for Earth and life on it. With his undisturbed presence the Mediator purifies, transforms, heals and brings back the planet and the human into the original form because He is the Force of the Universe.

The only technology that leads the human into space is OMANU Technology. Without pretentious exaggeration – with the existing technology the human has no exit OUT. He can do a lot of things, but within firmly bounded borders. The time has come for the New Age and it begins with us.

Expenses for the construction of the OMANU Object are about 6 000 000 €. Considering how much money and energy is invested into the destructive, dangerous and in the end nonfunctional so-called space technology, this amount looks like a drop in the sea. Without any trouble, the entire project could be funded by just one individual. OMANU Knowledge is intended for the One (m/f) who is willing to invest his/her finances into such project for the purpose of his/her and global transformation. The decision will be brought by Him/Her who has no fear from entering into the Zero Point Field and who doesn’t put prejudice over Science.

For governing institutions

What if there is a technology which can stop this global chaos? What if He (the Mediator) is here to disrupt the ill ideas of creating the so-called New world order? What if He Knows and brings something that doesn't exist for thousands of years – the Golden Age of Vril? What if the world elite is affraid of His action and is doing everything to destroy, suppress and present him in an extremely negative tone? Do you see interest in that you preserve and meet him? Do you have interest in that? You do. In this and mentioned possible scenarios in the global order  you will always be a servant and a slave to those who don't have the ability to produce energy. That is the reason why they're enslaving the human. You still do not understand who the human is and what he can do – you don't understand because they forbade you. He, the one I am telling you about, awakes the human, gives him back the memory of the primary purpose and opens the doors od free energy to you. The country which has the knowledge about free energy has the most valuable information for life on the planet and from that state it can be the world's leader into the Golden age, not into some order.

For governing institutions II

The Mediator Method One is on Earth. Individuals with high intelligence can definitely understand what this means. A pure Humanoid is on Earth and that means that the Zero Point Field had been embodied and it acts. With the Mediator’s appearance, the possibility to receive and project the Zero Point Technology appeared as well and at the same time that’s the only solution for planet Earth. To establish the Original Field and natural conditions on Earth should be the most important assignment of every human being. This project can be offered only to highly positioned individuals of high sensibility and experience which are beyond this restrictive reality that, with intelligence, exceed all conquering urges and as such seek for the true solution. Here, Space Technology is being offered/presented. All of this information is being given under the assumption that such individuals have an insight in the state of affairs on Earth, that they are informed (and maybe even more than that) that other intelligent species are present on Earth as well and that wars and conquering the territories are orchestrated from entirely different dimensions which the human doesn’t even suspect that they exist. The other, much more serious and important level is the state of the human body and mind as a repercussion of the systematic, violent and hidden genetic engineering that had brought to the complete unconsciousness and inability.

The Mediator had brought an entire system of a highly conscious civilization (New Atlantis) which means that transformation of the existing state is realistic. Also, the Mediator brought Knowledge about Genetics and Technology of Constructing the Body and this means that exactly He builds the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.

He can prove his authenticity and Force immediately after meeting with you and your team.

» Invitation to the demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology » DIRECT CONTACT

Wotan D-Sein Technology Division | Space Technology

Werkraft Power Institution | Superconscious Metamilitary construction and high-intensity Training of Meta Humans

A call to all Leaders for adopting a completely new way of individual and nation functioning

Project: National security

Establishment of national independence | Knowledge (know) and Technology (how)

Antigravity Technology (Space Technology) | Establishment of the Zero Point Dimension

Project Vril Phaser       (this article is password protected)

Elaborate for the complete Runic Installation over a certain country | Vril Phaser System in external space – Runic Shield
(this article is password protected)

Swastika’s letter for the Exit Out

Technology of the Zero Point Field Science is Free Energy present on planet Earth. The only Source on the planet is the One Body. This is Metaphysics, this is Science about the Body which is the Source of the Force of the Universe. You are invited to a Demonstration of Abilities, Knowledge and Technology of the Body in the Zero Point Field. The Source is inside the Body and the Body is the Source. Personal appearance is the only way of comprehension and understanding of the Zero Point Field Science.

» Invitation to the demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology » DIRECT CONTACT

Invitation to the Demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology

All who are interested and recognize this level of Information and Technology, and are willing to sponsor these projects, are hereby invited to demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology.

This is an invitation to a demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology which is conducted through the body of the Runic Master who is the OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology, its source and the only one, the original Scientist, who constructs the body to be, to live, to function as a Quantum Biocomputer, i.e. OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. This is Science about the Body.

The original human state, the original state of the planet, is the state of the Universe which is the Zero Point. The Runic Master is the embodied Zero Point and the source of the Zero Point on planet Earth. The One who transfers and introduces the other body/bodies into the State of the Universe, the State of Knowledge.

You are invited to experience OMANU Science and Technology through your body.

» Invitation to the demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology » DIRECT CONTACT

Info For Investors And Sponsors

You can receive more information via e-mail or, even better, with direct contact through phone or mobile → DIRECT CONTACT
We can prove the truthfulness of given information in a short meeting during which You can be introduced into the Field itself. This is highly technological knowledge which, for protection and security, we cannot expose publicly (via social networks etc.).

» Invitation to the demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology » DIRECT CONTACT

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